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How Does a Toilet Drain Work?

A toilet is a simple device, but its operation incorporates the laws of physics in an elegant way. The success of a flush depends on the vacuum created by water flowing down the waste pipes, and that vacuum in turn depends on the rate of flow of the water. When a toilet's internal mechanisms are wor

Shark Steamer Instructions

The Shark Steamer is a fabric steamer manufactured by Euro-Pro X for home use. The steamer can be used on many different types of fabric to remove wrinkles and freshen the fabric. Setting up the Shark Steamer is easy; in just a few minutes the steamer is assembled and ready for use.

Copper Gutter - Is a Copper Gutter the Best Solution for You?

Having rain guttering is a must for every house. Copper gutter is considered one of the best possible choices. However, you really have to ask yourself whether it matches your needs, requirements and budget. Learn all about this drain option to find out whether it is right for you.

How to Fix a GE Oven That Cycles On & Off by Itself

A General Electric oven that cycles on and off on its own was previously configured to have Sabbath mode enabled. The Sabbath mode -- designed for those who don't operate machines on the Sabbath -- programs the oven to begin at a specific time to and to remain on until the programmed shut-off time.

Where You Can Find Berber Carpet Tiles

Berber carpet tiles are essentially a kind of adhesive carpet tile and are perfect for indoor ground decoration. The product presently includes a image as one of high top quality and comfort.

How to Drill a Shallow Water Well

According to Lifewater International, the maximum depth of a shallow water well is determined by how far a hand pump can draw water. Since hand pumps are inefficient over 240 feet, you can't drill these wells any deeper. Not everyone agrees with this definition, however, and in King County, Washingt

How to Prepare Water Softener for Winter

During the cold, winter months many homeowners go to great lengths to winterize their homes, including placing plastic on windows and draining plumbing systems. These steps are especially important if the home or dwelling will not be occupied during the winter months. One area that many home or busi

How to Open Craftsman Garage Remotes

Craftsman garage door openers include one or two remote controls, depending on the model of the garage door opener. The remote controls are programmed to the garage door opener and allow you to open and close the garage door from a short distance away, such as in your car when you are pulling in or

Tips For Rain Gutters and Downspouts

This article discuss the basics of gutters and downspouts. It goes into the basic areas of concern when purchasing or contracting gutters and downspouts, as well as some popular options.

How to Make Garage Shelving

Garage shelves can create hundreds of square feet of organized storage space. Though you can spend more than $100 on a heavy-duty shelf console, you can build your own wall-mounted garage shelves for a fraction of that. One nice thing about garage shelving is that since garages aren't generally publ

How to Use a Cable Bike Lock

Bicycle cable locks use a reinforced steel cable, housed in either hard rubber or kevlar sheathes to wrap around the bike frame and a secure post. A bicycle cable lock is the most susceptible to thieves; if it is placed improperly it can be cut or broken easier than hard shell locks. Because of this

Finishing Products for Clawfoot Tubs

You can restore an old clawfoot tub, like this one, with the right products and a little work.salle de bain style colonnial image by oldjazz77 from Fotolia.comWhether your home has an old clawfoot tub in the bathroom or you purchased one to install, refinishing a clawfoot bathtub is a...

How to Do a Granite-Look Garage Floor

You can install a granite floor in your garage, but it's expensive and probably would crack one day as you drive your car into the garage. A better way is to do what artists have done for ages---use a faux painting technique with concrete stain or paint. Natural granite contains many colors in a ra

Home Repairs & Maintenance

The key to not being overwhelmed by home repairs and maintenance is to schedule the tasks throughout the year. The homeowner should perform some checks and tasks monthly but can address others on a seasonal basis. Establishing a routine for home repair and maintenance ensures that you notice any pot

Pegasus Faucet Installation

One quick and easy way to update your bathroom is to replace the faucets. Pegasus is a brand that offers many high-quality faucet designs. Do-it-yourself homeowners may find this to be a satisfying, cost-saving project. The installation is not difficult and with the correct tools and supplies, you c