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Tips For Building a Vinyl Picket Fence

Getting a vinyl picket fence is a great alternative to wood fencing. They can be trickier to deal with than a standard fence, but with some basic tips you can install your fencing like a pro. Many people go with vinyl fencing because, it is easy to maintain and will never need painting. There are ma

The Best Place for Outdoor Lighting

Lighting set around your home provides both security and charm. A multitude of lighting options are available; your best option is dependent on both your needs and budget. Combining different types of lights in different locations will help you achieve a balance between safety and ambiance.

Video: Problems With Orchid Care

Video Transcript Hello, my name is Charlee Storner, I'm a botanical stylist with Ambius. I get asked a lot of questions about orchids. I'm going to take you through the answers to the top ten questions most asked. Number ten on our list, is how to use a decorative container? The...

Garden Living - Rooms Without Walls

Creating a room without walls is a dream made easy with innovative materials and concepts. The lines are blurred between indoor and outdoor furnishings now, a welcome and indulgent new approach.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Steel Bench

The tactic most salesmen use in selling a product is presenting its features and pros. This could convince the buyer to buy the said product, even without hearing the negative things. A set of reasons would be listed on why the product should be purchased, and the person could get more and more conv

How to Kill Dallis Grass in Centipede Grass

Dallis grass is a warm-weather perennial grass that invades centipede and other turfgrasses in the Southern United States and other warm-weather locations. It has a knotty, short grassy base that slowly becomes bigger in diameter. The grass stems are wide and coarse, and it has unsightly seed stalks

Deck Bylaws

Decks are generally wooden and attached to the outside of structure.wood texture image by Daniel Gillies from Fotolia.comDecks are an attractive addition to any outside structure. Decks are generally added for a variety of reasons. Building a deck is not as simple as designing blueprints...

How to Change Lawn Mower Cords

Even an otherwise impeccably maintained mower will be of no use to you if the pull cord for the starter is broken. Fortunately, a cord that has broken because of age or accidental damage isn't too hard to replace, and you'll be able to get back to the important business of keeping your lawn trimmed

How to Stain a Deck With an Opaque Color

It's necessary that wood decks be stained to protect them from ultraviolet rays, weather and moisture. Most decks should be stained right after they've been built and every spring after that. The three major types of deck stain are clear, semitransparent and opaque. Opaque will show the least of the

A Well-Balanced Home Landscaping Design

One of the basic principles of all art forms, design, including landscape design is balance. It serves as a point of equality. Despite being somewhat insignificant in landscaping, there is actually more to it than just that and it will be explained in much simpler context in this article.

3 Inexpensive Ways To Transform Your Backyard

Ever noticed a backyard in a magazine, movie, or first-hand and got a sense that the space had something unique about it? Something that really gave the yard that feeling of comfort and personal space? Yes, it could have been the landscaping: a deck, patio, or garden pond.

Beautiful Gardens from a Couple Who Sees it as a Science

I find it difficult getting along with my parents but I still like to spend time at their house. You may be wondering why. Well, although I feel frustrated in their company, they have a beautiful back yard that drives away all the pain and stress.

How to Plant & Fertilize Mondo Grass

Mondo grass is a native of Asia but grows in many warm U.S. regions as well. Although it is classified as a grass, the plant is actually a member of the lily family. It has a grass-like appearance with thick, vertical blades and is mostly used as a ground cover or as a border plant in flower beds. P

How to Induce Flowering in Morning Glories

Since the morning glory vine's flowers last for only one day, the gardener is compensated with a plethora of blooms. In season, the vine is usually covered with flowers at all times. When a morning glory fails to bloom, it may be a combination of factors working against it, including too much rain o

Will Grass Seed Planted in October Come Up?

Grass seed grows well when planted in October, depending on where you live. The advantage of a fall planting is that cool-season grass seeds can germinate quickly before the weather turns cold. There are also fewer weeds to contend with.

How to Propagate White Cedar

White cedar originates in Australia and South East Asia, but is grown throughout the world. The white cedar tree has a rounded top and is considered a shade tree because it can grow 12 to 30 feet tall and six to eight feet wide. The white cedar tree has small purple leaves and white flowers. The tre

A Buyer's Guide to the Scotts Classic 20 Push Reel Mower

With the growing green movement, everybody seems to be looking for ways to "go green." There are plenty of simple things that each and every one of us could do to help make a huge difference. Among the overlooked and easier ways to go green is to switch to a push reel mower.

Red Worms for Composting

Red wigglers are a common type of worm used for composting. They can be found at gardening supply stores or bait and tackle shops. Red wigglers work hard to consume kitchen scraps and can reduce the amount of time it takes to compost material -- from 240 days to 30 days. They can be used in a small

Landscaping Ideas for Churches

If a church is interested in growing, one of the things they should consider is their first impression, which so many times is their building. Landscaping can make or break that impression. Beautiful flowers and lush landscaping convey that a church is living, growing and active; creates a sense of