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How to Remove Algae From a Patio

Algae require wet or damp conditions to survive. It grows on patios and other structures around a home that has adequate shade. Overgrown trees and shrubbery cause excess shade on the patio and allow the surface to remain damp, making it a perfect growing environment for algae. Algae can make the pa

How to Find the Right Lawn Mower Battery

Everyone wants a healthy lawn, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by making sure your lawn is always mowed. A riding lawn mower is more convenient than a push lawn mower because you don't have to exert as much energy, but if you want to have this added convenience, you'll have to take ti

How to Grow Grass in Drought Conditions

Drought conditions take their toll very quickly on grass and other plants. In states where drought is common, water use may be regulated and the cost raised for high consumers. You don't have to sacrifice a green yard during drought conditions. With the right type of grass and a common sense approac

Problems With Rye Grass

Rye grass is a fast-growing type of grass that is often used for early ground cover in fields and other open areas. It requires little care and is relatively easy to grow. However, rye grass is susceptible to a number of fungal problems that need attention and preventative measures.Red...

How to Paint a Rug on a Concrete Patio

A painted rug on a concrete patio can last for years if it the concrete is properly prepared and a quality polyurethane is applied over the paint. Cleaning a faux-painted rug is as simple as spraying the patio down with a garden hose occasionally to remove dirt. You can perform this do-it-yourself p

How to Avoid Harmful Fertilizers on Your Lawn

Lawns provide an excellent venue for fun and relaxation, but often homeowners turn to potentially harmful chemical fertilizers to achieve the lush, green look desired in their lawns. Avoiding chemical fertilizers is essential in protecting the health of people and pets. Creating a healthy lawn the n

How to Install Brick Paver Retaining Walls

A brick paver retaining wall is an attractive solution to stop erosion and improve the drainage of an area. Pavers are inexpensive and come in a wide variety of sizes and colors so you can customize a retaining wall to suit your landscape. Installing a retaining wall involves laying a series or cour

How to Remove Tree Stumps Without Equipment

Tree stump removal is a tedious and potentially dangerous job. Equipment such as stump grinders, chainsaws, lifts and tackle are all considered nearly essential for complete stump removal. Although when used separately or together, they are an effective means for the removal of virtually any tree st

Tips For Fertilizing Your Lawn the Right Way

When it comes to having a beautiful home, the task of fertilizing your lawn is important to know. Along with this, there are 3 things that you need to be aware of: type of grass, fertilizer type, and the time of the year. This information will be able to let you know when you can fertilize your gras

Help Your Tree Retain Its Beauty

Maintaining your yard is a chore that many do not enjoy. However, just a small amount of attention will keep your trees healthy for years to come.

Professional Tree Service - Answer to All Your Tree Care Woes

You will see that trees are present everywhere around us. They provide us with many things including, flowers, shade, fragrance, medicines etc. Though they are around us, still we don't have much knowledge about these beautiful gifts of mother earth.

Rooftop Gardens Reduce Energy Usage for New York Buildings

Green roofs NYC are more than just beautiful private gardens that offer a temporary escape for stressed out New Yorkers. These verdant green spaces also have positive environmental implications, which are especially valuable in the ...

The Fun of Sundials

A sundial is a great way to share a person's unique style in a backyard or garden. There are many different types of sundials to choose from, as well as many different price ranges, so everyone can find something to meet both their space requirement and their budget while making their open spac

Tips To Protect Your Patio Furniture From Winter Damage

While during summer most homeowners enjoyed the warm sun rays on their faces while sitting out on the patio, with the upcoming winter, things automatically change. People stay indoors covered up in blankets and thick clothes, however many don't give a second thought to what is happening to thei

How to Force Tulip Bulbs in Water

Tulips are one of the earlier flowers to bloom in the spring, but if you can't wait that long, you can force them to bloom indoors, so you can enjoy their color even in the wintertime. Although the usual method of forcing tulips involves planting them in clay pots, another method allows you to force

How to Make a Border Around a Group of Trees

Placing a border around a group of trees helps give the area a finished look and more visual purpose. You can fill in a border with decorative mulch or rubber chips so you don't have to mow the area. You have several border options including plain black plastic, bricks, picket style borders and wire

Bronze Railings Specifications

Hand rails and guard rails are necessary elements that protect a building's users, as well as provide aesthetic detail to a structure's form. The railing can be constructed of almost any material as long as it meets the structural and dimensional requirements. Bronze, a copper alloy, is an ancient m

Decking and Turfing Services by DTML Landscaping

DTML Landscaping has been in service since past 20 years and have an experience in garden services, decking, turfing Coventry etc. They are the best landscape contractor in West Midlands and surrounding areas. Now a ...

Drainage Ideas

Excessive water can become a major problem if not properly drained away from homes, businesses, roads and many other areas. The solutions for proper drainage vary greatly in accordance with the system's needs. Large areas such as neighborhoods will need massive drain pipes installed in areas prone t