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How to Repair Silk Fabric

Silk fabric differs in thickness and weave. According to the website Silk Painting Gallery, in the article "How Silk is Made", silk is a natural fiber harvested from the cocoons of silk worms. Because of its delicate nature, silk degrades when exposed to chemicals and acidity; and shreds and deterio

Protective Denim Sofa Slipcover

Of course you wanted to protect your sofa from external factors that can damage it so that you can still have your favorite sofa for a long time. Therefore, if this is your goal then a denim sofa slipcover is good for you. It can protect your sofa well and so you won't surely regret having this

Accessorizing Your Asian Themed Home

Asian themed homes are very popular for their simple yet pleasing attitudes. Most Chinese furniture is very rich in color and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right piece for your home is relatively easy and fun!

How to Fix a Burnt Out Light Fixture

Keeping our homes brightly lit helps us in almost every single activity we do (except sleeping, of course). Eventually, the light fixture will burn out and the light bulb will need to be replaced. If a light bulb is twisted into the socket of the fixture too tightly it can cause the light to burn ou

Decor and Furniture Ideas for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are no longer lonely entities used to brush teeth and for everyday routine. Not long back interior designers and home decor enthusiasts started paying attention to interior trends in bathrooms, to details like fine ...

How to Find the Right Size Picture for Over a Couch

Choosing the right size picture to hang over your couch involves knowing how to avoid overpowering your sofa with the picture or framed artwork by achieving balance. Consider the size of the piece of furniture, then choose a picture that is in proportion to it.

Get Fancy With Your Woodwork

After living in your home for many years, you will eventually get the urge to make some changes to your home. Some people don't like change, so this doesn't bother them but others feel the need to freshen things up every so often. If you are looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive way to

How a Fluorescent Lamp Works

PartsA fluorescent lamp uses bulbs that are basically sealed units made from glass. They contain an inert gas like argon and a trace amount of mercury. The tube-shaped unit is coated inside with a powder made of phosphors. On the outside, it has an electrode at each end. These electrodes...

Choosing High Quality Rugs for Your New Floor - Tabriz Persian Rugs

According to a recent article on the Better Homes & Gardens website, the latest flooring trends are moving away from carpet, and toward flooring made out of strong, beautiful materials that can withstand day to day wear and tear. Which is good news for those of us who want to get rid of that ugly ol

Components for Wire Cube Shelving

Shelving has applications in the home and workplace, and can help keep items organized and easily available when needed. This type of fixture comes in a few different types, with examples including wire cube shelving. The individual components of this style of shelf unit fit together in various form

Reupholstering Dining Room Chairs With Cording

Dining room chairs that have upholstered areas trimmed with fabric-covered cording often present a more finished and formal appearance. This type of cording is called welting for single cords or double welting for double cords. Welting is often sandwiched between horizontal seams along the chair sea

Classy And Elegant Closet Door Hardware

You don't often think about closet door hardware; however you'd be surprised to know how often you'd take notice of your closet hardware if it were a classy addition to your room. We all have ...

Choosing the Best of Metal Curtain Poles

Although there may be a myriad of curtain designs and styles in the market, these great decorative pieces must be attached to some poles on the wall above the window or door. One of the ...

Is it Possible to Recreate Your Bedroom on a Budget?

Structural and interior design changes to almost any aspect of a home are made in order to boost property and aesthetic values. But more often than not, these improvements are quite taxing money-wise and effort-wise. Then again, you can give your entire house a new look little by little even on a bu

Shabby Chic Decorating Made Easy

What is shabby chic decorating? In a nutshell, it is a comfortable, casual decorating style. It became known as shabby chic in the 1980's but has been around for many years.

Benefits Of Rack Conveyor Dishwashers

Industrial dishwashers have eased the need for manual dishwashing in the catering industry. They have proved their usefulness in the catering industry in past few years. A conveyor dishwasher is a mechanical device which cleans ...

Mattresses Sydney - The Benefits Of The Latex Mattress

If you want to regenerate your body while your night's sleep and fill fresh in the morning it’s time for new latex mattresses. You can’t use the same latex mattress whole lifespan considering we are spending 1/3 from our lives sleeping.

How to Strip and Varnish Stairs

As with any other flooring surface, a staircase gets extensive use that wears down the protective finish. Once you're through that protective covering you're left with nothing but wood to wear, and that's the beginning of the end for any stair surface. To avoid this, a refinishing of the stairs is n