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How to Kill Black Mold in a Basement

Black mold is type of toxic mold that will make your home look bad, smell musty and cause serious health issues such as asthma, memory loss and eventual death if a susceptible person is exposed to the black mold for a long time. Prevent this by cleaning the black mold as soon as you see it to ensure

How Can I Safely Clean & Remove Black Mold in My House?

Scrubbing black mold on household surfaces disperses spores and does not eradicate embedded black mold. Black mold is toxic. It should be removed and discarded to eradicate microbial growth spores. Black mold grows on drywall, plaster, tile, suspended ceiling tiles, light and fan fixtures, drapes an

Cleaning Mexican Wool Rugs

Vacuuming and Grooming Mexican Wool RugsVacuuming your Mexican wool rugs on a regular basis can greatly extend their lives, because trapped dirt, oil and grease can actually degrade the wool over time. Use an ordinary electric upright vacuum; just make sure that the vacuum cleaner's...

Ways to Use Borax

Borax is a natural mineral mixture that is inexpensive and effective for many cleaning and housekeeping jobs around a home and garage. Many housekeepers like to use baking soda as a natural cleaner, and Borax is similarly effective for many of the same jobs. Buy a box of Borax and see how well it wo

How to Remove Paint From Alligatoring Wood

Alligatoring is a condition that can occur to wood or any other surface covered in too many layers of paint. The paint begins to crack on the wood, creating collective fractures that begin to resemble the scales of an alligator. Oil paint can be particularly susceptible to this condition because it

How to Make a Concrete Firepit

There is nothing like a fire on a cool night to sit around and tell stories and roast marshmallows. A permanent fire pit made out of concrete is a perfect addition to a back yard, because it can act as a center piece for landscaping, as well as a focal point of family (and friendly) activity. Althou

How to Get Resin Out of a Metal Pipe

These days smoking tobacco out of a water pipe or hand help pipe is popular. Hookahs are popping up in restaurants around the country offering patrons a chance to smoke a fruity tobacco blend. Constant pipe use means resin build up in the pipe stems and/or bowls. Reducing the amount of resin inside

Ways to Clean a Well Screen

Cleaning a well screen ensures the best possible water quality is maintained.wishing well image by Carol Wingert from Fotolia.comWell screens serve as a filter for a well, catching pieces of debris before they can enter the water supply. They also provide structural support, preventing...

How to Use Carpet Samples in Existing Carpet

When choosing a carpet for a room in your house, you quite often receive a carpet sample to help you choose a color and texture. When carpet is installed in your house, excess samples (or remnants) of the carpet are nearly always left over. A carpet sample is handy because it can save you a lot of m

How to Paint a Concrete Bench

Concrete benches, similar to concrete flooring, are durable and made to withstand the elements. Unfortunately, they can also look drab and boring. A bright coat of paint can do wonders to transform any concrete item.

How to Clean With White Vinegar

Aside from many top-selling cleaners available on the market being pricey, many of them are toxic, as well, making them unsafe to use around children and pets while putting a dent in your pocketbook at the same time. Vinegar accommodates the best of both worlds in that it's very inexpensive and high

Facial Steamer Repair

Facial steamers are often helpful for opening up the pores, thereby releasing blockages and draining excess oils from the skin. However, when a facial steamer is not functioning properly, it can prevent the steamer from cleaning out the skin properly. Instead of buying a brand new facial steamer, yo

How to Clean a Wooden No-Wax Floor

A good wooden floor can add to the value, decor and appeal of your home. With proper care and maintenance, there's no reason your floor shouldn't look great for many years. By following some processes, you can keep your floor in tip-top shape. It all starts with good, regular cleaning.

How to Repair a Scooba Pump Malfunction

The Scooba is a robotic cleaning device manufactured by iRobot. The Scooba is designed to wash and dry your tiles or wood floors. These little machines run on their own and save you having to do the cleaning yourself. Sometimes however, your Scooba can malfunction and show an error message. If you s

How to Clean Stubborn Stains on a Glass Stove Top

Cooking appliances are always at a high risk of being covered with food stains. If you don't clean up food spills immediately, they can become burned on and extremely difficult to remove. Stubborn food stains require forceful scrubbing to get rid of them. If you have a glass stovetop, you have to b

How to Get Glasses Clean in the Dishwasher

The invention of the dishwasher was a wonderful thing. It gave people a way to wash dishes without actually working at it. Dishwashers have come a long way and are quite sophisticated compared to the earlier models. However, when you take the time to scrape, rinse and load all the dishes into this c

Organic Flea Repellent for Dogs

A host of insecticidal products are available to eliminate fleas living on your dog and in your home. If you prefer to avoid using chemicals, you can create organic flea repellents in your home.

How to Clean Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet pulls, those handles on the front of your cabinets, are a nice decorative touch. Pulls come in many materials, including plastic, metal, glass, porcelain and wood. While they add design appeal, they also pick up a lot of dirt and grime. Cabinet pulls should be cleaned on a regular basis--eve

How to Adjust the Water Level in a Frigidaire Front Load Machine

Unlike top loading washing machines, in front loading machines you usually do not select the water level for the load you’re washing. Instead, you select a cycle and the washer agitates the clothes for a longer period of time. This saves water over the top loading type of washing machines on t