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How to Remove Ice Damage on the Roof

Ice dams occur when heat escapes the attic and melts snow on the roof. As temperatures reach the freezing point again, this melted snow can refreeze. This becomes a cycle and leads to ice buildup, particularly along the roof’s edge. Built-up ice can trap subsequent melting snow, causing a pool

How to Fence Across Streams

Livestock pasture fences sometimes require closing off a stream or gully. The project poses the challenge of creating a fence that is solid enough to keep the animals contained while being flexible enough to prevent washouts during high water flows. The portion of the fence that extends into the str

How to Lay Out a Ceramic Back Splash

The areas of the wall that sit behind the stove, sinks and countertops in your kitchen are considered backsplash areas. These locations are the most likely to be splattered with water or food from cooking, washing dishes or food preparation. If you have a porous wall covering, such as paint or wallp

Do It Yourself: Drain Tile

Drain tiles, or perforated drainage pipes, are part of a landscape drainage system that carries water runoff from a wet area of the yard to a drainage outlet. Installing tiles is a fitting project for do-it-yourselfers with basic tools and a few days to dedicate. Drain tiles are concealed undergroun

How to Paint Over Old Linoleum Floor

Old linoleum floors can make your entire kitchen or bathroom look drab and outdated. Even on a shoe-string budget, you can give your old linoleum floors some new life and add a custom appeal to the room. With a bit of planning, a couple days of labor and a few coats of paint, your old linoleum floor

How to Change a Headphone Level

Changing the level of a set of headphones involves raising or lowering the volume. Depending on what type of headphones you actually own, this is accomplished in one of a few different ways. Adjust the level through features built into the Windows operating system, for example. Some headphones may a

Problems With Polybutylene Pipe

Polybutylene is a system of piping used in home building beginning in the late 1970s. Due to being relatively inexpensive compared to copper piping, polybutylene was used by plumbers as a cost-effective way to plumb a home. In the 1980s, however, problems began to emerge with polybutylene piping. Pr

How to Tile an Entryway

Entryways are highly trafficked areas of the home and are often walked over with shoes that have dirt, mud or dampness from the outdoors. Carpet that covers an entryway will soon become matted and worn out, so many homeowners choose to tile the area directly around doors, in an effort to save the re

How to Add Roof Coating Over Shingles

An asphalt shingle roof is constantly subjected to outside elements. Rain and sunlight will break down asphalt shingles and cause them to become brittle. When asphalt shingles become brittle, they crack, and your roof then develops leaks. To extend the life of your asphalt shingle roof, you need to

Cost to Mud a Shower Floor

Creating a shower pan out of deck mud is one of the oldest methods used as a foundation for ceramic tile and natural stone tile showers. However, unlike a precast plastic pan that is simply screwed in place, dry-packed mud showers require a craftsman who has the proper skills, training and tools bas

How to Install a Laminate Floor Around a Bathtub

Bathroom floors must be able to withstand extreme changes in humidity. Laminate floors can serve adequately if properly installed. Working around a bathtub can be complicated. If your bathtub happens to have feet, disconnect the water and move the tub, lay the floor and replace the tub. For the more

How to Fix Slate Tiles

While slate is a strong and durable tile, like any floor tile it can crack or break. Accidents happen and you may need to replace one or more of the slate tiles. Even if you didn’t install the original slate tiles, don’t panic. Replacing and installing a new tile can be simple if you hav

Instructions for Building a Wooden Fence

If your yard needs a new fence, try building it yourself instead of paying a contractor. A simple wooden fence can be built in one day, especially if you have access to a post hole digger to speed up the process. Moisture and wind are the main hazards to a wooden fence, so think about the weather in

Natural Cork Installation

Natural cork planks are a floating floor system that uses tongue-and-groove technology. The planks are held in place by tension created across the planks and can be installed directly over existing flooring, new subflooring and concrete that is on, above and below grade. Wood flooring is a non-renew

DIY Old Bathroom Vanity Made Updated

A makeover of your old vanity will give the bathroom an updated look on a budget. The project is one that is possible for most homeowners to do on their own. The materials to update the reused vanity cost significantly less than completely replacing the vanity. Paint, stain and new knobs are the bas

How to Install Bathroom Vanity Counters

Do you have an old bathroom vanity counter that you're tired of looking at, or that is in need of updating? While this home improvement project is challenging, it is not impossible for those who prefer do-it-yourself projects. Not only will this home improvement enhance your bathroom, it will also

Money-Saving Ideas for Kitchen Renovations

Kitchenthe kitchen. image by guiney from Fotolia.comKitchen renovations can be the extremely expensive. But doing some simple things to a kitchen can give it a totally new and dramatic look with minimal cost and minimal mess. The golden rule of any low-cost, do-it-yourself renovation is...

How to Redo My Old Wood Cabinets

Refinishing wooden cabinets is labor intensive, but an effective way to renew the look for your kitchen or any room the cabinets are in. Wooden cabinets that are deeply blemished -- scratched, chipped and so on -- but otherwise in a stable condition will benefit from refinishing. Refinishing wooden

How to Use Cement Blocks

Cement blocks can be used to build a variety of things, including book shelves, non-slip stools and housing structures. A cement block can be used on its own, or they can be stacked or mortared together to create strong walls and floors. The potential weight load and rigidity of cement blocks make t

How to Mud Drywall Tape Before Installing on Drywall

When finishing a drywall installation, professionals usually spread mud, or drywall joint compound, directly on the sheetrock before applying drywall tape. This tape, usually made of a fiberglass mesh or non-adhesive paper, is measured to fit and be applied over joints and seams. Sometimes, particul