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How to Float Joint Compound

Joint compound is a thick, putty-like mixture that builders apply to drywall surfaces to smooth out any depressions and rough spots. Specifically, joint compound is applied over the seams and nail holes in drywall by a process called floating. When you float drywall, you simply apply multiple thin l

Can I Use a Flat Trowel for Glass Tile?

Glass tiles come in many sizes, colors and finishes. They offer a soft, translucent charm to floors, backsplashes and tub surrounds. All trowels for installing tile have a flat face to make spreading adhesive easy and quick. Tile trowels are also notched, and this notching varies, depending on the s

How to Trim Uneven Cabinets

Trim is a purely aesthetic element in your home, serving no structural purpose, but that doesn't mean it's not important or useful. One common use of trim is to hide imperfections in the edges of the walls, ceilings or built-in furniture, including cabinets. If you've got a series of cabinets that a

DIY Refinish a Brass Fireplace Screen

Brass is an alloy created by combining zinc and copper. There is a range of brasses that can be created by mixing together different proportions of those metals. These different brasses also all feature different properties. Brass is typically a muted yellow and its similarity in color to gold makes

How to Build a Built-in Book Shelf

Built-in bookshelves look great in your den or office. Learning how to build a built-in bookshelf can add style and organization to any room in your home. While many projects that involve power tools can be daunting to homeowners, building a shelf is a manageable weekend activity that anyone can pul

How to Insulate a Metal Building

Metal buildings are popular for utilitarian and industrial uses because they are relatively cheap and fast to put up. Without insulation, however, their uses in cold weather are limited. Metal buildings can be insulated in a similar manner to buildings made of other materials. The primary difference

Does Removing Scale from Pool Tiles Affect Pool Chemistry?

Just about anything you do to a pool -- getting in, leaving it alone for a few days, letting rain fall into it -- affects its chemistry, even if only slightly. Most scale removal products are derived from fairly strong acids; so if even a small amount gets into your pool, you will most likely need t

The Best Way to Seal a Dirt Crawl Space

The best way to seal a dirt crawl space is to use a combination of methods to seal joints and openings in the compartment. The standard techniques include sealing the floor, walls and vents leading to the exterior, the walls and the floor. You may need to run a humidifier for a day or two to dry out

How to Care for Laminated Hardwood Floors

Caring for laminated hardwood flooring can be easy if you use the right products. Laminated flooring generally comes with a 20+ year warranty, is very durable and can be a beautiful investment to any home or business. Frequent mopping and wiping of liquid spills will aid in keeping your floors in ne

How to Install a Pet Door Into Brick

Installing a pet door in your house can free you from the necessity of constantly letting your dog or cat in and out. For various reasons, including aesthetics, security and heat retention, you might not want a pet door in your door. Choosing to install a pet door in your wall instead offers more op

Marble Tile Shower Maintenance

A marble shower can make an elegant statement in many bathroom designs. Unfortunately for many homeowners who choose to use marble in a wet area, it can also be a high maintenance material. Marble is a soft, calcium-based stone that can etch and stain when it comes in contact with water and common s

Silicone Vs. Latex Caulking

When choosing between a silicone and a latex caulk, the type of material it will be applied to and the location of the application should be considered. Knowing the differences between the two types of caulk will help you choose the right one for your project.

Cool Backsplash Ideas

Unusual color combinations can create cool tile background image by Galina Barskaya from Fotolia.comCool backsplash ideas turn boring functional areas into individual works of art. Whether you want protection for the wall behind the bathroom sink or colorful detail for...

How to Fix a Ceiling With Drywall Mud

Drywall mud is a colloquial term for joint compound, which is a type of plaster used on walls and ceilings. A plaster ceiling with loose or crumbling plaster can be repaired with plaster and drywall tape alone, with no need for a drywall patch, as long as the lath behind the damaged plaster is still

Backsplash Ideas in Rock

Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes in your home are opportunities to get creative and put your own decorative ideas to work. Personalize the areas in your home that need backsplashes with rock tile. Its natural colors will radiate warmth and beauty, and a rock backsplash will last for years with prop

How Do I Match Green Wall Tile?

Renovating a bathroom can be challenging, and there may be existing elements, such as wall tiles, that you want to incorporate into the new design. Often a few tiles are damaged and need to be replaced. Matching wall tile can be difficult because the tile may no longer be in stock. Finding a similar

Rubber Roofing Membrane Materials

Propylene diene monomer and modified bitumen, bitumen combined with polymer plastics, are the two main “rubber” roof membranes, so called because they have rubber-like qualities. Bitumen, distilled from petroleum, is commonly called asphalt. There are two kinds of modified bitumen membr

How to Install Aquachek Gyprock

Aquacheck Gyprock, a variation of plasterboard that is used instead of drywall, is installed in areas with high amounts of moisture and water. Gyprock comes in 4-by-8-foot sections with various thicknesses and is made out of gypsum with thin sheets of paper on each side. It is installed similarly to

How to Lay Vertical Tile

Tile of any kind can help transform the vertical surfaces in your house or office into a work of art that is not only durable and aesthetically pleasing, but when installed properly, can last a lifetime. Whether you decide to use a natural stone such as slate, marble or granite, or a man-made tile s