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How to Hook Solar Panels to Your House's Electric Box

Hooking solar panels to your electric box requires setup of components that will convert your solar panels direct current (DC) output into your house’s alternating current (AC) input panel. Depending on the type of photo voltaic (PV) system and the output capacity of your solar panels you migh

Different Ways to Do the Edge of the Wall With Ceramic Tile

You can use glass tiles at the edge of a wall to give it a more unusual look.Jupiterimages/ ImagesWhether you're tiling a kitchen wall, a bathroom wall or another wall in your house, you can give the edge of your wall a different look from the rest of your wall to spice up...

How to Remove Ink From a Wood Floor

When you look down and see an unsightly ink stain on your beautiful wood floors, you don't need to be too disheartened because there are steps you can take to get rid of the stain. Care must be taken when cleaning ink from wood floors so the wood does not become scratched or damaged. Use the right p

How to Calculate the Ceiling Area for a Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has become increasingly popular as insulation in attics. Added to an existing building, it's an excellent way to significantly improve the R-value of the attic, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and saving you money as well. Spray foam insulation a

How to Nail a Tack Strip for Carpet

Installing carpet is often a laborious homeowner project. While it takes some practice and experience to complete, having the correct tools and extra time will allow you to complete the project properly. The most common way to connect carpet to the subfloor of a home is with tack strips. The tack st

Building Material Supplies for Kitchen Cabinets

With the right tools, you can create kitchen cabinets like these.Modern elegant kitchen image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comWhether you're building whole cabinets from scratch or just refacing your cabinets and drawers, the building materials you use to make your kitchen cabinets can affect...

How to Select a Bunk Bed

For children, sleeping in a bunk bed is like going on an adventure each night. Follow these steps for choosing a bunk bed that will ensure your child's safety.

Types of Timber Beams

Timber beams vary in type and appearance.outdoor stairways image by Sherri Camp from Fotolia.comTimber beams are used to construct homes and support roofs and ceilings. Exposed beams, rustic and natural in character, are sought by many home owners for use in residential construction. It...

Can I Shingle a Flat Roof?

Regular asphalt shingles and shakes are designed for a roof with a pitch. Roofs with a pitch of less than 4 inches per foot cannot be finished with shakes, and those with a pitch less than 3 inches per foot cannot use wood shingles. These types of shingles require a slope for water to drain. On a fl

How to Connect Multiple Hot Water Solar Panels

With all the concern over climate change and carbon footprints, alternative ways of generating energy have been developed. With economic instability, many of those ways are becoming popular. One of the greener ways of heating your hot water is installing hot water solar collectors. Most kits do not

How to Make Corner Glass Shelves

Glass shelves in a corner are an effective way to make use of corner space to display three-dimensional artwork or books. Tempered glass is the best material to use for shelves as it is much stronger than normal glass. If it does break, it breaks into little fragments that are not as dangerous as no

How to Cut Angles on a Pre-Made Countertop

Pre-made countertops made from layers of laminate or resin mixtures are popular for DIYers looking to install new countertops or replace an existing countertop due to the ease of installation. To install the counter though, it often needs cutting at an angle to fit into a corner against another coun

How to Seal Granite Counters

Granite counters are a beautiful addition to many kitchen designs. Since they are a natural stone, granite countertops are porous and require periodic sealing to prevent the absorption of oils or acids which could mar the finish. Your granite may require sealing very frequently or seldom depending o

Issues With Granite Tile Counters

Granite tile countertops offer the look and feel of granite at a considerably lower price than the larger, all-in-one models. Though granite tile offers durability and easy maintenance, the material does present some issues of which users must be aware.

How to Use Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is an attractive and well-liked kind of tile for home use because it's durable, affordable and easy to install. It also comes in more styles and colors than marble, granite and other types of tiles. This allows you to make a wall just about any color or color combination you want. When

DIY Baseboard Cuts

When you set out to install baseboard molding, you need to understand how to cut the molding. Fitting molding around corners can seem challenging if you don't know the correct techniques. Corner joints along the baseboard should be mitered. Standard corners are 90-degrees so that means each end of t

How to Cover Ugly Drop Ceiling Tile

As the name suggests, dropped ceilings are composed of tiles that are installed in a dropped fashion, the purpose of which is to cover an existing ceiling or to create an inexpensive one. Though functional, they aren't the most attractive. To make the ceiling more appealing, use creativity to cover

How to Update Melamine Cabinets

If you are stuck with outdated melamine cabinets that are old, dingy and lifeless, consider updating them with a fresh coat of paint. A new color and finish can restore the beauty and luster to melamine, making it current. Special paints are available that are targeted specifically for melamine surf

How to Seal a Slate Tile Countertop

Sealing your slate and natural stone products enhances the natural beauty of the stone as well as protects it against the elements of time, accidental spills, water damage, mud or anything else that might happen that could potentially mar the surface. You won't have to break a sweat to seal your nat

How to Remodel Bathrooms With Vintage Colored Bathtubs

When figuring out how to remodel bathrooms with vintage colored bathtubs, the trick to create an authentic space is bringing in colors and materials that reflect the time period of the room. An entirely opposite feel to the room could be achieved by bringing in contemporary interior design elements