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Collecting Ancient Athenian Coins

The non-Greek lands of the Near East issued large quantities of silver coins, most notably the Parthians, Sassanians and Baktrians. These coins vary in style and fabric, the thickness and purity of the planchet on which the coin was struck, and are relatively under valued compared to the more widely

Buy a Hammock

Hammocks were first introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus when he brought many hammocks back to Spain from islands in the present day Bahamas. The earliest hammocks were woven out of bark from a Hammock tree, and later this material was replaced by Sisal plant because it was more abundant. Ar

Getting Crafty With Office Paper

Recycled paper crafts are profitable and easy business ventures with the use of recycled office paper and other paper supplies.

Beginner' s Guide To Buying Doll House Collectibles

Doll house collectibles aren't exactly affordable so if you're interested in creating a collection of them, be sure that you'll buy something worth investing in or one that you’ll have infinite pleasure with.

Candle Making Wax - Know What Your Alternatives Are

Even though candles are old technology, that doesn't mean there still isn't room for improvement. As in so many other areas, especially artistic crafts, people continually look for ways to do things better. That definitely applies to making candles. The craft continues to evolve, and one o

How to Use Photo Paper to Make Creative, Money-Saving Photo Projects

Printing your own pictures using photo paper is a convenient and inexpensive way to save your photo memories and it also allows you to use them creatively in personal projects. After learning the basics of photo paper, you'll be able to determine which type of paper best matches your needs and

How To Clean Railroad Track - Essential Model Railroad Maintenance

There are different ways to clean railroad track, but usually the most obvious ways will damage your railroad track. First up, let's talk about where this build up on your track comes from and then you will have a better idea of how to clean your railroad track. Over lubrication, humidity, heat

Buying RC Boats - Easy As 1, 2, 3

To hobbyists, these boats are not just toys, they are treasures and collectible items that fetch them invaluable delight and pleasure. The more serious collectors and hobbyists do not mind spending hundreds of dollars in purchasing and accessorizing these RC boats.

The Health Benefits Of Soy Candle Making

Surprisingly, not many people know that these soy candles come with a lot of health benefits. The aroma of the warm soy candle is very appealing as the candle radiates light and can create a tranquil ambiance. Soy candles today have become the most preferable choice because they burn longer and are

Beekeeper Equipment - Which One to Choose?

Are you wondering which beekeeper equipment is necessary? Like you, many people have searched in Google for information about a similar topic. Actually, being able to find what beekeeper supplies are worth buying could save money when beginning beekeeping.

Collecting Coca-Cola Memorabilia - Truly a Family Affair

In these fast moving times with video games and computers enticing children of all ages, it can be tough to get your kids to play outside with friends, let alone to do something together with their family.Having something that families like to do together is a good thing and collecting Coca-Cola mem

Winking Santa Head

You might just have one or two Christmas jars, or perhaps a whole shelf of Santa jars and want to know what they're worth. Here are some recent jar sold prices and jar values.

Is Your Model Train Layout Frustrating You?

Model train derailments are a frustration to all model railroaders - beginners and experienced alike. Beginner model train hobbyists start quickly and quite often run into lots of trouble. Their model trains suddenly, and unexpectedly jump the track. After repeated efforts to correct the problem, th

Quilting Material Choices

There are no hard and fast rules about what quilting materials you should use in your particular project. However there are a few tips that can make your quilt softer, more comfortable and easier to construct. While cotton is most often the material of choice for the quilt batting, some quilters wil

Fused Glass Bracelet

Making a fused glass bracelet inside the kiln is not a difficult process.It does require certain safety materials and determining the size and shape of the piece.