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How to Run Your Ceiling Fan in Reverse

Ceiling fans are designed to be used year-round. A ceiling fan works by spinning in a clockwise direction, making the blades force and distribute air in a downward motion. This downward motion helps to cool a room. When a ceiling fan is run in reverse or counterclockwise, the blades actually pull ai

How to Replace an Outlet With a GFCI

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are electrical outlets that protect against electrical shock, especially in wet environments. They measure the current coming in against the current going out, and close the circuit when they detect any difference. The National Electric Code requires GFCIs i

How to Install and Replace Electrical Switches

You painted your walls and now the electrical switches look horrible. You thought that you could just paint over the switches, but that was a cheap mess! You can install and replace electrical switches just as easily as you painted over your original ones. You can take pride in your home again, and

How to Hook Up a Sink Drain

Installing a bathroom sink drain requires patience and skill. A sink drain should perform for a long time without leaks. A sink drain allows water to flow quickly out of the sink.

How to Troubleshoot a Magic Chef Under-the-Counter Microwave

The Magic Chef under-the-counter microwave is available for purchase online and in various appliance and department stores. It is designed for installation in kitchen islands or below counter level. The microwave has several features, including set cycles for various foods such as pizza, popcorn or

How to Choose the Right Slow Cooker

There are tons of slow cookers available on the market, and choosing the best one for you is essential. You wouldn't want to buy something you regret, now would you? Here are few tips on how to choose the right rice cooker for you.

How to Clean a Pilot Light

Pilot lights on aging gas appliances sometimes won't stay on. When the pilot orifice gets clogged with soot and debris over time, gas cannot reach through the pilot orifice and maintain a flame. Fortunately, the problem is easy to prevent. Taking a little time to clean the pilot light can help keep

Coal Dealer Tips to Get Your Coal Stove Started

When it comes to lighting a coal stove a coal dealer will explain that certain procedures need to be followed in order to light it correctly. Plus once lit you need to maintain the amount of coal that you provide it with to ensure that it burns correctly and continuously. If you don't carry out

How to Remove Scum From a Washing Machine in the Outer Tub Above the Water Line

While cleaning the scum out of your washing machine may not be a priority on your list of things to do, soap and fabric softener residue have the potential to be more than just an eyesore. Over time, excessive soap deposits may work their way into the washing machine hoses. However, a little time an

Why Is My Kenmore Dryer Not Heating or Shutting off?

As with most clothes dryer brands, Kenmore dryers typically bear a thermal switch that directs the heater, and on some models the dryer, to shut off if the drum’s temperature becomes hot enough to cause the dryer to overheat. Once the thermal switch prompts, the dryer loses its ability to gene

HDTV Technology - Should I Get a 1080p or 720p HDTV?

As you search for the perfect HDTV, you'll come across dozens of different terms that explain different types of technology, different styles of display and different levels of quality. One term that you will need to be familiar with is the screen resolution. HDTV resolution basically comes in

Instructions for a Hoover VC340 Vacuum Cleaner

The VC340 is a canister-style vacuum cleaner that used to be manufactured by Hoover. Although the specific model has been discontinued, the VC340 is comparable to the standard Hoover canister vacuum. The appliance has several features including a variable speed controller and a storage area on the b

How to Clean the Drain Filter on an LG Washing Machine

LG washing machines are built with a small door on the bottom front of the appliance for accessing to the drain filter. The filter contains a small cup that catches coins, bits of string and other small items that may be left in clothing. Cleaning the filter periodically helps the appliance drain pr

How to Change an Oven Light Bulb in a Self-Cleaning Maytag

You do not need an oven light to produce a good home-cooked meal. The light is not a necessary part of the cooking process, but a convenience. When you open the oven door, the light illuminates the inside of the oven, allowing you to monitor the cooking process without removing the food from the ove

Service Installation for a Hot Water Heater

Hot water tanks might seem like complicated appliances, but they can be installed as easily as washing machines. However, it's important to keep in mind the power source for the heating elements: electricity or gas? Knowing this will determine the type of hot water tank and the tools and accessories

How to Take Apart PVC Pipe

It is easy to take apart uncemented PVC pipe with wrenches. However, it is nearly impossible to break the seal of cemented PVC pipe. The cement forms a weld between the PVC parts, so that there is no way to dissolve the cement and have the pieces come apart. The solution in this case is to cut the j

CorningWare Facts

CorningWare is an American brand of kitchenware that includes casserole and baking dishes in large variety of shapes, sizes and styles. The simple color schemes and durability of the product make CorningWare a staple in many kitchens. CorningWare sets are popular gift ideas for bridal showers; older

Getting the Right Measurements on Air Conditioners

There are two main types of air conditioners: wall units and central air. We've all experienced both if you've lived in the United States for any extended period of time. Although the wall unit can usually cool a room quickly and often more effectively, a central unit can bring an entire a

How to Wire Two Separate Light Switches on One Circuit

A single circuit in a home can deliver power for several lights and switches. A typical light circuit carries 120 volts of electricity at 15 amps. It uses 14/3 gauge wire and is protected with a 15-amp breaker. Wiring two switches to one feed is done with a parallel circuit. This assures that the po