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Radial Arm Saw Safety Rules

Modern power tools are very safe when used properly. Even with modern safety features, guards and lockouts, following some general safety procedures when using a radial arm saw is a good idea, especially if using one of the many older saws that are still in operation.

Water Sampling Tools

There are many ways to sample water.Chris Sattlberger/Photodisc/Getty ImagesWater sampling equipment helps access and sample groundwater and surface water. Equipment may serve to take an actual sample of the water or to test its depth, rate of flow or volume of flow. Several types of...

Chimpanzee Survival Tools

Chimpanzees are our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. Both the common chimpanzee and the more slender bonobo, both native to equatorial Africa, share most of our genetic makeup and demonstrate similar behavioral tendencies for excitability, ingenuity and, particularly in the case of common ch

How to Connect a Phase-A-Matic Converter to a 3-Phase Motor

If single-phase current is all you have available, a phase converter makes it possible to run three-phase motors. A rotary phase converter generates additional electric current using a three-phase motor. Static phase converters produce similar current electronically. A properly sized rotary converte

What Causes Floods to Happen?

No matter where you live, chances are that you are vulnerable to flooding. A flood is a dangerous and frequent disaster all over the world. Floods happen when water goes places that it shouldn't, putting lives and property at risk. There are many varieties of flood events. Some occur with speed and

My Sword Plant Is Growing Horizontally

The sword plant is an aquatic to partially aquatic plant. It may grow completely underwater or as a riparian specimen. Sword plants are common with aquarium owners because of their rapid growth rate and ease of care. The plants have long, swordlike leaves radiating out from a central growing point.

How to Bend Plywood Without Steaming

If you don't want to use steam to bend plywood, your only other choice is to kerf cut the plywood. Kerf cutting is a fairly straight forward method of bending or creating curves in plywood in which notches or cuts are made in the plywood, allowing the wood to bend. Kerf cutting requires attention to

How to Transplant Machinery

Most machinery is heavy. For example, an engine lathe can weight several thousand pounds and can extend past 15-feet in length. Although not long, CNC lathes, vertical knee mills, presses and other shop equipment can weigh just as much as an engine lathe. Using a forklift to transplant machinery fro

How to Identify Blue Delft

Delftware is classic earthenware produced in Delft in the Netherlands. Each piece is hand painted in blue on the stark white clay. Higher end pieces may be adorned with metallic edging or be finished in tin glazes. Although the most-sought-after pieces were produced prior to 1750, even the inferio

Art Made With Postage Stamp

Artists have used postage stamps in art for many years.Their artwork is widely available, and ideas for creating art from postage stamps may be found on many websites.

Properties of Titanium Carbide

Titanium carbide is similar in many ways to tungsten carbide, and is used either on its own or as part of a composition in the preparation of cermets, to enhance the strength of machining tools. Because of its refractory properties and ability to act as a lubricant, titanium carbide is used in machi

How to Change the Camera Angle in a Spore PC

The Spore PC game allows you to design your own creature and follow it through five different stages of evolution. Changing the camera angle allows you to view your creature from a different perspective. Adjusting the camera is also handy for viewing what else is around you.

Differences Between Autographs and Inscriptions

The value of an autograph can be enhanced or diminished if the item is also inscribed.autograph ball image by Richard Kane from Fotolia.comAutographs and inscriptions may have intrinsic value because of who wrote them or for whom they were written, and both can enhance the value of a...

The Effects of Deforestation in the Northeast U.S.

Deforestation is the conversion of forest to another use, such as farming, resulting in the permanent reduction in tree cover. The Northeast United States has suffered the effects of deforestation due in part to the early colonization and overuse of early western settlers. The effects of deforestat

Simple Directions for a Homemade Hookah

While there are many different designs of hookah, the basic build of one remains the same. You need a base, pipe, hose, bowl and coal tray. You should be able to substitute these parts for items commonly found around your home, or easily obtain the parts at a store. Your homemade hookah may not be t

What Are the Six Kinds of Quarks?

Quarks are among the smallest subatomic particles, the building blocks of larger particles like protons and neutrons. These strange and extremely tiny particles were only theorized about in the 1960s and discovered even later, but the study of quarks is extremely important to the progress of subatom

GPS Aviation Training

Global Positioning System, or GPS, is making its way into aircraft cockpits as an alternative, or even primary, method of navigation. Although not required by the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, pilots are being trained on navigating with GPS.

How to Pick an R/C Brushless Motor

In radio-controlled vehicles, a brushless motor is one that requires far less maintenance than a traditional brushed motor, and also produces less radio interference. This has the advantage of clearer signal reception from the controller. There are many different brushless motors on the market, each

Tests for Gram-Negative Bacterias

Gram-negative bacteria give a negative result on the Gram staining test because they have both an inner and an outer membrane with a thin layer of peptidoglyans in between. Once microbiologists have determined that an isolate is Gram-negative, they can perform various other biochemical tests to nar

Craft Ideas for the Garden

Whether it is meticulously landscaped or wild and carefree, your garden should reflect your personality. You can use color to make your outdoor accessories pop or help them blend into the background. You can make decorative elements that complement the natural beauty of your plants and bring a touch