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Herbrand Vintage Tire Tools

Herbrand tools were used by auto mechanics throughout the 20th century.antique automobile image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comThe Herbrand company was founded in 1881, in Fremont, Ohio, and started out making vehicle springs and suspension systems. The company later developed a number of tools...

How to Wood Turn a Vase

A wood vase is a common project for a wood-turning enthusiast. If you have basic lathe skills and a suitable piece of wood, set aside about four or five hours of time to complete it. Try maple or oak wood; they are harder and cut slower so there is less chance for a big mistake. Pine is soft, so it

How to Clean Old Dirty Beanie Babies

Ty, Inc. introduced Beanie Babies in 1993. Whether your Beanie collection dates back that far or is more recent, there's always a chance these collectible toys are starting to show their age. Because of their sentimental value or their value as a collectible item you probably don't

Instructions on How Build a Balsa Model Plane

Balsa wood model planes are fun to build and fly and serve as an introduction to model making. They can be unpowered, have a propeller driven by an elastic band or, for more advanced model makers, have a petrol engine with fully working control surfaces operated by remote control. Balsa wood is a go

How to Measure to Scale Using an Architectural Ruler

Architects draw their plans to scale, meaning they use a specific measurement, such as 1/2 inch, to represent a larger measurement, such as 1 foot. In order to ensure their plans are accurate, architects use specialized architectural rulers when drawing.

Circuit Breaker Specifications

Circuit breakers are crucial parts of a building's electrical system because they keep the building from burning down in an electrical fire. Basically, electricity flows into a building at high voltages from power lines and out through a neutral line into the ground. In between, the...

Birch vs. Oak for Furniture

Wood furniture comes in a variety of colors and density and is commonly used to make furniture. Oak and birch woods are often used to make bedroom sets, cabinets, desks and dining sets. Each type of wood comes with certain advantages and considerations that need to be thought out before purchasing a

How to Calculate the Ions of Transition Metals

Transition metals are a special class of elements that exist in the "d-block" of the periodic table of elements. Unlike s- and p-block elements, transition metals possess d orbital electrons that provide for an extensive range of oxidation states. For example, iron possesses oxidation states that ra

DIY: Electronic DC Relay

Relays are often used in switch-actuated control circuits. When the switch is turned on, the relay engages and closes the controlled circuit. When the switch is turned off, the relay disengages and opens the circuit. Many relays contain an electromagnet that, when energized, engages the relay. Howev

Why Use a Propane Lantern?

Propane was used before electricity for just about every appliance around the house, including lighting, heating and cooling. A lantern that operates on propane is advantageous when you are outdoors and want some light around your campsite.

How to Make an Antenna Slingshot

Increased radio reception is very often a function of getting the antenna high enough. Mounting the antenna to the top of a tall tree is one option. Instead of putting yourself in danger by climbing to the top of the tree to secure the antenna, building an antenna slingshot will enable you to shoot

How to String Magnetic Beads

Magnetic bead jewelry is popular among both men and women. Many wholesale companies and bead stores carry a supply of magnetic beads in varying strengths for crafting jewelry. Some bead supply shops also offer free or low-cost classes if you are a beginner and wish to learn the basics from an experi

Solar Heating Components

Solar heat is captured by panels and carried using thermal transfer fluids.Solar Panel image by kuhar from Fotolia.comSolar heating is a common use of solar energy, both by homeowners with small systems and by large solar power plants located in hot environments, like the southwestern...

How to Make a Bow & Arrow Out of Cane

Humans have used bows and arrows to hunt for thousands of years. These tools are primarily made of cane wood, such as bamboo, because of its strength and flexibility. Making a bow and arrow is relatively easy since you can buy arrow heads and bowstrings from sports stores. Remember to use extreme ca

How to Make a Simple PH Probe With Chemicals

The pH of any substance is really just a count of the number of hydronium ions (ionized hydrogen atoms) it contains as compared to water. The lower the pH the more hydronium ions are present and the more acidic it is. In general there are three types of acids: weak, strong, and polyprotic. Only t

Classes of Seaweed

Seaweedstones and seaweed image by Xavier MARCHANT from Fotolia.comSeaweed is the term we often use to describe marine algae. Marine algae can most easily be lumped into three different classes: red algae (in the rhylum Rhodophyta), brown algae (phylum Phaeophyta), and green algae (phylum...

How to Install Pinned Hinges in RC Planes

After covering your RC airplane frame, you still need to install the hinges connecting the movable surfaces such as the ailerons or flaps. If using pinned hinges, their installation requires the creation of slots in the two surfaces between the moving parts into which you can slide the hinges. There

Characteristics of Bases & Acids

Acids and bases have mirror properties. They are highly reactive with each other and both conduct electricity. But acids are commonly viewed as more corrosive. For example, the stomach uses hydrochloric acid to break down food while we use bleach--a base--to clean our clothes.

Homemade Model Boat

If you enjoy making models as a hobby, you might want to try to make a homemade model boat. Model boats don't have to be scaled down replicas of actual boats, they can be simpler representations. One way of making your own model boat is to make it out of wood.