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How to Glue a Headband Onto a Wig

If your natural hair is starting to thin or is flatter than you wish, don't resort to wearing just a plain, ordinary wig. Give your wig a boost of style by adding a hairpiece like a headband. Headband wigs can often be expensive when bought from a retailer or when custom made for you. Fortunately, i

How to Use a Metal Saw

Whether you are using square or round stock for making parts, you can use a metal saw to make precise cuts for finished products or to use as raw material for CNC or manual milling. By making sure that the material is held securely, you can make clean cuts without damaging the saw blade. Coolant and

How to Disable LED Lights for a Cordless Drill

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are built into different power tools, including cordless drills. They are generally used, on cordless drills, as battery level indicator lights either on the drill or the battery charger base. If an LED light needs to be replaced, or if the drill owner simply does n

Ideas to Do for a Science Fair

Science fairs are ideal places to demonstrate your knowledge and inform others of what you have learned. With so many branches of science to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to narrow the field and select a project for a science fair. Rather than turn to old standards, like a baking soda a

How to Build a Miniature House

Why not make a miniature house out of papier-mache? You can pretend to be a master builder and build any type of house you like, from a modest suburban house to a replica of the White House! You could even build a miniature version of your own house or create the miniature house of your dreams.

Similarities Between Desert Biomes & Tundra Biomes

The earth's land and water masses are separated into two primary communities: terrestrial and aquatic. Areas within these communities are grouped under eight smaller sections called biomes. The terrestrial biomes include grassland, desert, tundra, tiaga and temperate and tropical forests. The aquati

What Gases Make Up the Air We Breath?

Earth's atmosphere is made up of a layer of gas. It is held in place by gravity, preventing it from flying away into space. The Earth's atmosphere protects life by absorbing UV radiation, holding in heat to warm earth's surface and reducing temperature extremes that can occur between day and night.

How to Make Mukluks With Moose Hide

Mukluks are the variation of the traditional Native American moccasin used by tribes in the extreme north. They were developed over time for use in the extreme cold, arid northern regions of the arctic and sub-arctic. There are versions available that are constructed from modern materials, such as t

About Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouses gases are found in the atmospheres of Earth, Venus, Mars and Titan, making them abundant, but still fairly unique. On Earth, these gases absorb and reflect thermal energy and help to keep the temperature of the planet at a level that enables it to support life as we know it.

How to Sort Scrap Gold Jewelry From Junk

Since gold has always been valued, even scrap gold has substantial value. Jewelry is often made of gold, but while some jewelry has value as scrap, some can have additional value beyond just the metal content. Taking a careful look at the items, armed with some knowledge about collectible jewelry, c

How to Mount a Mosin Nagant Russian 91/30 Rifle Pu Sniper Scope

The Mosin-Nagant rifle, equipped with a 91/30 PU scope, was an exceptionally effective sniper rifle during the Second World War. By mounting a 91/30 PU scope to your rifle you can enjoy the same reliability and accuracy for your hunting or sport shooting needs. Due to the popularity of Mosin-Nagant

How to Carve a Cross Out of a Stick

If you want to get rid of vampires, are religious or just simply want a cross, you can make one out of a stick. Depending on the size of the stick, carve a large or small cross. Crosses are one of the symbols of the Christian religious denominations. From the fifth century, the Greeks carved crosses

Personalized Rubber Stamp Crafts

Part of the fun of rubber stamp crafts is that you have so many options with which to personalize. After deciding what to make, you get to choose the stamp, ink color, paper color, whether to color in the image and whether to add embellishments.

How to Convert TCF to MCF

Natural gas is measured in multiples of cubic feet. Domestic supplies are calculated in thousands of cubic feet. The symbol MCF represents 1,000 cubic feet, where the "M" is the metric indication of 1,000. Larger volumes of gas, such as the quantities produced each year, are measured in TCF, or tril

How to Build a Gravekeeper's Deck

The Gravekeeper's society protects the tomb of the lost emperor in the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game. These powerful monsters possess abilities based around manipulating a player's graveyard and preventing opponents from using their own graveyard effects. Gravekeeper's decks rely largely on summoning

How to Identify Mouse Droppings

Mice enter homes in the fall season to seek shellter and warmth. These tiny rodents reproduce quickly and pose health risks, if proper measures are not followed to eradicate the home of mice. The first sign you may notice is mouse droppings on the countertop when you get up in the morning, particula

How to Build a Play Tent

Draping bedclothes over furniture to make a cozy, private space appeals to children. They can make a fort or play tent all by themselves. A tent offers a sense of accomplishment, triggers the imagination and lets children play hide-and-seek or pretend they are on the frontier. A child also can play

How to Evaluate Coins

Evaluating coins can be a tricky endeavor, which is why many people only trust the task to a professional. Still, there are benefits to learning how to evaluate coins on your own. For one, you may stumble across a questionable find at an auction. Learning how to evaluate quality can give you an adva

Cheapest Way to Make Fairy Dust Necklaces

Fairy dust necklaces are the rage with little girls. A fairy dust necklace features a tiny vial filled with glitter. Plastic flower tubes are an inexpensive substitute for a glass vial. All it takes is a visit to the flower store. The tubes normally cost around 10 cents apiece, and work just as well

RC Car Electric Motors Explained

The original RC cars were model cars fitted with a remote control airplane engine, and those all ran on gasoline. While electric motors weren't the first choice for RC cars, once they were put into use it opened up a number of options (and many of those choices involved what type of electric motor y