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What to Expect From Advanced Hearing Center

Realizing you or a loved one may be experiencing hearing loss is often a very startling and unsettling discovery. Many people see hearing loss as a concrete sign of aging or of the body starting to fail. People become afraid that their lives are going to change forever and worry what others will thi

Tinnitus and the Outer Ear

To understand tinnitus better, what causes it, and what can be done to stop ringing ears, it helps to know something about our hearing and how it works. This first part of a three article series explains the basics of the outer ear, how it functions, what can go wrong to precipitate tinnitus, and wh

Together, But Alone - How Hearing Loss Affects The Elderly

Hearing loss, blindness, pride and, perhaps, a good portion of Scandinavian stoicism had created a communication gap between two people who, after 70 years of marriage, were still together and very much in love, but feeling very much alone. It was painful to watch my parents drift apart.

Stop Tinnitus - 3 Ways You Can Stop Tinnitus Today

With millions of people suffering from Tinnitus these days it is hard to believe that there is no prescribed drug or medication that has been developed that can take care of this. It is for this reason that many people are in search of things they can do right now to begin to eliminate Tinnitus symp

Problems With Ear Tubes

When a child has a build up of fluid in his ears or gets frequent ear infections, many pediatricians recommend the placement of tubes in the ears. For most children tube placement is a well tolerated procedure with no lasting negative side effects. Tubes can cause problems, however, and the pros a c

How to Use Orgone

Orgone is a (currently unmeasurable) bioenergetic force which Wilhelm Reich, an ideologically Freudian psychoanalyst in the 1930s, believed was behind the motivation processes for all observable activity. He associated orgone (energy) with sexuality and creativity. Reich's lifework was strongly focu

Defining Tinnitus Symptoms

Tinnitus is not a disease per se. It is only one of the symptoms of a range of primary causes of diseases like ear infections, presence of foreign objects like dust or wax deposition or insects, nasal allergies preventing fluid drainage leading to deposition of wax in ear, or high and risk prone exp

What Exactly is a Plugged Ear?

Normally this is only a temporary condition which could be the aftermath of a cold or some allergy. You should not need to do anything about it unless it doesn't go away or the symptoms are pain and loss of hearing. If this happens you need to see your doctor. This is all about air pressure, yo

What Is an NRR Rating on Hearing Protection?

In a split-second the blast from a gun can damage your ears and cause permanent hearing loss. In one afternoon, your ears can be damaged from mowing the lawn. You can reduce the chances of losing your hearing by using hearing protection devices. Before you run out to the store, do you

Hearing Loss: Is It Time to Invest in New Ear Gear?

Hearing loss can remain stable for years and then change. The aids you have worn for years may not work as well. This leads to thoughts of buying new ear gear. Should you spend more money on aids or stick with what you have? This article tells how one grandmother made her decision.

How to Explain Hearing Aids to Children

If your child or a student in your class has a hearing aid, you might be wondering how you should address the issue with other children in the class. Devoting a lesson to explain what a hearing aid is and how it works can be helpful for children in accepting the hearing-impaired child.

Tinnitus - Can You Hear That?

Tinnitus treatments range from stress management in the form of counseling and psychological therapies to alternative remedies in the form of herbal preparations, homeopathic medicines, acupuncture, reflexology and relaxation. Of course, there are practical ways in dealing with tinnitus.

What Is Lossy Audio?

Many of the formats used for compressing and distributing digital music online use "lossy" algorithms that permanently remove data from an original audio recording to reduce the size of the resulting file. Lossy compression algorithms made it possible to distribute music online in a time when most p

How Does Your Hearing Work?

Our ears are a complex and extraordinary system that allow us to hear and discern even the slightest of sounds. Learn how our hearing system works and what sort of damage can be done to it that can result in hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Causes Tinnitus Among Other Things

Hearing loss causes tinnitus, being embarrassed along with other frustrating signs or symptoms. The good news is that a lot of ailments can be cured, prevented or improved, including hearing loss. Stay with me to find out exactly how.

Tinnitus: Phantom noise in the ears

Humming, buzzing and ringing - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. About four million Germans suffer from tinnitus, which can make life difficult dramatically. Tinnitus can be a symptom of more serious