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Dangers of Tea Tree Oil

Like other natural essential oils, tea tree oil is a concentrated oil extracted from plants. High-quality tea tree oil generally is a fine item, but many products include tea tree oil of poor quality and some of these oils are actually synthetic. For the most part, cosmetic items such as shampoos an

ELISA Kits for Food & Feed Safety

Human food and animal feed can potentially be contaminated with undesirable biological substances such as toxins, growth promoters or even non-biological chemicals such as melamine. An ELISA (Enzyme-linked Immunoassay) kit can be used to identify the presence of these substances. Due to the nature o

How Many Calories Are in One Pound of Fat?

Anyone who has ever spent an hour on a treadmill at the gym knows just how slowly that digital calorie-counter adds up. If you've ever busted your rear working out at the gym only to see the counter reflect about 300 to 500 calories, you may have wondered just how big of an impact that amount really

Mites in Windowsills

You may look on your windowsills and find mites, which can come indoors through gaps in windowsills, underneath doors or through air vents. Two species of mites are often found indoors: clover mites and tropical fowl mites. Infestations of mites are usually primarily a nuisance, but some species of

How to Change Sea Water to Drinking Water

The simplest and least expensive way to convert sea water into drinking water is to distill it.Distillation involves heating seawater in an enclosed vessel and directing the water vapor through a condensing line, capturing the resulting pure water and leaving the salt behind.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy

Also known as Flashlamp therapy, IPL or Intense Pulsed Light therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses the emission of a broad light spectrum through intense pulses to improve the appearance of skin. Applying different IPL machine settings, the procedure can treat skin problems including vascula

Difference Between Yellow & Green Split Peas

Split peas are a dried, split version of the field pea, which is classified as a legume, as distinguished from the fresh garden pea, which is classified as a vegetable. Field peas come in yellow and green varieties.

How Is Food Poisoning Caused by Streptococcus?

StreptococcusIf you suffer from food poisoning, something you've eaten has been contaminated by a pathogen, such as a virus, bacteria or parasite. Often referred to as food-borne illnesses, salmonella, staphylococcus and E. coli are three of the most common culprits. But you also can...

How to Improve Posture With a Brace

Proper posture prevents back pain and injury. Proper alignment also helps with balance and improves your appearance. As you age, your core and spinal muscles may weaken and you may have more difficulty maintaining proper posture. If you have difficulty maintaining your posture on your own, a posture

About Having Chlamydia During Pregnancy

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that can affect men and women. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, an estimated 2.8 million people contract chlamydia each year, but because symptoms do not always manifest, an estimated one-third of cases in women goes un

Does a Credit Check by an Employer Affect the FICO?

An interview is just one step in getting the job. Many employers ask for permission to do a credit check before they hire you. Jobs in finance or that deal directly with money are more likely to require credit checks before you are hired. Some companies may also run a criminal background check befor

Acai Capsules Vs. Juice

The acai extract found in various juices and supplements comes from a berry that grows in the Amazon region. it has become extremely popular as of late due to its considerable antioxidant properties (antioxidants fight and destroy free radicals in the body). Acai berry extract is found in juice, j

Magnetic Therapy for Cancer

Patients with cancer can use many alternative and complementary therapies for the treatment of their disease. One of the most common complementary therapies for cancer patients is magnetic therapy. This approach involves using static or constant magnets placed in specific areas of the body to change

Does Kansas Require a Written Informed Consent for Immunizations?

Informed consent is a legal phrase used in a variety of situations. One common use is in medicine, requiring doctors to advise patients on the risks involved with drugs and procedures. The requirements vary from state to state. In some states a verbal consent is sufficient, while others require a si

Acai Capsules Side Effects

This article explores whether or not acai capsules are free of side effects and what they might be if there are any. To many health-conscious consumers and nutrition and medical professionals, acai capsules are so beneficial that they negate any side effects that might occur.

How to Walk With a Walking Boot

A walking boot is a flexible alternative to a fixed cast for certain foot, ankle and lower leg injuries. These lightweight and removable boots offer support for ankle sprains and some stable fractures. People prefer walking boots to casts because unlike casts, the boot can be removed for bathing and

How to Put Essential Oils in Crane Humidifiers

Having a humidifier in your house is a good idea if any household members suffer from nasal congestion, dry skin, dry nose or an itchy throat. Humidifiers put moisture back into the air. Crane makes many humidifiers and has a whole line devoted to children. Children are less afraid to use the humidi