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I love to feed!

More than 90% of mothers choose to breastfeed her child. Unfortunately, the nursing period is too short and often, immediately, integrated with the infant formulae. Even after the sixth month of life, less than 50% ...

Fun Activities For Toddlers That Improve Their Development

Children's daily activities are integral to their learning process.Children learn through play and trying things out.Knowing how you can help your child have good educational learning experiences can be very beneficial to your child.You should always keep in mind the fun first, then what they m

Planning Out Upcoming Baby Showers

When it comes to someone you know having a new baby in their lives, there is a lot that they are going to have on their plate. However, there are a few different things that you can do to help them along, and one of these is throwing baby showers.

Acronym Index - O

Looking for information on your child's diagnosis? Start with our alphabetical index of acronyms to find definitions and resources.

Growing Good People

Beginning in the womb, humans are imprinted with important environmental signals that influence development.Although the majority of human mental potential is lost in the early years of development, what remains can escape modern perversions and be nurtured toward good.

Four Ways For Mums To Save With Online Baby Competitions

Learn how mums to be can win free stuff and save money with online contests. Mums to be know just how expensive preparing for a new baby is. Expenses tend to add up to a lot more than expected. Online contests for mums to be and newborns may be a fun way to get free stuff and save money preparing fo

How Does Moving to Another Country Affect Children?

Moving to another country is a challenging process that is faced by increasing numbers of expatriates, including children. It is often said that children are resilient, learn new languages easily and adjust to changes in their environment more easily than adults. Sometimes this is true, but there ar

Victorian Baby Names

The Victorian baby names are names at Victorian England during the 18th century. Particularly, the baby names are from the 1840 to 1890. Actually, the time period was named after Queen Victoria (1837 - 1901). The baby names gain in popularity for its touch of adventure, romance, and classical.

Zion National Park: Five tips for hiking with children

Want to enjoy a fun hiking adventure with your children this spring or summer? Zion National Park near Springdale Utah is the odds on favorite destination. Children will enjoy the varied topography in

Fun Summer Activities for Kids in Austin, Texas

The city of Austin, Texas offers kids lots of fun activities during the summer.children playing image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comThe city of Austin, Texas, offers a wealth of fun activities for children to enjoy during the hot summer months. Whether you live in Austin, or are visiting the...

How to Change a Crib Into a Daybed

New parents save themselves money when they purchase a crib they can later turn into a toddler daybed. All this simple project includes is the removal of the front crib panel, which you can choose to replace with a small supplied sidebar to help prevent the toddler from falling out of bed. These bed

Breastfeeding After A C-Section: 6 Tips For Success

Breastfeeding after a cesarean section can be challenging. Pain, medication and time away from your baby can interfere with getting started and establishing your milk supply. If you are prepared and committed, you can overcome the challenges and successfully breastfeed.

Infant Mortality: U.S. Ranks 29th

The U.S. ranks 29th worldwide in infant mortality -- tying Slovakia and Poland but lagging behind Cuba. Ranked 1, 2, 3: Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan.

How Is Eye Color Passed Down From Parent to Offspring?

Two blue-eyed parents might dream of a brown-eyed girl, but they might also be left wondering if it is possible. Understanding genetic inheritance can help parents-to-be get a better idea of a future child's possible eye color. In some cases, parents might also be concerned because conditions that a