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Ozone Action: Are Kids Safe Outside?

Parents and child care providers, take heed! Are you monitoring your area's air quality and do you know what to do--and what not to do--in the event of unhealthy air conditions? Child care providers should be especially aware of ozone alert days. Certain levels dictate that young children and t

How to Change Behavior & Attitude

Behavior and attitude are not the same thing, but they are related to each other in important ways. Your attitude is an inner thought or belief you hold about the world around you. Attitudes can be positive, negative, or neutral regarding people, places and things. Behavior is the physical manifesta

5 Tips to Hosting a Family-Friendly Easter Brunch

What could be more fun than Easter for kids? It’s a holiday full of hope and love—not to mention candy. If you’re throwing an Easter party for friends and family this year, these ideas will help you host an event that’s memorable and meaningful.

The Importance of Baby Photos

Baby photos are absolutely precious. They have been made to make parents and grandparents alike extremely happy. There are so many great baby photo sites on the Internet, which you can see and discuss in a forum, that one may even start to wonder why are they so popular among all kinds of people?

Hosting a Baby Shower 101

Hosting a baby shower and need some tips? Simple tips to help you in planning the perfect shower.

How many Advantages of summer Nanny

Hiring a nanny summer has many advantages, especially for families with both parents and full-time jobs. During the school year, and day care or babysitters after school is the easy solution for a few

Top Benefits of Baby Plush Toys

Your baby is a sensitive individual who depends on you for almost everything that he needs in order to survive. There are a lot of things that you must give to your baby like food, warmth and comfort. You can also give him entertaining and safe toys like plush toys.

How to Wrap a Baby for Sleep

Often newborn babies have trouble settling down to sleep. One method that can help babies calm and sleep is to wrap them. Wrapping a baby helps him feel protected and secure. Wrapping may also help to calm her because it reminds her of the snug surroundings she experienced in the womb. Follow your b

Options and Priorities Before Selecting a Child Care Provider

There are many decisions that come into play when it comes to selecting an appropriate child care provider for your family. This article takes a look at the many options that are out there, and how to set your priorities when selecting a provider.

Top 4 Organic Baby Care Gift Sets

Whether you're looking for the perfect baby gift for an eco-friendly family or looking for a little something for your own baby, these organic baby care gift sets promise to get any baby's beauty regimen off to a natural start.

The Best Baby Outfits

Preparing for a new baby can be confusing and stressful. Choosing appropriate outfits need not be difficult, though. Because babies sometimes go through multiple outfits a day, look for borrowed or inexpensive outfits for everyday wear. Stock up on larger sizes, as babies grow quickly and enjoy choo

How to Respond to Your Baby's Cries

Crying is a normal, natural part of the human experience, which also extends to babies. Young babies cry a lot and can be hard for parents to listen to. As your baby gets older, you'll be able to "read" his cries and figure out what he needs. Until that time, think of it as his way of communicatin

Teach Your Baby Math - How to Make it Fun!

The easiest way to teach your baby math is by making it fun. If you think about it, whenever kids are doing anything that is fun that is when they are learning the most so we must ensure that we keep it fun. How do you teach and have fun at the same time? Below, are some tips that will help you so c