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Review Pasta Maker: Marcato Pasta Makers

If you like to do things in the old school way, then the Marcato pasta makers may be the right tool for you. Many people simply adore the taste and the texture of homemade fresh pasta - there's just nothing like it! There are so many different ways to go about making fresh pasta, and plenty of

Virgin Coconut Oil Health Benefits - What You Should Know

Some years ago, coconut oil used to receive flak. It was the culprit behind high blood pressure, heart diseases and other cardiovascular problems. Because commercial coconut oils are refined, bleached or deodorized, it has already ...

Using Custom Printed Dinnerware to Boost a Restaurant's Atmosphere

When you visit most hotels, you will find that they have custom printed dinnerware that has their name and the logo of the restaurant. Such dinnerware always adds a special touch to the restaurants atmosphere thus making the restaurant look even more competitive. When diners come to the restaurant,

Do Jalapeno Peppers Like Acidic or Alkaline Soil?

With their crunchy flesh that is full of heat, gardeners who like a bit of spice in their life make room in their garden for jalapeno peppers. Because their fruits are smaller, jalapenos don't take as long to develop. This makes them a good choice for Northern gardeners whose growing season isn't lo

Decadent Dessert - White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

Everyone loves cookies. They are small, portable, and sweet. White chocolate and raspberries seem to be made for each other. Why not combine them all and make white chocolate raspberry cookies? It may sound decadent, but you only live once, right? Close your eyes and imagine... the first bite.

The Restaurant's Service System

A main issue that must be addressed before deciding on a kitchen design is the way in which foods will be delivered to guests. This is recognized as the service system. A large operation, such as a hotel, can have more than 1 service program at work simultaneously: elegant tableside service, room su

How to Turn a Grape Into a Raisin

Seedless grapes make the best raisins since they are soft and tender with no hard seeds inside. Green grapes make lighter-colored raisins, while purple and black grape varieties make the traditional dark-colored ones. Raisins are typically made by sun-drying grapes outdoors. Grapes dry best in areas

Are You in the Mood For Mexican Cuisine?

Having a fiesta with Mexican food would be great for a get-together with friends or family. A fiesta is a party or celebration that has plenty of foods, drinks, dancing, and games.

Easy Beef Vegetable Stew and Corn Bread

This is the best beef stew I've ever eaten. It is easy to make and really warms you up on a cold winter day. Serve it with hot, buttered, sweet corn bread.

Popcorn Machines Bring the Movies to Your House

Everyone loves getting snacks at the movies. The sodas that seem to be bottomless and the candy are just some of the snacks that line the snack bar. However, the snack that everyone associates with watching a movie is popcorn. Buttered, salted or plain - they enjoy munching on the delicious popped c

Where Should You Purchase Whole Coffee Beans?

Whole coffee beans can be bought just about anywhere. You can find it your local supermarket or even have it shipped from another country if you have specific preferences. The point of knowing where these ...

A Week of Family Recipes

5 days of cheap and easy family meals. Why make two different meals, when you and the kids can all sit down together and enjoy the same delicious dinner.

The Best Spicy Mexican Food Recipes

Mexican food is not all spicy - that is a common misconception about the cuisine. There are non-spicy Mexican soup recipes, Mexican salad recipes, Mexican dip recipes and plenty more. However, Mexicans do like to use chili in their recipes and sometimes it is fun to make spicy Mexican recipes.

Colonial Spices

Spices were imported to embellish Colonial cooking and were considered a delicacy to be purchased and used. Spices were a big market in the world economy while colonies were being established in America, and many colonists chose to import popular spices so they could enjoy flavors from across the wo

The Ikon Breville Kettle - An Electric Kettle With a Difference

The SK500XL Breville Kettle, referred to as the Ikon, is a fast-boiling kettle that is designed to boil water quickly and efficiently. There are no plastic components. So, there is no risk of plastic smell or taste getting imparted to the boiling water.

Video: Serving Hungarian Pancakes

Video Transcript I'm showing how to fill the pancake with the ready nut cream. This cream is flavored with rum and raisin and it is based slightly sweet. We fold the pancakes into halves twice. And we put them on the plate. We serve it in the following way: we pour on top of it...

Wild Alaskan Seafood Recipes, Part 4

Right now up in Alaska, the icy pure waters are giving us a wonderful bounty of Spot Shrimp. These are some of the biggest and best tasting shrimp in all the world. With their sweet, firm meat their taste is unparalleled to any farmed variety out there. In the latest installment of the Alaskan Seafo

Are Energy Drinks Healthy?

Do energy drinks really work? If you're wondering what an energy drink is then this article will give help you understand if this is a product you would like to use.

How to Store Quail Eggs

Eggs can be used in many different kinds of cooking and baking. When storing eggs, you must meet certain specifications to make sure that the eggs remain undamaged and safe from the infestation of bacteria. In addition, because of the variety of eggs that exist, you should be aware of any special co