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Treating Human Bite Wounds

Management of human bites can be challenging, given the high risk of infection associated with multiorganism-rich oral flora.

Cochlear Implant Surgery Complications

Cochlear implantation has long been a surgical method to help patients with intense to profound hearing loss experience improved hearing. A cochlear implant is an electronic device designed to facilitate hearing. The implant uses both microphones and receivers, combined with electrical devices to tr

Emergency Nursing Information

Emergency nursing is unique among all nursing specialties. Unlike other nursing specialties, emergency nursing is not limited to specific body systems, diseases, age groups or populations. With their special blend of general and specific health care knowledge, emergency nurses rapidly assess and tre

Emergency Kit Guidelines

Every family should have a kit for emergencies. The items can be stored in a medium to large plastic storage bin with a cover. Each family will have different items in their emergency kit, based on the needs of the family. Some families use two or three bins for an emergency kit, plus a case of bott

How to Use Aconitum Napellus

Aconitum napellus is a subspecies of the aconite, a perennial plant that grows in mountainous regions of Europe and Central Asia. Also referred to as monk's hood, it is used homeopathically to treat symptoms of intense anxiety and fear, eye and ear infections, cold symptoms, arthritic and rheumatic

Novel Electronic Refreshers for CPR

This study evaluates the efficiency of three novel electronic CPR refreshers. Are they superior to traditional methods?

Analgesic Effect of Pain Medications

Dr. Sergey Motov explores the ceiling effects of analgesics commonly used in the ED: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and opioids.

What to Do for a Minor Fender Bender

Even a minor fender bender can cause serious damage to the cars involved or result in injuries to passengers. If you happen to be involved in a fender bender, there are a few things you should do to make sure that everyone is safe and that you are in compliance with all local laws.

First Aid and Emergencies

Learn basic first aid information and treatment procedures and instruction, first aid kits, and more.

How to Make Scrub Skull Caps

Do-rags have been around for many years. Early Americans tied bandanas on their heads for protection. Do-rags gained widespread acceptance as fashion statements during the era of World War II and "Rosie the Riveter." Today do-rags have evolved into scrub skull caps and have regained popularity among