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Pre-Diabetes Can Be Turned Into No Diabetes by Following These Tips!

Just about everyone who has type 2 diabetes at one time was in a condition known as pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is the time in-between not having type 2 diabetes and being diagnosed with it. It means that you are starting to have some of the symptoms of diabetes but the disease is not yet full-blown.

What Causes Foot Pain in the Sufferer From Diabetes?

Foot pain in diabetics is most commonly caused by a condition called peripheral neuropathy, in which the nerves in the limbs are affected, thereby impeding normal communication between the affected area and the brain. There are three types of peripheral neuropathy: sensory, motor and autonomic. Out

Free Food Exchange Lists for Diabetes

When you have diabetes, you may use the exchange system for meal planning. Most food exchanges have 80 calories, 15 grams of carbohydrate and/or 3 grams of protein. But, did you know that there is also a

Accu-Check Aviva Glucometer - New for Diabetes Testing

Now you can help make every test strip count as you can test right the very first time. The wide-mouth strip quickly sucks on the tiny blood drop, helping 97% of diabetes fill the strip on the very first try. Since you only need a small drop of blood, you won't have to keep retesting.

Diabetic Gift Baskets - Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Holidays are known to be times of indulgence with glorious foods and sumptuous treats that most people would not consume at other times of the year. For the diabetic who has to practice a lot of restraint, holidays may seem to be a form of punishment as they would have to deprive themselves of delec

Type 2 Diabetes - Depression: Beat the Blues With These Tips

Depression can hit anyone at any stage in their life; there can be experiences that lead us to feeling down and out. You certainly don't have to be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to experience a state of depression. It can seem like a never-ending cycle when you are experiencing the depths of d

Is Gestational Diabetes Related to Type 2 Diabetes?

Most expectant women look forward to pregnancy as a time filled with joy and wonder. Many are excited about spending time on fun activities like shopping for cute baby's clothes, decorating the baby's room or simply awaiting their baby's first kicks. However, for an increasing number

Factors Contributing to Blood Sugar Normal Readings

Glucose is a broken down by-product of carbohydrates, and is an important substance in maintaining constant and stable body functioning. When absorbed from the bloodstream to each body cells, glucose will then be converted and used by the cells as energy through metabolism. This is basically what ke

Type 1 Diabetes

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of type 1 diabetes, including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Como Curar La Diabetes De Forma Natural Y Sin Medicamentos

Es algo triste ver que el azúcar en la sangre es una enfermedad potencialmente mortal que está en rápido crecimiento. Hoy en día la diabetes es una enfermedad muy común que parece afectar incluso a personas de edades de 30 y 40 años

Type 2 Diabetes - Breastfeeding After Having Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is the type of diabetes associated with pregnancy and the form of diabetes doctors test the pregnant mother for at around four months. Mothers who have this form of diabetes and their children are at risk for Type 2 diabetes as well as several birth defects, so it is important t

Type Two Diabetes: A Few Tips

Type two diabetes is non-insulin dependent diabetes. If you believe you're at risk for diabetes, then you may have to visit the doctor for confirmation. Lifestyle diabetes is often known as type 2 diabetes, as it is commonly known and is often associated with obesity; high blood pressure and a

Type 2 Diabetes - Not Losing Weight?

Maintaining a stable and healthy body weight by eating nutritious and lower calorie foods is an effective way to lose and manage weight. It is also the main tool for the prevention of diabetes and diabetes management. Actually, many people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have found they no longer nee

Low Carb List For Type 2 Diabetes

Having a low carb list that is beneficial for type 2 diabetes will allow you to achieve optimum health easily. Carbohydrates alongside water are the most widely consumed substance in the world. Carbohydrate is the most important source for your energy requirements that is found in plants, some of th