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How to Soften Beard Stubble

Sharp, irritating stubble has been a daily curse for many men, and just as often for the women who love them. Outside of electrolysis, however, stubble can hardly be avoided--but its impact can be softened. Read on to learn how to soften beard stubble.

Starbury Crossover LE

Part of Stephon Marbury's Starbury Shoes line, the Crossover LE is available in two color combinations in U.S. women's sizes 6 – 10. Retail Price $14.98.

How to Make Shaving Cream

Quick and easy steps to make your own effective shaving cream right at home. You only need two all natural ingredients to use time and time again.

It's So Dry! 8 Steps To Eliminating Dryness in Natural Hair

The dreaded "d"'s on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and YouTube. If you're rocking natural hair, I bet you said and seen the "d" word more now than ever in your entire life. What's the "d" word...dryness! If you have been struggling with dry hair as

Types of Barber Fades

The fade is worn by men of all races, though most commonly viewed as a popular African-American hairstyle. One of the most basic haircuts available in most barbershops, it is worn by men of all ages. It comes in a few different styles, but the general appearance of any fade is that the hair starts o

Is it Necessay to Dry Your Hands After Washing?

Washing your hands removes dirt and germs from contact with various surfaces. "Drying your hands properly is as important as washing them," according to The Better Health Channel. Keep your hands completely dry to maintain cleanliness.

Thin Hair After Removal of Hair Extensions

Another great question received by the Editor at Hair Resources.Hair extensions are not a one size fits all and can cause damage and thinning to your natural hair after removal.Read inquiry from a consumer who has thinner hair after hair extensions.

How to Sterilize Nose Studs

Nose studs and other body jewelry must be carefully cleaned or you risk infection by wearing them. Germs exist almost everywhere, including on the skin. If these germs are introduced to the body via a piercing, the resulting infection can be very painful or, in some cases, dangerous. Taking proper c

All About Facial Skin Care

Get skin care tips to care for your face. Explaining the 4 basic steps of cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing.

Make-Up - You Are Not Your Eyelashes!

One of the things I find when I make-up different women, particularly amongst those of us that love make-up and have been applying it for as long as possible is that quite often one can have a fixation on one part of our face making that part of the face look stronger than all the rest. Fair enough

How to Hang a Jersey in a Frame

Sports jerseys are popular pieces of memorabilia that can be used to decorate a room with a sports theme. Hanging a sports jersey in a frame is one way to preserve the jersey while still enjoying the look of it and showing off your team spirit. Sports jerseys can be very expensive and have high sent

Choices for Round Faces Hairstyles

Hairstyle is an important factor in making someone looks attractive or beautiful. Most people or men don't realize it, but hairstyles have an incredible effect for someone's appearance.

How to Use Ozone Therapy to Promote Weight Loss

Some say that ozone therapy helps you lose weight by breaking down your body fat. According to recent research, hyperthermic or transdermal ozone therapy has a powerful oxygenating effect on your body. Some spas use pod-like machines to get oxygen into your body, through your skin. Follow these step

How to Make a Victorian Hat for a Summer Wedding

Victorian hats are one type of accessory for elegant ladies heading to summer weddings. These types of beautiful head-toppers originated in the 19th century. If you are planning a summer wedding, a Victorian hat is an excellent accessory for the ceremony. Although you can purchase a hat, you can als