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How Do I Use Scruples Blazing Hair Color?

The Scruples Blazing Highlighting and Color System is used by professionals at salons to create dramatic highlights and vibrant color without using the high-level lifting developers that damage hair. You don't have to be an expert hairdresser to use Scruples, though. With patience and attention to t

How to Style Shoulder-length Hair With Long Layers

Adding long layers to your shoulder-length hair will give your hair more bounce by taking away a small amount of weight. Short layers tend to be very trendy and give hair a choppy look. Long layers give your hair more bounce and make it look more voluminous. There are many ways to style shoulder-len

How to Make Natural Face Creams

The cosmetics and beauty market is saturated with creams, lotions, serums and gels--all claiming to be able to make you look younger and more beautiful. Before the rise of retail, Mother Nature had a pretty good handle on the beauty business, filling her fields and forests with everything you need f

What Are the Dangers of Henna Tattoos?

While henna tattoos that have been purchased in the United States are safe for most people to use, there are some exceptions to this rule. There are greater risks when these temporary skin-staining techniques have been applied abroad, as they do not have the required ingredient declaration on the la

How to Regrow Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows can become singed or the victim of a bad makeover attempt. While eyebrows will grow back on their own, there are ways to expedite the growing process and even influence where they grow. The application of certain, easily obtainable ingredients will aid the re-growing process. You can use th

Instructions for Colgate Simply White Night

Colgate Simply White Night is a paint-on whitening product that is left on overnight. After using the product, you should see a significant improvement in the overall whiteness of your teeth. Colgate Simply White Night is safe, easy-to-use and relatively inexpensive when compared with other whitenin

What Vegetables Are Good for Hair Growth?

Healthy hair, like a healthy body, is a function of good nutrition. A well-balanced diet featuring vegetables and whole grains can significantly improve the health of your hair in the long term.

Natural Remedies For Your Dandruff Problem

Dandruff is extremely annoying and it can often be really itchy too! It generally involves the shedding of dead skin cells on the scalp which usually is unnoticeable, but with dandruff the problem is noticeable.

DIY Booster Amplifiers

A Wi-Fi antenna captures a radio-frequency signal from the airwaves and translates it into data a computer can understand. You can amplify the antenna's signal strength by adding a booster assembly to it. You will need supplies from a home and garden shop and a hobby store, as well as tools that are

Get The Look

Six steps for achieving Sofia Vergara's Golden Globes red carpet look.

Tips on Choosing the Right Color Dress

If you are shopping for the perfect dress, you will want to choose a color that flatters your skin tone, hair color and eye color. A dress in the right color will make you look and feel vibrant, and can accentuate your best features. The right color dress can make you look slimmer, brighten your fac

How to Make Up Your Eyes With Rhinestones for Body Art

If you want to glam up your look, adding rhinestone body art to your eyes is an effective way to draw attention to your face and make your skin sparkle. Rhinestones placed strategically around the eyes will make them sparkle from the front and sides. Since rhinestones come in various shades, you can

How to Clean Rubber Shoes

Like leather shoes, rubber shoes require their own special cleaning technique. Rubber shoes, like sneakers, gardening clogs and galoshes can collect street dirt and grime just like other shoes. There is a simple cleaning procedure that will not only keep your rubber shoes looking shiny and new, it w

1970s Clothing Fads

Although one would think that '70s fashion was all about the disco look, there were many other clothing fads during this period. The '70s continued what the '60s made fashionable, such as the hippie look, miniskirts and bell bottoms. Films such as "Saturday Night Fever" and various bands and singers

How to Highlight Curly Hair at Home

Highlighting hair at home is an ideal way to get the stylish and trendy look of highlights without shelling out big bucks for a professional styling job. Working with curly hair can make the process a bit tricky, as the curls must be separated from the rest of the hair to get the detailing typical o

Best Non Surgical Facelift Method

Non surgical face lifting are getting to be progressively more widespread as more public quest for the most desirable method to appearing younger.