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Am I Ready to Quit Smoking?

Most people often ask themselves the question 'Am I ready to quit smoking'? Quitting smoking basically is a decision to make. So the minute you decide you want to quit smoking then you should know that you are ready to quit. Maybe you have tried before and have not succeeded.

Drug Addiction Affects Health

The abuse of drugs such as marijuana, alcohol and ectasy is a big deal in the country and many teens are becoming ill. It is growing and growing and growing. this is just a quick look at what is happening

Stop Smoking: The Benefits

To stop smoking benefits your life in various ways. The health benefits of stopping are the main advantage, but stopping also benefits your confidence and your pocket too!

How to Spot Crystal Meth Abuse in Teenagers

Crystal meth abuse used to be concentrated in women, usually in their late 20s or older because the drug purportedly triggers weight loss. Today, though, younger individuals are also abusing the stree

Addiction Treatment And Family

Addiction treatment is best handled with the support of family. Dealing with a loved one who is suffering from an addiction is never easy, but it is necessary. Everyone tends to focus on ensuring the ...

Finding the Motivation to Quit Smoking For Good

Not everyone wants to quit smoking. That being said, it stands to reason then when a person finally decides that they DO want to quit smoking, there is something motivating them to do so.

Are New Bodybuilding Drugs Safe For Bodybuilders?

What makes the new bodybuilding drug, HGH, different from steroids is that, unlike steroids, it helps you to gain muscles slowly, over time. Steroids are designed for fast muscle growth, but they are much more dangerous.

Approaches to Stop Smoking - Part 2

Nicotine Replacement Therapy or NRT is possibly the most heavily advertized of all the Stop Smoking Approaches. While it can be of help for those who want to quit cigarettes there are strong indicators that it is far from the best way to stop smoking. In this article, Part 2 of a series for those wh

Smoking the Nasty Habit

Working to quit smoking is one of the hardest things that many people ever do in their life. The reasons that it is so difficult typically vary. The one reason that is most often cited ...

Community Violence and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) happens as the result of a traumatic event. On July 20, 2012, during the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises, a gunman entered a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado a