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Damaged Hair - A Common Finding in Hair Loss

Individuals who have moderate to severely damaged hair are predisposed to hair loss and hair breakage. It is very important to nourish and treat the hair as soon as the signs of damage are beginning to show. Hair dryness, brittleness, tangled and unmanageable hair are some of the most common finding

How to Grow Hair Faster and Healthier

Hair-growth quality is affected by multiple factors including: diet, exercise, supplements, and genetics. In this article, we will discuss the factors that are within our control- diet, exercise, and supplements- but first, I will address post-growth hair treatments.

How to Make Your Hair Ungreasy Without Washing

Daily washing strips your hair of beneficial sebum oil and can be damaging. Sebaceous glands produce more oil to compensate for the oil that is stripped during washing, sometimes resulting in excessively oily hair. According to Procter & Gamble, Americans shampoo their hair an average of 4.59 times

Hair Transplant: What to Expect Before and After

Hair Transplant Delhi is one of the safest and most reliable ways of restoring the glory of your balding pate. Performed by experienced technicians and doctors at several hair care clinics, the proced

Why Choose An Organic Hair Growth Shampoo?

Hair loss is probably one of the biggest lifestyle problems plaguing both men and women all around the world. There can be several factors that trigger the hair loss. Some of them include improper and unhealthy diet, erratic work hours, medication, heredity, pollution, stress and sleep disorders.

Is Saw Palmetto Used for Male Pattern Baldness?

Many nowadays prefer a natural hair loss remedy rather than treat their hair loss with drugs and medication. If you are looking for a natural hair loss remedy for male pattern baldness, you can try saw palmetto.

Follicle Boosting Serum: The Perfect Hair Retreat For Mother' s Day

This Mother's Day can become special for your mom, provided you make the right choice of gift. Look around you. The hair care world is no longer marked with a few shampoo washes and conditioning once in a while. It has turned into a hair spa at every wash. You no longer shampoo hair, but pamper

Stop Hair Shedding and Hair Loss

Last time more people notice hair falling out, thinning, or appearing in large amounts on their comb or brush. In this case you need care about your hair more carefully. Here you can find some ...

What Causes Spot Baldness?

Losing hair can be a very dramatic and troubling experience for anyone. Particularly, spot baldness, or alopecia areata, is very disruptive as it occurs just about anywhere on the head. Many wonder what the cause or causes are for spot baldness and if they can do anything to keep it from happening.

Procedures and Techniques For Restoring Hair Loss

Throughout the years there have been many alleged treatments available for people suffering from hair loss but here we are aiming to focus solely on surgical procedures which are currently in use.There are various techniques currently employed for surgical hair loss restoration and it is not uncommo

How To Oil Your Hair When You Are In The Sun And When You Get Back Home

Do you, like I do, love having a dynamite time in the sun? Do you love going to the beach too? And when you are having a fun time in the sun, do you apply sunscreen to protect yourself from the heat and burn of the sun's rays? Do you also think about 'shielding' your crowning glory?

Hair Restoration Procedure: What You Should Know?

Hair Restoration is one of the most effective ways to deal with hair loss. A procedure commonly known by the name of hair transplantation, this is an effective means that provides long lasting results. Despite ...