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Lawyer in Dallas

Most important let's discuss the particular scandal which includes rocked the nation that deals with the particular disability lawyer in Dallas Texas.

Harassment Laws in Kansas

workplace image by Andrey Kiselev from Fotolia.comKansas has strict laws that protect citizens against harassment and stalking, as well as laws that safeguard employees from hostile work environments. These laws were overhauled in 1992 to reflect changes in technology and are frequently...

Missouri State Driving Laws

Nationwide driving laws are generally the same. However, each state may also have their own variations of traffic laws. Missouri is no different and the state has enacted several new laws within the past few years. Missouri's governor on July 9, 2009, signed several laws specifically aimed at youth

California Laws About Trespassing

Post signs to ensure trespassing laws are trespassing sign image by Aaron Kohr from Fotolia.comIn essence, California law defines trespassing as the act of entering someone's property without permission, with the intention to cause damage or steal, or to interfere with...

What Are the Restrictions for a Notary Public in Arkansas?

Notaries public serve as unbiased witnesses to a person's identity when taking an oath, taking depositions in a court of law or signing a legally binding document. A notary public's primary duty is to make certain someone is whom she says she is and is not acting under someone else's identity or an

Work Laws in the State of Kansas

Kansas guarantees a minimum wage for its! image by Gleb Semenjuk from Fotolia.comWork laws in the state of Kansas help protect workers from unfairly low wages, unsafe working conditions and violations of privacy. They also provide stricter work regulations for minors than for...

Benefits of Hiring A Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorneys come to the defense of people accused of crimes such as felony, homicide, and the like. They could be privately retained or could be public defenders appointed by the government to protect ...

California Child Support Information

The California Department of Child Support Services works with parents and guardians to enable children to receive all appropriate court-ordered financial and medical assistance. DCSS works with 52 Local Child Support Agencies across California, which provide child support services to children and f

Maryland State DOT Trucking Weight Regulations

Maryland enforces several regulations for commercial motor vehicles.line of trucks 1 image by Aaron Kohr from Fotolia.comIn its efforts to ensure that the highways and byways within its jurisdiction are as safe as possible, the Maryland legislature has charged the Maryland Department of...

How to Find Out if My CA License is Suspended

California's courts and the Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend a license to drive for a variety of reasons. California law gives holders of California driver's licenses the right to notice and a hearing if the state intends to suspend the license. However, if the DMV does not have the license

OSHA Guidelines for Toeboards

OSHA guidelines for toeboards tell employers to make sure tall scaffolding has toeboards.scaffold image by AGITA LEIMANE from Fotolia.comToeboards help prevent people from slipping and falling into holes or off of raised surfaces by creating a raised edge that prevents workers from...

The Federal Law on the Registration of Rifles

The National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 is a federal law governing taxation and registration requirements on rifles and other firearms. Records are maintained by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

Bill of Sale - What Should be Included?

If you are buying goods (or assets) from a seller (sometimes called a vendor), it is a good idea to request from the seller a document called a 'bill of sale'. This article discuss what terms to inclu

Guidelines for Height on Mailboxes

Guidelines for the height of your mailbox are set by the United States Postal Service. The intention is twofold. First, guidelines take into account the safety and welfare of the mail carrier. Mailboxes that are too low or too tall may force him to leave his vehicles, which can be dangerous. Second,

What Are the Laws for Licensure of Health Care Providers in New York?

There are certain requirements that healthcare providers must show proof of in order to practice in New York concept image by drx from Fotolia.comHealthcare providers diagnose, treat, operate and prescribe medication to sick patients. In order to legally provide these...

The Montana Law Governing Fitness Centers

In Montana, a university fitness center is not allowed to charge a monthly fee to the general public if a for-profit fitness center is offering similar services in the same community, pursuant to Montana Code Section 20-25-332. However, there are various exceptions to this rule.