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How to Waive Paternal Rights in Texas

The Texas code outlines the procedure for voluntarily terminating paternal rights. A court hearing will be required in order for the judge to determine whether the voluntary waiver of paternal rights is in the child's best interests. Your rights as a father are not automatically terminated upon fili

Federal Rules for Offering Into Evidence

The FRE govern the admissibility of evidence in federal court proceedings.Legal Law Justice image by Stacey Alexander from Fotolia.comThe Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE) govern the admissibility of evidence in all federal court proceedings, including those before U.S. bankruptcy and...

What Is Section 8 Help?

Section 8 helps elderly, disabled and low-income individuals and families get safe and suitable housing at an affordable rate. This tenant-based program provides vouchers that recipients of benefits may use to pay rent to any landlord that accepts them. The U.S. federal government funds the Section

Carbon Credit Trading

GROWING concern about the biosphere and increasing awareness of the need for pollution control have given rise to the concept of `carbon credit'. Carbon credits are a part of international emission tr

North Dakota Rules of Civil Procedure

The North Dakota Rules of Civil Procedure govern the operation of all civil trials in the state. Like most other states' rules of civil procedure, they are modeled after the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The North Dakota Rules of Civil Procedure, or N.D.R.Civ.P as they are known, are...

Judgment Collection And Trusts

What if you learn that your judgment debtor is a beneficiary of their parent's trust, and the parent died. Is there anything you can or need to do, besides levying on the trust through the ...

How to Appoint A Top Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

Sometimes in life there are times when one wants to celebrate. Many people celebrate with drinks and cocktails, and occasionally some may have been too much. When you get into your car after the third ...

Need For Anti-Terrorism Laws in India

November 26th, 2008 the city of Mumbai woke to a macabre morning. Mumbai was burning. The gory fire of terrorism has engulfed the entire city and the heat waves could be felt throughout the country an

Efficient Tax Attorney Chicago

The tax system in America is a very complicated one and it is nearly impossible for an usual working American to get all details about the whole system and figure it out properly. There are ...

The California Laws for Trailer Lights & Fenders

California trailer light and fender lawsremorque image by Nath Photos from Fotolia.comThe California laws on visibility and safety requirements for trailers are contained in the California Motor Vehicle Code. Trailers are treated separately from motor vehicles certain instances and the...

Iowa Divorce Case Law

Though the state of Iowa is home to fertile agriculture and bountiful natural resources, it is not immune to unhappy marriages resulting in divorce. The requirements to complete a divorce proceeding in Iowa are very specific in their mandates. Because U.S. states comply with their own laws regarding

Notary History Part 2

This articles reviews the history of notarial systems. This second installment reviews Notaries and the Conquests of Columbus: 15th Century, Notaries in Early America: 1600-1800, John Coolidge and Pre

Get Compensation for Injuries Quickly and Easily

There will be times, when the person gets injured by someone and at such time, he needs compensation for the injuries. The injuries can be physically or mentally, but in such situations, the person can't ...

American Asset Forfeiture Law

Asset forfeiture law in the United States is based on medieval legal systems. The legal theory is predicated on the premise that in order to purify 'tainted' property, ownership of the offending asset