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Natural Pesticides - What Adult Corn Rootworms Are Afraid of

The grownup corn rootworms emerge in July and can damage corn afterward in the summer months. The grownups will feast upon the upper surface of the foliage, oftentimes concentrating damage in close proximity to the the tips of the leaves. Impairment on leaves appears brown where the lower exterior o

Hydroponic Systems and Techniques Explained

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in water without the need for soil. The plants can be fed in various methods using mineral nutrient solutions. 'Hydro' is Greek for water and 'ponos&

Slow-release fertilizer

A fertilizer that dissolves slower than water soluble fertilizers; may involve coatings which break down slowly, materials that must be decomposed by microbial activity, or soluble compounds coated with a water activated substance. Provides and extended feeding.

Choosing The Right Containers For Plants

Find the right container plants to grow in your garden. Choosing the right pot, and style is always essential, however, sometimes its best to choose a pot that may not suit all tastes, but instead pro

Garden Soil: From Bad To Good

Do you have bad soil in your area?Is it rocky, sandy, or full of clay?If so, no need to worry!In this article we'll explain how to take the worst soil and turn it into a rich, fertile loam that your plants will love.

HowTo Pick the Right Fertilizer For Your Garden

Picking the right fertilizer is crucial to getting your soil in good condition to plant.There are lots of different kinds of fertilizer out there, so how do you know which fertilizer is the best kind for you to use?That depends on what type of nutrients you need to add to the soil in order to make i

Termite Control Tips For Wood

Wood spots around the construction of a home are great places for termites to get into. They can easily devour different spots around a home and cause a home to become damaged. You can easily keep termites from being worse than they could be if you use the right termite control ideas with wooden par

Is the New Moon Phase Good for Planting?

Gardening with the cycles of the moon is a centuries old tradition. Modern publications, such as the Farmer's Almanac, still publish yearly calendars of the cycles. To know which cycle you are in look at the fullness of the moon. The moon develops from left to right, starting as a new moon, developi

How Shrooms Are Different From the Mushrooms?

Interestingly, shrooms are different from the mushrooms but all of us are not aware about this fact. Specific reasons are there that make the shrooms dissimilar to the mushrooms and highly demanded in the developed ...

How to Dispose of Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate

Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate, or sodium percarbonate, is an oxidizing substance that reacts to moisture and releases oxygen during its decay. It is commonly used in cleaners and oxygen-based bleaches, and can cause skin and eye irritation if direct contact is made. Sodium percarbonate is toxic to

Broccoli Gardening - How To Effortlessly Grow Broccoli in Your Garden

The members of the Brassica family of vegetables, of which Broccoli is one, have been shown to produce a enzyme called sulforaphane, which can aid in the fight against cancer. It may seem like a simple thing to include more Broccoli's in your diet, alas that would be easy if the price of fresh

How to Adjust Nelson Lawn Sprinklers

The Nelson Simple Soaker and traveling lawn sprinklers are each fully adjustable to suit the needs of your lawn or garden. The Simple Soaker is installed in the ground and works best in gardens where it can tower over your plants or remain low to the ground. The traveling sprinklers are made to ride

4 Tips on Raised Bed Home Vegetable Gardening

Raised bed vegetable gardening is a great way to turn unused spaces into vegetable producing areas. Here are 4 tips that you can use to increase the success of your raised beds.

An Overview of Organic Gardening

Organic gradening is also known as organic horticulture and is basically the science of growing fruits, vegetables and flowers by using essential organic elements in the soil. There are several differ

Proper Soaker Hose Installation

When you use a traditional garden sprinkler to water your plants from overhead, some of that moisture gets lost to evaporation. A portion is also carried away from its intended target if there's a breeze. Besides, overhead irrigation leaves the foliage wet, which creates an ideal condition for funga