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The National Gardening Association

The National Gardening Association was founded in 1973 as a non-profit organization with the goal of educating people about different types of plants and shrubbery. The National Gardening Association is headquartered in South Burlington, Vermont. The National Gardening Association provides the major

7 Easy Steps To Attract More Birds To Your Yard

Did you get an expensive, attractive bird feeder for Christmas? No doubt you excitedly filled it with birdseed and waited for flocks of new birds to visit their new restaurant. Little or no activity? The ...

Should Geraniums Be Deadheaded?

Geraniums (Pelargonium x hortorum) are bright, blooming annual plants many gardeners rely on for summertime color in both containers and flowerbeds. Plants have violet, orange, salmon, pink, red, white and bi-color flowers that bloom from spring to the first frost. During the flowering season, the d

So You Want to Grow a Vegetable Garden?

Are you a vegetable fanatic and have always wanted to grow your own? Maybe you want to save money and grow your own organic vegetables, or maybe you've always wanted to start a garden and ...

Tools And Equipment For Gardening.

Saunter around a big garden centre or DIY superstore in spring and you will be confronted by a large assortment of gardening tools and equipment.

How to Refurbish a Grill for Potting Plants

An old grill is ideal for a plant-potting surface. The slats of the grill allow the excess earth to fall through as you pot plants. The grill body then catches the loose soil where you can collect it later by simply removing the grill top and scooping it out. Unfortunately, most grills don't come wi

Zen Gardening

For a region that is predominantly Buddhist, Chan, or Zen, is an important philosophy. Zen is a term used for a school that teaches the teachings of Buddha and how they are active in the natural world. Buddhism was in China before the Zen teachings, and when the Indian prince Bodhidharma introduced

Rustic Garden Decor

Rustic garden decorations can be purchased, made or found secondhand. Being creative and using old rustic items creates eye appeal while recycling. On paper, create a draft copy of the garden area and pencil in the rustic items available to see how they fit. This will save time when it comes to land

Leaf Vacuum Designs Make Good Environmental Sense

There's something about fresh fall leaves and their colors that tends to bring out the kid in almost anyone. The exceptions generally lie with those who have to clean them up. Raking is a chore. Blowi

Deck Tomato Success

Bring the joy of gardening right to the back door and create some healthful eating habits at the same time.Convenience makes it perfect for both!Tomatoes are an easy beginning to any gardening enthusiast with little room to grow.

Tomato Garden Worms and Pests

The thought of having your hard efforts in planting your tomato garden destroyed by pests is every gardener's worst nightmare. If you take the proper precautions, learn some of the early signs of troubles, and take care to keep your soil healthy, you can avoid the dreaded destruction by pests i

Mixing Roses With Other Plants

Once upon a time, roses were kept segregated from the rest of the garden. It was conventional wisdom that roses needed to be separated from other plants so that valuable nutrients, water and fertilizer would not be lost. Of course, this has since been disproved, and the opposite has come to be consi

Growing An Organic Garden: Tips And Tricks

Is your neighbor's grass really greener than the grass your side of the fence? You may imagine your neighbor has the key to a perfect garden. Truthfully, there is no super-secret formula for a gorgeous ...