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Modern Planters For Apartment and Home Use

There are many things that we need to consider in making our new apartment look homey and presentable to visitors. Since, apartment has only limited space to accommodate your home furniture and decora

The Benefits of Growing in a Greenhouse!

For individuals that reside in cooler areas, encountering 5 or more months in winter season every year, the advantages of a Greenhouse could be huge. Gardening using a green house permits a prolonged growing season which could start and end several weeks outside of the conventional growing season. G

Get in Touch With Your Scent Sense

Color is usually the first thing that grabs your attention when you walk into a garden, then perhaps size or shapes. It is the seeing, the visual aspect which inspires the ooohs and aaahs. But it's the olfactory sense, too, which craves equal gratification. A garden without fragrance is only ha

How to Make a Trellis for a Square Foot Garden

Everyday objects such as old or inexpensive sawhorses and ladders can be easily converted into trellises for square foot gardens -- small, raised beds in which vegetables and flowers are grown. The A-frame structure of these tools gives them stability, whereas their hinges make it easy to pack them

Features of Cactus Gardens

Creation of cactus gardens basically involves regional collection of succulents and cacti, which are grouped by specific genera and growth forms. While treading through the cactus garden, an individual would be able to witness dozens of species. Popular groups include the ferocactus, Opuntias, Echin

Peperomia Plants

A member of the pepper family, the peperomia genus consists of more than 1,000 species of plants. Hailing from the American tropics, peperomias are frost sensitive plants that may be cultivated in a warm greenhouse or as a house plant. In frost free climates, peperomia is sometimes grown as a ground

How to Plant Stolons

Some kinds of lawn grasses increase by sending out long roots, called stolons or sprigs, that spread on the surface of the soil or just below it. Two common lawn grasses that produce stolons are hybrid bermudagrass and zoysiagrass. If you're replacing or repairing your lawn with one of these gr

Japanese Garden Design Options

You have a few Japanese Garden Design Options... but don't waste your time and money with the free designs advertised. There is no such thing as a free Japanese landscaping design that is worth having! Here are a few tips for creating your own space.

White Fungus on Bean Roots

Beans are susceptible to diseases that affect the health of the plant. Root-rot diseases such as Pythium root rot cause a white fungus to grow on bean roots.

How to Make a Decorative Folding Screen Panel

A decorative folding screen allows you to divide a larger room into two smaller spaces. It also allows you to set aside an area for privacy. For example, you might set the decorative folding screen in the corner of a bedroom to use as a changing area. The screen room divider can be a simple one that

Fiberglass Planters – Versatile Gardening Concept

The evolution of container gardening has greatly influenced the current market because of its overall versatility. Indeed, it is among the latest fads that dominated the planter industry. Such significant development has paved way for ...

Greenhouse Heating & Ventilation

Greenhouses can extend the growing season year-round and provide a sheltered environment for starting seeds, as well as creating a micro-climate for plants (such as tropical ornamentals) that cannot survive outdoors. Adequate ventilation--essentially just removing air from inside the greenhouse and

Learning How to Care For Your Orchids

If you think orchids are difficult to grow, you would be wrong. The real secret to growing these beautiful flowers is research. By doing the research before you purchase can save time, money and frustration.