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Wedding Gifts for Women

Wedding gifts to the brideA pair of wedding bands on an exquisite gold-colored gift box. image by weim from Fotolia.comIn today's society, gifts for the bride are becoming a creative way to express your relationship with the bride-to-be. Whether it's a close friend or relative, choosing...

How to Shop for the Wedding

Wedding is a great celebration that shares the love of two hearts. It is one of the happiest moment of the couples life. There are more things need to be planned for the wedding. This is the main reas

Preparing Your Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall brings the popular pumpkins, multicolored oak leaves, and new wedding flower trends. You can have a simple white rose wedding bouquet and it would still leave an impact to your guests. Although you can ...

The Perfect Mother of the Bride Speech

When you are writing your mother of the bride speech, think of moments that are among the happiest times in her life. A general recap of all your daughters happy milestones are perfect for your speech as well.

What Do Mothers of Grooms Wear for Weddings?

If your son will be be tying the knot, you want to look your best for the nuptials. As the mother of the groom, there are a few etiquette guidelines you may want to keep in mind based on the formality of the wedding, the mother of the bride and the fashion wishes of your son and soon-to-be daughter-

What Are Traditional Irish Wedding Vows?

Preparing your wedding vows can be an emotional and important process. For some, traditional vows are the only option, while for others, something more contemporary may be in line. For many Irish brides, traditional Irish wedding vows are the way to go.

Get Your Dream Tuscany Wedding

Every person and every couple will have thought of how their wedding should look like. While for some it is in an old church, for others it is all about the open air. No matter what you have dreamed of, Italy has a lot to offer.

Do It Yourself-Wedding Invitations

If you are on a low-budget and want to do your own wedding invitations it could be a snazzy idea. You would need a few things that you could buy from the market and you would need your computer and a

Wedding Favors and Special Wedding Messages

Traditions in weddings include giving of wedding favors for the guests. What then are these things? These are small tokens of appreciation that are handed out to the guests after the reception. This gesture is very symbolic because the bride and the groom select a particular item that could mean som

Modern Bridal Shower Games & Activities

Help the bride-to-be have fun before her special day.bride image by cherie from <a href=''></a>A bridal shower is a last send-off for the bride-to-be, allowing the lucky woman to bid adieu to single life and prepare to embrace wedded bliss. A...

Tall White Calla Lily Centerpiece Ideas

Calla lilies are often incorporated into table centerpieces because of their long, slender shape and elegant appearance. The most common calla lilies are white and can be easily incorporated into numerous vibrant decor schemes. Use white calla lilies, with their long, green stems, for the centerpiec

DIY Bridal Shower Invitations

There's no shame in wanting to save money on the cost of bridal showers or other events. Many do-it-yourself hostesses make their own cakes, decorations and even bridal shower invitations. Depending on your time and skill, bridal shower invitations can be as simple or intricate as you like. As long

Traditional Renaissance Wedding Cake Ideas

If you are planning a Renaissance-themed wedding, you may want a cake that pays homage to this classic period. To do this, consider having your caterer or baker make a cake using the flavors from the period--fruit and flowers were standard touches--or simply top the cake with a castle or...

Wedding Invitations Shape Expectations

Let's face it, so many of us get so wrapped up in the planning and stress of a wedding that we often forget all about the simple fact that weddings should be fun.Many of us get way too serious about a day that is supposed to be a happy and joyous one.With this in mind, it makes sense to stop an