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Comedy Clubs in Las Vegas for Amateur Night

Visit Las Vegas for comedy and fun.las vegas from above image by Olegs Mareida from Fotolia.comVisitors know Las Vegas as a mecca for gambling and live entertainment. Famous acts make sure to make Las Vegas a stop on their tours, while new acts compete to try to get discovered. Some of...

Beautiful Places for a Wedding

A wedding is the most important day in most couples lives; signifying the start of two people spending the rest of their lives together. While some people choose to get married at a local church, others want to do something a bit special by getting married somewhere a little further from home.

How to Choose a Barn Dance Party Theme

Traditionally, a barn dance is any kind of dance held in a barn, usually involving folk music. But barn dances have evolved into family-style or community-oriented events involving dancing of some sort, and are often country-western themed. Colleges and universities have also begun to throw barn dan

Pick Your Wedding Dress Wisely

Over the years, brides have always managed to look like princesses on their wedding day. While planning your wedding, one of the biggest most exciting decisions a bride would have to make is planning on how her wedding gown is going to be.

British Costume Ideas

Deciding on a costume with a British theme is made all the easier by virtue of the fact that England has such a rich and long history. In fact, it is probably more difficult to come up with a great British costume than a costume for another culture precisely because you can get so overwhelmed. The b

How to Shop for a Vintage Wedding Gown

Every bride wants her wedding day to be unforgettable. Nothing is more important than choosing just the right wedding gown. If modern dresses just don’t grab you and you’ve opted to shop for a vintage wedding dress, then you will find the following tips helpful and informative. Learnin

How to Prioritize if You are a Bride

A lot of brides are known to be dealing with the challenges of securing all the services for their vendors. It is not easy to really create a wedding in itself so the weight for ...

Is 10-10-10 The Perfect Wedding Date?

Commonly expressed numerically as 10.10.10, this day has been reserved by many to symbolize 'perfection' as the number ten is more associated with the colloquial Chinese meaning of being perfect. Besides being binary...

Wedding Ring Guide: Making The Right Choice

The big day has been set, and now you have tons of wedding preparations to attend to - preparing the guest list, looking for a caterer, shopping for the perfect wedding dress, and a lot more. All of these are essential in putting together a memorable wedding, so remember to have all these on your we

Planning Dream Wedding Receptions - Part 2: The Art of Establishing Priorities

Smart brides recognize the importance of prioritizing their needs and desires. A smart bride is realistic enough to recognize that she won't be able to have everything in life she wants. But she also knows that through savvy planning she will be able to have her own unique version of what she w

Wedding Restaurant Checklist

When selecting a wedding restaurant for your wedding venue, you can ask a variety of questions to ensure that you are meeting all of your food needs. Reflecting on each aspect of the dining experience, each course you are expecting and all the desired beverage options will help you formulate what qu

Flowergirl Basket Ideas

Customize a flower girl's basket with ribbons, fabric and flower arrangements.Flower Girl and Basket of Flowers image by TMLP from Fotolia.comHave your flower girl carry something a little different than the old standby white woven basket full of rose petals to personalize your wedding....

The Wedding Guest Book

The Wedding Guest Book is a memento from your wedding day. There are many options to choose from the traditional being the bound book, to the more contemporary wedding puzzles or fingerprint trees. When choosing which to have, you can't go wrong if you choose to stay within your wedding theme a

Unity Candles For Your Wedding

The purpose of planning an extravagant and perfect wedding is not only to make all of your dreams come true but also to make sure that everyone will remember your ceremony and reception as something truly unique, bonding, and loving.There are a lot of different ways you can promote this type of atmo

How to Make Cotton Vaseline Balls

The usual uses of cotton balls and petroleum jelly are for health and beauty. Another less common use is as a fire starting aide. Campers often make petroleum jelly coated cotton balls in order to make starting fires in the woods easier. The technique to make this helpful outdoor supply is straightf