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How to Make a Vase Centerpiece With Twigs

Making a vase centerpiece with twigs, branches and other natural-looking material is possible by using basic craft supplies and getting creative with the base of your display. Whether you are in need of vases for a wedding reception or you are changing the look and atmosphere of your own home, using

Calla Lily Wedding Planning

Calla Lilies are among the most elegant of flowers; just pure and simple beauty. And if you are having a Calla Lily theme wedding than most likely another theme will be 'simply elegant'. The goal is to subtly incorporate the flower in all aspects of the wedding, although for the decoration

Sikh Wedding Card - A Sign of India Tradition

Marriage is an occasion of life time for every Indian. Sikhism is another important religion of India that follows the Indian tradition and culture in a lot of ways, which includes their marriage. You can ...

Top 10 Tips on How to Reduce Your Wedding Cost

Every couple has a dream of the 'perfect wedding'. They think about the church, the dress, the food, the reception, the band and how lovely they want their wedding to be. But when each couple gets down to calculating the cost, they begin to find ways to cut down on the things they need. Bu

Dress Up Your Cupcakes With Lace Wrappers

Lace cupcake wrappers provide an elegant makeover to the delicious cupcakes. Their easy availability with high functionality adds to their charm and provides an elegant package to the mouth-watering cupcakes. The idea of cupcakes replacing ...

How to Make Nice Hall Decorations With Balloons

Balloons have been used as cheap decorative pieces only for the past few decades. Before that they were mainly used for science experiments. Today balloons are inflated round decorations which are popular at weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and most other events. One of the reaso

Planning Your Wedding Party - A Party You've Been Dreaming of For Years!

Planning a wedding party is one of the more complex party planning events you can tackle as a host. Many brides choose to hire wedding planners, recruit close friends to help, or choose a full service hotel with staff to make sure their day is the perfect one they imagine it to be. If you find yours

Ways to Use Tulle at a Reception

Tulle is a lightweight netting material this is usually made from nylon, silk or rayon. Tulle is woven into a mesh design and then starched to remain stiff. Although tulle is designed to be a sturdy material, its dainty structure and extensive color availability make it an extremely versatile weddin

Luncheon Centerpiece Ideas

Create centerpieces reflective of the season.isolated snowman centerpiece image by Scott Slattery from Fotolia.comA luncheon is a formal gathering involving a midday meal with a group, usually for business or social purposes. When planning a luncheon, create centerpieces that mark the...

Music To Remember By

Women in particular, first imagine what our wedding day will be like when we were just little girls.

Four Tricks To Writing Good Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding thank you cards are a special way of showing your appreciation to all those people who made your wedding a success through attending or by helping you in one way or another. But what is the best way of saying thank you to these people. These are tips you should consider.

How to Install Flexi-Felt Chair Covers

Flexi-Felt chair covers are plastic sleeves with a felt cushion bottom. They are designed to slide over the bottom of chair legs, protecting the floor underneath.and quieting the movements of the chair on wooden or other hard surfaces. Flexi-Felt covers are designed for easy installation and don't

How to Decorate for a Cowgirl Party

Yeehaw, it's a cowgirl party---so get on your giddy-up. Here are some tips for decorating for an old-fashioned Wild West cowgirl hoedown.

How to Make Tulle Birdseed Wedding Flowers

Weddings get expensive quickly. Many people elect to create their own wedding decorations, using tulle to replicate flowers. At many celebrations, birdseed has replaced the traditional rice at weddings for throwing at the bride and groom in celebration after the wedding ceremony is over. Savvy bride