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Mother of the Groom Dress Etiquette

Your son getting married is a special day for any mom, after all, they say that you're not losing a son, but gaining a daughter. Once the wedding date is announced, you'll want to get shopping for the perfect dress for that special day. On a day when you'll want to be looking your bes

Wedding Invitations' History

Invitations are as much a part of a wedding today as the bride and groom!While many couples send traditional formal invitations, casual invitations are gaining popularity in today's society.Whatever invitation the happy couple chooses, there is little doubt that for every wedding planned, invit

Prom Decorations and Theme Ideas

Prom is an event that every student anticipates. The prom committee's most important job is to brainstorm a theme and decorations. A good prom theme will make the student body excited about the upcoming event. Decorations are crucial because they can add or detract from the atmosphere. Some prom the

Things to Guide You in Choosing an Ideal Wedding Dress

Selecting what you will wear on your big day is sometimes the biggest challenge you can face when it comes to wedding preparations. It is advisable to take with you your close and trusted friend or one of your family members to choose a wedding dress. This page briefly discusses several tips that wi

Deployment Homecoming Ideas

When planning a homecoming celebration after a deployment, keep in mind the complexity of the feelings involved. Plan an event only after considering the soldier's personality, as well as possible joy, worry, even resentment by the recipient or others.

Wedding Cards in Contemporary Trend

Invitation Designs are continuously changes and evolving to match recent fashion and trends as compare to old designs and it reflects the couple persona. For example, a beach destination wedding invitation might have stunning, original ...

Banquet Halls in Houston Explained

Get ready; organizing a banquet can be a headache. If you are an event planner new to the scene, or if you are looking to get organize a banquet for the first time, read closely. ...

The Secret To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Photographer!

The wedding dress is on its way.The seating plan is finally ready. Even the toast maker has promised to go easy on those raised drinks until the speeches roll.You've pictured this day for as long as you can remember.Now, it's somebody else's turn.

90-Year Birthday Party Ideas

90th Birthday Partyhappy birthday image by Ewe Degiampietro from Fotolia.comA 90th birthday is a milestone that will call for a celebration. The birthday person has lived a life nearly a century long and has seen many changes in the world. Play off this idea in developing your party...

Dora the Explorer Games to Play at a Birthday Party

Plan a Dora the Explorer birthday party for your little cup ctreamers and party banners image by Warren Millar from <a href=''></a>If your child loves Dora the Explorer, then you are probably already thinking about throwing a Dora the...

Cleaning and Storing a Wedding Dress

Many of today's brides are interested in long term storage of their wedding dress. Proper wedding gown preservation is the key to successfully doing that. Perspiration, food, champagne, wine, cake frosting can all result in hard to remove stains.

Types of Menu Cards

Menu cards come in a variety of styles and sizes. Customize one according to the style and feel of your event. Do not be afraid to play with color, print menus on unconventional paper products and experiment with creativity. Work with your caterer or wedding planner to get ideas for...

How to Make a Punk Costume for an 80s Party

Punk is a subcultural movement that originated in the U.K. during the 1970s and remained popular until the middle of the 1980s. The members of the movement mainly expressed themselves through loud music that did not follow the common rules of melody and rhythm, obscene language and an individualisti

Seal the Deal With a Wedding Love Letter Ceremony

A thoughtfully handwritten love letter is one of the most romantic and sentimental gestures possible, and wedding love letter ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to the unity candle ceremony or unity sand ceremony. Read on for more information on this new ceremony for weddings

Wedding Flower Prices

Find out Wedding Flower Prices and learn how much do wedding flowers should cost. Understanding the factors that can affect wedding flower prices and tips on how to save money on these beauties fragra

Wedding Dreams Come True On A Budget

Sometimes it's hard to start planning a wedding when money is the worry.Money is important but remember, the foundation for your wedding day is the fact you want to celebrate your marriage.So fighting over the wedding budget with your family and fiancé doesn't seem worth it, does it