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I Got a Crush on a Girl and Need Advice!

We've all been there, there's a girl we really like and we don't know what to do about it. Asking a girl out should be simple right? You approach a girl and tell them you ...

Are You Afraid of Online Dating?

Are you pondering whether on-line dating is for you, are you chicken? There must be something to this on-line dating trend since it is so popular and so many people are finding love on-line or at least finding wholesome dates. We live in the age of technology; so many things can be done on-line. We


Convince your boyfriend to tell you what he likes the most about you. You don't have to look as a top model in order to be sexy. Being sexy represents an attitude which conquers all men. Here are some

How To Get A Man To Notice You

Every single woman looking for a potential mate would think it to be a much easier hunt if men were actually waiting in line to get her number.

Insisting on Safe Sex

Unprotected sex makes you have unplanned children and at the same times puts you at a great risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. You can still prevent yourself from getting pregnant after a sexual intercourse but it is not possible to cure yourself from the sexually transmitted infections.

Places You Can Go While Dating in California

California is a state in the United States of America that is found in the west coast. This is the most populated state in the united states. The large population could be because of the many activities that are available. It is a very lively state to live in. It has a varied climate.

First Date Guidelines To Take To Heart

Very first date guidelines are something which lots of men and women are able to use. Even if you have dated lots and for a long period, there are a few fundamental very first date ...

Blind Dating Tips

Going on a blind date may be an exciting experience, but it is necessary that you keep a few tips in mind. Since you are meeting a stranger on a blind date, it is necessary to ensure that you keep yourself safe from any mishaps by informing a friend beforehand.

Signs Of A Cheating Boyfriend

Few things are more painful in life than to be betrayed by someone you love and trusted. It happens frequently and maybe the only thing worse than the betrayal, is being blind to the fact ...

Online Dating - 3 Steps To Being Seductive Online

Being seductive online requires your imagination, creativity and patience. It is not difficult, if you know what you are doing. As a matter of fact the end results will be most gratifying if you do it correctly!Step 1 to being seductive online-You want to know as much about your "intended targe

What Is The Ultimate Pick Up Line?

This article will show you what is the ultimate pick up line. In the next article I'm going to show you what ultimate sentence to approach girls is. Yes, yes - what all of us search for years, the sentence that will get for you every girl in every place. But before I discover the sentence, let&

Use Laughter to Make a Woman Like You

When a woman knows that you are a man who knows how to make her laugh, she tends to go on a date with you. Not only that, the possibility for her to feel attracted for you is on the high side.