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Successful Party Planning For the Holidays

How do you recognize a bad holiday party? It's either one where the music is from the seventies, it's too loud and everyone's had too much to drink and is talking too loud about stuff that wouldn't be interesting if it weren't for the alcohol. Then there's the party whe

The Challenges of Being a Stepfather

So much has been written about step-mothering, but you'll find very few resource materials that can guide you on how to be a good stepfather. Probably it's because most men don't directly involve themselves much in raising the children, but becoming a stepfather can be one of the hard

Relationship Advice - Tips to Help a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Few types of relationships are more challenging than the long-distance sort. For many reasons, some couples end up in a long-distance relationship, either on purpose or by accident. Sometimes, the people meet each other and live hundreds or thousands of miles apart, but they still manage to fall in

Creating Custom Family Reunion T Shirts

Years ago, it used to be very expensive to create custom sweatshirts or t shirts. Today, thanks to the internet, you can make custom sweatshirts and t shirts for just about any type of occasion. One of the reasons many people are looking towards custom shirts is to commemorate special events. Family

Have a Party Picking the Party Supplies

One of my favorite things about throwing a party is picking out party supplies. I have boxes and boxes of supplies stored in the basement garage from previous parties. When we know we're going to be having a party, I round up all the kids and go dig through all the boxes and start sorting throu

Fathers Don't Babysit!

Why have dedicated fathers been treated as second class parents? Fathers provide the same nurturing as mothers, however are deemed as babysitters. This is unfair.

Perfect Birthday Party Ideas For Teen Girls

Throwing a birthday party for your teenage daughter can seem like a daunting task. You may feel like your daughter is outgrowing birthday parties, just like she outgrew her love of playing dress-up and having tea parties. So, you may want to look past a roller skate or bowling party, and delve a lit

How Distance Can Make Your Heart Grow Fonder

Going the distance in a relationship when you are thousands of miles apart, is very difficult. It takes sacrifice and a lot of understanding. With good communication long distance relationships can work.

Romeo and Juliet Halloween Costumes For Couples

Romeo and Juliet are two fictional characters out of the medieval time period and is also a great costume for any couple who want to brighten the room that they step into. Yes, no love story can match the one of Romeo and Juliet. Many young couples or even those older couples that still have that fl

How Many Ways Can You Amuse Children With a Plank of Wood?

We have been devising ways of amusing our children and now our grandchildren, using simple things like a plank of wood. It has been a challenge that helps our little ones to think for themselves and see the way that ideas can be translated into useful equipment.

How Did Your Father Celebrate Father's Day?

In summary, what are the differences between now and before? The main difference is the type of gift we give today compared before. Today, we celebrate it according to what we read and what we see from the media. What is common good about these two practices? It is the bonding and caring that you sp