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Dowry in Thailand

A Dowry is traditionally any amount or gift given by the bride to her future groom. In many parts of Asia, however, it is the groom who gives the dowry. Thailand still practices the dowry system, with the groom giving money or gifts to the bride's family before a marriage is celebrated.

How to Make Your Wife Love You With "Uncontrollable Desire!"

I don't care what others think about "Love", and I don't follow the old rules of love too... I have my own definition. I believe that an actual love is an uncontrollable desire; every moment is worth a billion-dollar - there is a blazing chemistry, excited emotions float somewher

Does My Husband Still Love Me ?

Your husband is not as passionate as before. He does not show as much care and concern as last time. "Does my husband still love me?", "does he has a woman outside?" You simply just can't help pondering all these questions.

Restraining Orders - Modern Day Divorce Planning at Its Worst

Roughly half of all marriages in the USA end in divorce. An increasing number of those marriage separations involve a restraining order being filed at the same time as the petition for divorce. Unfortunately, if you're the one fighting a restraining order, it is viewed as a standard tactical ma

How to Flirt With Your Husband - Secrets of Seduction

So the man of your dreams swept you off your feet... then he dropped down on one knee and asked the question that made your heart race... and you both made a vow to spend the rest of your lives together. You were both very much in love, and living happily ever after seemed inevitable.

Affordable Engagement And Wedding Ring Set

When a couple gets engaged, the man offers the woman an engagement ring as a way to express his love and fidelity. The engagement ring becomes a sign for all to witness that the woman ...

A New Way of Approaching Conflict in a Marriage

Summary: How would you feel, if the once loving and passionate marriage you had, halted to a stop and started reversing? And went all the way to conflict, arguments and even shouting at one another? One thing you must know, is you are not alone, and there is hope for sure. This article explores how

Why You Need a Good Divorce Solicitor

Has your marriage broken down? Thinking of getting divorced? Want to know more about what's involved? Find out why you need a good divorce solicitor.

Plus Size Wedding Gowns

The first step in getting a plus size wedding gown that you can look great in, is to first decide on a wedding gown. As you read every word of this article, you will become inspired with several ideas