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"Coming Out" - Not All it's Cranked Up to Be

Man!Talk about pie-in-the-sky, sweet bye and bye!"Coming out" has evolved into the centerpiece of gay strivings for social attention, but does coming out really deliver what it promises or simply add to the confusion and pain of men and women who already have a ton of trouble on their back

Terese Genecco

Terese Genecco at the OUT Music Awards 2009

It's Not Just About What's Between Your Legs

Whether someone who is transgender has or has not had surgery or is on hormones is no one else's business. And if you think about it, it would never occur to most people to ask their cisgender friends or acquaintances what exactly was going on in their underwear.

Interracial Gay Dating

It's been 40 years since anti-miscegenation laws ended, but some would argue that integration is far from being synonymous with cultural understanding, even in

Singles: Thrive, Don't Just Survive This Holiday Season

Some people view being single during the holidays as the end of the world. The truth is, being single during the holidays gives you the opportunity to create a new beginning and focus on the world you imagine for yourself. If you are single during this holiday season, take time to refresh, reconnect

How To Buy a Dildo

If you want to use a dildo and do not know where to start, this how-to article will help you pick out the right size and material for you and your sexual partner.

What is Health Promotion?

Health promotion refers to things we do to stay healthy before we get sick. For gay teens this can mean everything from taking care of mental health, to being safe with sex and substances and finding supportive adults to talk to.

Gender Terms - What Is Bisexual?

Everyone fits into a pigeonhole in one way or another, in business, at home, in society in general. The most complicated form of description, however, is over sexual preference and sexual orientation despite how simple the terms used may appear.

Hidden Abuse in the LGBT Community

The topic of abuse in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered relationships remains hidden. We need to get help to those folks who find it hard to come out of the closet never mind being embarrassed to ask for help with their abusive relationship.

Affordable Surrogacy Solutions for Same Sex Couples

There are multiple pitfalls that are important to be aware of when choosing surrogacy option for gay couples. These vary from the legal pitfalls that prevent the intended parents from registering their child, to medical problems with the birth itself, diseases like down syndrome on the baby, or psyc

Dawn's Lesbian Coming Out Story

Here's Dawn's lesbian coming out story: it's a tale of age differences in lesbian relationships and self acceptance.

Bermuda Gay Clubs

Clubs themselves are not difficult to find if you are looking for nightlife in Bermuda, but Bermuda gay clubs in and of their own right are almost impossible to find. The reason for this is that Bermuda is a very conservative island, and while they have not outlawed gay activities are gay establishm