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Carbon Offsets Viewed As Means to Alleviating Damage to World's Oceans

The cost of damage to the world's oceans caused by climate change is expected to reach $2 trillion a year by 2100, claims a newly released study. Researchers suggest that carbon offsets may be one of the solutions to tackling the pressing issue and to averting devastating environmental conseque

Changing Your Lifestyle? - Ideas To Make Your Lifestyle Go Green

Everywhere you will listen to people talking about going green, what can you do to become more Eco friendly? These ideas will cost you close to no time, save you cash, improve your health and you'll be doing something good for the environment!

Green Living - Tips For Generating Less Waste

We have two clear choices to resolve the waste crisis our modern-day society and the products we consume create - recycle our waste or produce less waste. Our landfills are filling quickly and much of the waste we put in them such as plastics are not bio-degradable.

The Quest for Black Gold

The search for oil is analogous to a treasure hunt for parties who have a vested interest in the endeavor.Some techniques used for oil exploration by companies such as Western Pipeline Corporation.

Importance of Water Quality Testing

Water is a very important part or fixture of our daily life. We use water from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. Directly or indirectly, it affects our health. It affects our persona because of its usage for cleansing clothes. So we should make sure that we intake pure water while drinki

Man The Terminator Species - Earth's Worst Nightmare

Quo vadis humanity? In our lifetime, we are witness to unparalleled planetary destruction that has caused a great deal of havoc and dysfunction in our "civilized" world. Our supreme advantage in the food chain has brought about dire results, an exorbitant price we can no longer afford. As

5 Tips for Investing In Green Renewable Energy

Green renewable energy is the industry sector that people are set to make millions on as it becomes a more core part of government policy. This article gives some tips for the beginner hoping to invest some of his or her money into this sector.

Commercial Carpet - The Top 3 Ways to Choose Green

Rarely does anyone picture the carpet at their favorite restaurant, bar or theater when they imagine carpet. Commercial carpet is very different than what we have at home since when it is being selected issues of return on investment, carpet repair and carpet cleaning are rarely part of the decision

Marking the End of Pollution With Biosphere Technology

Pollution is the greatest threat to life today. It has the potential to end the lives of not only humans, plants, and animals but also that of our planet. The greatest offshoots of pollution are global warming and climate change. Global warming involves the abnormal rise in land and sea surface temp

Acid Rain - What You Should Know

Acid rain is not something that you hear a lot about these days but that doesn't make it any less of a problem. It's is just one more problem caused by pollution and because it hasn't reached a point that interferes with everyday life as we know it, it's not something that the av

A Postcard to Mother Nature

We are now living on borrowed times and the longer we wait to make nothing less than a revolutionizing change, we will live to see hell's fury on earth and possible melting of the Arctic sea ice by 2100

What's Wrong With My Water - It's Yellow?

Why is my water yellow, brown or red - and what does it mean? This article will help you determine some common problems associated with discolored water.

Global Weather Change - Some Simple Solutions

As mankind progresses into the second decade of the 21st century, we are fortunate that many of our problems can be solved with the help of new technology. From simple issues such as enhancing the quality of paper products, to the more complex problems of raising the quality of life and the state of

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is all about sitting together at family meals, traveling together and enjoying together. Sustainable living totally depends on small conscious steps taken by us like preferring a hybrid vehicle over a gas guzzler, investing in solar water heaters and photo voltaic cells, planting

Household Hazardous Waste and What You Do If You Find It

We all produce some household hazardous waste on a regular basis just going about our lives as householders residents and ordinary people. This sounds alarming, but it is not really that bad. Read here what it is and what you should do.

Awareness on Environmental Issues

For the last half a century we have seen a rise in the awareness of environmental issues. Many people have come to realize that the earth will eventually run out of its natural resources. We have finally come to learn that we need to preserve what we have and conserve our supplies.

Piers Up in Smoke - A Hot Topic

The first pier to be constructed was The Ryder Pier which opened in 1814 on the Isle of Wight. The rise of the railway service after the first commercial steam train in 1812 allowed tourism to become a big economic factor in Seaside towns. The pleasure piers (unlike the working or fishing piers) wer

Guide to Carbon Offsets

We can think of carbon offsetting as the procedure of curbing greenhouse gas emissions through particular projects to offset the effect of gases emitted previously. Ideally, we offset emissions when it's hard to prevent them while executing our everyday activities. Offsets shouldn't be abu

Environmental Cleanup Reclaims the Land

It appears that China has dominated the global market in the production and use of steel. This once underestimated country has surfaced as a world leader to be reckoned with.

That Dirty Old Word

Oil was once called the savior of modern mwan and was hailed as the wholly grail of all our energy needs it is still the main ingredient in propelling us across the planet and stars and is a simple solution to most of our needs (just pour and go). We have been using an old age solution to our energy