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Changing Your Habits to Benefit the Earth

While most people assume becoming green means making major changes in their own life this isn't always the case. It doesn't have to be disruptive or difficult. To many peoples surprise becoming green is easier than they might expect.

Hidden Agenda Behind Peak Oil Myth

It's sometimes difficult to keep having to listen to all the silliness being perpetuated by people with agendas, as it seems there's almost nothing significant any longer that isn't politicized in some way, and so eventually lied about. Gold is one of those areas, and another major on

Fight Overfishing by Switching to Pollock

Overfishing is taking a serious toll on the world's oceans and eco systems. There are many fish that have moved into the endangered species zones as a result of overfishing and over consumption. The disappearance of these fish that are at the lower end of the food chain can lead to serious cons

Environmental Benefits Of Crate Hire

Transporting their goods to and from suppliers, warehouses and clients is something that almost every business has to do. However, this can be a time-consuming and expensive activity, which can have considerable repercussions for the environment.

The Global Warming Debate and Media Bias

Few topics have engendered as many claims and counterclaims of media bias as has global warming. Certainly, there is much bias in the reporting of climate science and that is the main reason the average person is confused or misinformed.

Limitless Affordable Energy Without Climate Changes

A long-term energy plan is proposed that will provide clean energy for centuries. It is based on inexhaustible energy sources, accessible energy technologies, limitless energy supplies, and a reversal of atmospheric carbon dioxide accumulation. A few novel energy technologies are identified that wil

Holiday Living and Giving: The 5 Rs

Here we are in the holidays. There are goodies on every desk and special offers in every other email. Our diets are out the window and our wallets have come unlatched. What are some ways we can live the 5 Rs and still celebrate the season? The first R stands for Reduce -- but who wants to! Pour a gl

Why Do We Need to Recycle?

The council and government hammer into us that we have to recycle. Although I completely agree with this I do believe they haven't explained to many people why we should recycle so it leaves many people with will not make the effort to recycle because they don't realise how important it is

How Much Does Donald Trump Really Know?

There is an old phrase: Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. This may apply to this particular case. In a recent interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News, Donald Trump went to task on global warming, clean coal and the economic competitiveness of clean energy. While Mr. Trump is an extrem

The Environmentalists' War on the Poor

Environmental policies are inherently regressive in nature and their true costs are felt by those on the bottom of the economic spectrum.While the intent may be to "save the environment", in reality all it does is create more poor people who are unable to participate fully in the economy.

Bamboo Biomass Could Ease Africa's Deforestation Crisis

Deforestation and subsequent soil degradation are some of the most pressing challenges facing African countries today. The rural population's heavy dependence on wood fuel has contributed greatly to the severity of the problem. However, new technology and investments in a sustainable fuel alter

The Villages of the Disappeared

Earthquakes can be part of normal life, especially if you live in the "Quake Zone," but the aftermath of a quake can be terrible, leaving a devastating and sad legacy for those whose lives were either destroyed or lost during the Earthquake. One legacy of the recent Padang Earthquake in In

The Threat of Environmental Plights

The question of environmental degeneration can be linked to human mismanagement. The latter occurs as we are incapable of restraining interests that are incited overwhelmingly by the structure of our passion, not reason. The sin regarding this problem is justifiable though not sustainable within a n

How Used Cars Can Benefit the Environment

Automobiles add great convenience to our lives, of this there can be no doubt. However, have you ever stopped to think about what their use does to our environment?