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How to Sell Your Contemporary Art

You are an artist and created contemporary art to earn substantial amount of money by selling them. If you really want to sell your art to earn money as well as fame then you must have to plan to promote your paintings for sale. Here are few steps to sell your abstract painting.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Artists

In the early 1990's Steven Covey wrote a book entitled "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" which became a huge best seller and still sells well today. It was a book that provided a holistic and a principled approach for problem solving, living and adapting to change by seein

How To Buy Top Quality Art Supplies

If you are serious about painting then the quality of the art supplies you buy will be incredibly important. Whether you have sold hundreds of works of art or you are just starting out in the world of professional painting, purchasing the best supplies will be critical to your career. There are nume

An Introduction to Oil Painting

Oil painting is, as the name would suggest, the process of painting using oil. In fact this is slightly more complicated and you are in reality painting uses 'pigments' (colours that are bound together by drying oil (the exact nature of the oil may vary, in Europe during the Renaissance pe

It Is Possible to Improve Your Photos by Photo Editing

Taking photos is huge fun, and it's for the foremost half, a preferred past-time throughout the world and as a result of photography, attaining an expert wanting photograph is at now, a lot of easier ...

Boost Your Creativity in Five Minutes!

Wouldn't you love to give your creativity a quick boost whenever you felt like it? Fortunately this ability exists all around you. Even if you don't think you are creative --- you are! If you breathe, sleep and exist: you are a creative soul. Trust that you have creative abilities.

Graphic Through Traffic

Los-Angeles, home of the "stuck in traffic driver", is the city I am living in and I am not complaining. This article is not going to talk about the traffic and how much it sucks, but about what we see while we are driving in town, on freeways, taking buses and trains, and even catching fl

Photo Editing Service - Give Life to Your Photo

The process will alter as per the existing quality of the image and the yield to be come to. It is not restricted only to digital photographs; it can be competently carried out on analog ...

Bakshaish Antique Carpets

Bakshaish is a town on the banks of the Talke Rud River in the Heriz region of Northwest Persia. Situated in the mountainous region 60 miles east of the large city of Tabriz, Bakshaish is ...

Seaweeds and Alginate: The Story Behind

Taking medical dictionary into consideration, an alginate is basically a salt of alginic acid, more commonly known as sodium alginate, which turns into an irreversible hydrocolloid gel when mixed with water in an accurate proportion. ...

His Most Famous Painting (The Wind) - Karl Hofer

Famous German painter Carl Hofer or Karl Christian Ludwig Hofer or Karl Hofer (October 1878-April 1955) was one of the leading 'Expressionists' of all times. His works carried deep impression of the Paul Cezanne and the prestigious group of artistes, 'Die Brucke (The Bridge),' in

Learn Watercolor Painting at Home - 3 Tips From Watercolour Secrets

If you have not "met" Bob Davies, author of Watercolour Secrets, you really should. He is an extremely gifted teacher. This is especially true if you like things explained in easy, practical terms. If you just want to learn how to paint with watercolor and not where the name cadmium blue o

A Few Distinguished American Printmaking Artists

Dave Bruner is a printmaker residing in Florida. He managed to graduate from Virginia Wesleyan College in 1977 with a B.A. in Art and has been working full-time as being an artist since then. He has received several awards, including Best-In Show, at juried art shows along the East coast.

Hanging Pictures - Techniques From Leading Galleries

Hanging pictures has always remained an integral aspect of embellishing our homes since the time humans learned the art of painting cave walls in prehistoric times. Ancient people considered art as a magic that ferried us from an earthly to an eternal life. Surprisingly this concept has more truth t