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Corporate Art Collections: A Very Large Market for Artists

Art has become a regular part of the workplace, and it is not only purchased by the big corporations such as Citibank, Bank of America and Microsoft, but also smaller companies, law firms, accounting companies, hotels, and even restaurants. Corporate art collecting is an established segment of the a

What is Anna Chromy's Cloak of Conscience

Anna Chromy is an artist who has evolved from surrealist oil paintings to sculpture and is the creator of large-scale public sculptures, mainly in bronze that have been positioned in numerous prominent locations in Europe ...

Photo To Canvas Painting - Basic Information

In present day when photography made it to the top of her technology, when we have cameras on our mobile phones and many types of digital cameras old fashioned canvas paintings still rule the world. E

Artist Evokes King of Pop

Fabian Perez's stylish artwork has evoked the memory of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The Fine Art Blog said that Perez's piece Man in Black Suit was their favourite as it reminded them of Michael Jackson's classic retro gangster look complete with trilby hat during his Billie Jean

Finding the Correct Ankle and Foot Tattoo

Today, one of the most trendy tattoo designs among women is the ankle and foot tattoo []. More popular during the spring and summer seasons, these prized designs add the perfect touch, but extra care ...

Illustrator Is Photoshop's Soul Mate

Illustrator is Photoshop's soul mate: they have played well together for many, many years, and they are constantly getting better at it. Most designers and illustrators use both applications daily. I decided that it was my duty to devote a substantial amount of space to doing extremely diverse

Photo canvas prints from images

What would make a good canvas print for hanging up on awall? I really would suggest starting with something that is a little eyecatching and something


Batman! The faces of many readers must have lit up by now at the very mentioning of this superhero. Such is the craze around this fictional character! Even without the typical superpowers, he fights i

Modern Graphic Design Tips

Whether you design websites, business cards, pamphlets, magazine covers, logos or anything else, you need to understand who your audience is and be well versed in your medium. Simply throwing together some text and stock photos or graphics won't cut it in today's market, especially conside

3 Tips To Remember When Dealing With Graphic Designers

Only large companies and corporations will employ graphic designers. Everyone else in need of eye-catching advertising material, an amazing website, or an exclusive logo design, will have to visit a graphic design studio. A business logo design has to be attractive and unique. While you may have som

All About Oil Painting Reproductions

Can A Copyists Be Considered Artists? The Great Master Artists were among the First to Create Art Reproductions.Examples of Master Class Copyists, such as Michelangelo, Andrea del Sarto, Rembrandt, Rubens, Goya, Turner, Delacroix, Degas and other distinguished copyists, are but a few of the famous w

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Photographer

You need a commercial photographer to get your needs regarding marketing or advertising, unless you are professional yourself. Most of the times, the professional photographers are hired for wedding events. If you are a big ...

Pisces Tattoos - How to Find Your Pisces Tattoos

If you are a Piscean and looking for your dream tattoo [], then stop and consider getting Pisces tattoos. They are great ways to show off who you are and what your birth sign represents. ...

How to Draw a Cheetah

The cheetah is apparently a marvel of evolution since its origination dates back to even before the last Ice Age, i.e. 10000 years ago. This innocent looking member of the Felidae (cat) Family is found in Asia and Africa. It loves living in the vast open expanses of land (for e.g. grasslands, semi d