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2007 TV Wrap-Up: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Betty

There may have been some memorable moments on our favorite TV series, but in the real world, there have been moments that could easily rival the reel world. Take a moment to reflect on some of television's biggest events in 2007 as the year comes to a close.

J.G. Quintel

J.G. Quintel and Regular Show Inflatable at Comic-Con 2013.

How To Buy The Best DTH Dish TV?

Direct to home services have taken the TV industry by storm. The goals of TRAI are definitely being realized as people are rapidly discarding their old antennas and unregulated cable connections in favour of DTH ...

Toy Story 3 Movie Review

At what point in your life did you realize that you were too old to play with toys any longer? For me, I guess it was about the age of 14. Yes, I realize that is probably older than most people, but I was still having fun with my GI Joe and Star Wars toys up until that time.

Perk up your leisure with DISH Latino Max

DISH LATINO Max presents the most comprehensive DISH Latino programming package including all DISH Network Latino channels of DISH LATINO Clásico as well as Dish LATINO Dos. With over 255 DISH Network

Movies In India: Going Global

Movies in India are a part of life here. Indians are passionate about their movies and this is why, the movie industry is considered to be one of the largest in the world. To understand and know more about movies in India, read the following article

Your New Satellite TV Subscription Won't Let You Down

There is a lot to be said about changing from cable TV to satellite TV these days; after all, the superiority of satellite television in the rankings of virtually all customer satisfaction surveys over the ...

Netflix and your out of the country

I live in Miami, Florida and do travel many times a year to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia. For business in the call center industry, I consult in customer service, wellness of employees ...

Fox vs. The Simpsons Fans

A history of the battle between fans of The Simpsons and other Fox shows, and the Fox network.

A Look At What Makes A Blockbuster Movie

A Blockbuster movie cannot be mistaken. They really have something special, which is hard to say about other films that we are saddled with. A vast number of movie productions simply cannot be taken seriously, unless they show us something really meaningful. Nowadays that is so hard to find. People

An Interview with Rich Sommer (Harry, 'Mad Men')

Imagine beginning your acting career and right off the bat, you get the opportunity to star in a film opposite Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci and Anne Hathaway. Such is the case for Mad Men star Rich Sommer. I had the amazing opportunity to chat with this very sweet and hilarious star and now's yo

Mad Men ‘Dark Shadows’ Review

Pete, Betty and Ginsberg are on a mission to get things done their way; however, they were unfortunate. Pete is still in thoughts of Rory Gilmore. Though, little burnt, Betty is chewing the grapefruit toast ...

Grab your suitable English DISH network package

Are you in search for the right DISH Network package? Choosing the right DISH TV package is a mammoth's task. Amidst the vistas of channels and services that are being offered by DISH Network Satellite ...

Doctor Who - The Sci-Fi Survivor

November 23rd 1963, that was the date Doctor Who made its day view some 44 years ago on BBC television, little did the shows creators know that they had just launch what would become the longest running science fiction series of all time!