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Chapter 1 - And So the Journey Begins

One day my friends and I decided to watch a movie about ballet, the movie called "Center Stage." At first I was a skeptic about it as I was a well known hip-hop dancer, my hip-hop group earned lots of money and was very successful. Everyone thought that for sure ballet is only for girls! B

Auditions - Finding the Right One For You

For auditions, you want to find the right auditions for you. If you are a six foot tall, blue eyed, blonde male, you wouldn't want to show up for an audition for a dark haired, dark eyed, five foot six inches and under role. That would be such a huge waste of time for you, and for the casting c

How to Make a Photo Studio Mirror

If you take pictures in a studio environment, you know how important lighting your subject can be. Whether it's a person or an object, good lighting will highlight subject features, downplay less important areas of the composition, and separate the subject from the background. In addition to using m

The Care and Feeding of Your Voice

In many occupations including professional singer, a clear and healthy voice is a necessary tool to do one's job. When the voice is not in the best of health, others can tell, and it may negatively affect your performance. If you understand how your voice works, what can go wrong with it, and h

Spider-Man Musical Trivia

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko probably never imagined that when they created Spider-Man, he would end up with his own Spidey Musical. Add to that, having the musical creative geniuses, Bono and The Edge, at the helm of the soundtrack composition. With this new Spider Man musical, tons of bits and pieces

How to Sing High Notes Using the Playful "E-Stretch"

It seems that many singers think of a high note as something that is "up there." And somehow, we must reach up there to get it. We stretch our necks, lift our eyes and strain our throats with the great effort of reaching "that place" so far away. This is not true, and in this art

Hip Hop World 100

The damage is done. There is no sense in try to lock the barn door after the cows have gotten outside, or something like that. Hip Hop culture has slyly slipped into the consciousness of people, societies and social structures everywhere on the planet.

Duet Acting Scenes For Forensics Competition

Duet Acting is part of forensics competition. It differs from the duo competition in that the actors may directly address each other and interact with elements of the setting and props. These differences incorporate elements of acting into the event. Duet Acting relies on scene for the actors to per

How to Purchase Tickets for a Symphony Performance

Classical music is beloved by many. Symphonies perform in various theaters across the country on a regular basis. If you are a symphony lover who wants to attend a symphony in your area you have the opportunity to purchase tickets in a variety of ways. Tickets and shows vary by city and by state, an

How to Start a Drama Group

Whether you love to act, write plays, design costumes or put stage sets together, you have a passion for the theater. Starting a drama group allows you to share your interest with fellow thespians who are looking for a way to exercise talents and participate in the thrill of entertaining audiences.

Prop Building

Theater prop building is an often overlooked aspect of technical theater, but it's still a very important one and can be an enjoyable and rewarding job. If you're talented with crafts and building and have decided to give this pastime a try, here are some tips for designing new pieces.

Halloween Backdrops in Theatre Productions

Ever wanted to get that ideal October feeling onto your stage? I will tell you how, using different decorations and styles you can achieve that. With Halloween fast on the way, I am sure many of you will be doing productions featuring the scary holiday.

How to Get an Agent - Five Tips For Actors

Recently, I got an email from one of my favorite and faithful actor readers who asked me to address the most common question I get from up-and-coming actors, which is, "How do I get an agent?". So this is for the actors out there, although, honestly, it could apply it to writers, composers

Kinds of Music One Would Use for Belly Dance

Belly dance originated in the Middle East, though the exact history of the dance is unclear. Some believe that young women performed belly dance to prepare them for childbirth. Certain movements of the dance mimic movements women use to help facilitate labor. Others believe the dance was performed f

How to Make a Panorama Photo

Panoramic photography used to belong only to the professional photographer as the only individual with the need or desire to purchase the often expensive specialized equipment needed for these kinds of photos. That is not the case any longer. Today, anyone can take a panoramic photo. There are sever

Women Center Stage 2013 Performance Schedule

This Summer, Culture Project is celebrating works created and staged by women thanks to its Women Center Stage 2013 Festival, which will take place from July 8 through August 3, 2013 at the newly named Lynn Redgrave Theater in New York City.