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How to Use a Pitch Pocket CM-1 Digital Tuner

Morgan Hill Music manufactures Pitch Pocket CM-1 digital tuners to assist in tuning acoustic instruments like guitars and violins. The digital tuner has a rotating LCD display and multiple modes for specific instruments. The tuner can be used in situations where background noise may make it difficul

Specs for a Vintage Electro-Voice (EV) Microphone

Electro-Voice (commonly referred to as EV) is a musical and broadcast device company founded in 1927. Throughout the company's history they have produced more than 50 microphone models, many of which are now considered "classics" in the recording and broadcast industry. Older versions of many models

Make a Hip-Hop Song

This is going to be a very basic step-by-step overview of what goes into making an entire hip-hop song. I should point out from the beginning that this is not your own song - you will basically be copying a song that you like so you can get a feel for what is required.

In Search of Cheap Acoustic Guitars For Sale

The sheer number of locations you will find cheap acoustic guitars for sale on the internet is limitless, considering you could essentially look around the globe then your scale of options ends up being quickly ...

Polk Audio

The digital explosion we're all merrily chasing shows no sign of slowing. In fact, entertainment technology may be pulling away from all other aspects of tech, except, of course, for the irresistible force that is ...

Attain High Level of Recognition With Free Rap Beats

As the music industry takes off at soaring heights, so do the artists. Many music artists are challenged with the obligations of attaining highest levels of quality materials and content in their work due to ...

Eilen Jewell - 'Sea of Tears

Eilen Jewell's 2007 breakthrough album, 'Letters from Sinners and Strangers' (actually her second release), introduced an incredible songwriting talent to the world. The buzz around her third effort has been long and loud, and 'Sea of Tears' easily meets those expectations.

Develop A Relationship With A Good Home Studio

Twenty years ago, when it was not so inexpensive to record in a studio and every person in the world didn't have a home studio, if an artist wanted to record a song he had to save up enough money to buy a few of hours of studio time. When said artist used up that time if he had not finished his

The Best Rock & Roll Christmas Music Albums & CDs

Many rock-and-roll bands take a break from their daily fare and offer their fans something to listen to during Christmas time. Some of the albums composed for Christmas listening become successes and become sought after year after year. Whether old or new Christmas songs, the best way to choose one

Shannon Brown

Joe Nichols' and Shannon Brown Concert Photos - Live from the Warren County Fair - July 7, 2006

What Is a Bass Clarinet Made Of?

The bass clarinet is the third lowest pitched member of the clarinet family and is constructed using wood, plastic, metal and leather. Material choice varies by the quality of the instrument.

Ty Cohen Presents Success Tips for Aspiring Singers

There's no fool-proof plan that can guaranty you'll be a platinum selling recording artist. But there are some tips you can follow that will improve your chances of establishing a singing career.

How to Port Yamaha Heads

Bass drum heads are often ported, either to alter the tonality of the head, facilitate insertion of a microphone or both. Yamaha heads are routinely found onstage and in recording studios around the world. Change the sound of your Yamaha bass drum's resonant head with a common procedure that creat

3 Tips to Improve Your Piano Playing

If you are just starting to learn piano or if you have been at it for a while here are a few tips that although simple and straightforward you might find to be useful. Practice Regularly, Regular practice is of utmost importance. To most children who learn the piano this can be a chore which in many