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How to DJ - DJ Mentors

The most effective way to learn how to DJ is by finding a quality DJ mentor - A mentor is someone who has achieved what you wish to. Learn how to get your own DJ mentor and become a DJ now.

Singers Need Healthy Backstage Conditions

Venue management can create an environment backstage that demonstrates their concern for the artist's overall health and well-being. You and your team can help by making your contacts at the venue aware of which amenities you would appreciate the most. But don't ask for the stars until you

How to Connect a Korg Wavestation to My PC Keyboard

The Wavestation is one of the most versatile digital synthesizer keyboards developed for Korg's well-respected line of instruments. Because most studio engineers have adapted to the virtual environment, finding ways to integrate hardware synths into a PC computer setup can be challenging. With the c

Home Music Studio: Start Small, Earn Big! Part Ii

If you have ever wanted the rock star lifestyle, now is your time to go for it!You can build your own profitable and successful recording studio business right in your own home or garage with new technology that makes it easy and cost effective to break into the recording studio business.

How To Successfully Write Your First Song - 3 Must Have Tips

Many people today are trying their hand at song writing. It's no wonder why after seeing the success a single song can bring, just watch MTV or turn on the radio. But to be a success, you first must master the art of writing a worthy song. Today we look at 3 main tips to accomplishing this goal

Define Hard Rock Music

Among the genres of rock music, hard rock helped the style evolve to a faster and harder style that required sound decibels to rise at deafening volumes. With ideas coming from blues rock and rock 'n' roll, the new genre took off and featured popular bands including Free and Queen.

Are Cover Bands A Good Thing?

When going out for a night on the town with your friends, you may be inclined to choose a bar or pub that offers live music alongside your order. Many bars, pubs and clubs feature cover bands. Some of these cover bands actually sound pretty good. Still, it's important to realize that their main

Learning Guitar Is Like Child's Play

Learning guitar is like child's play if you have a method that's fun. In this article, I share the method that I personally use and it worked great.


Photos taken at the Curb/Asylum Showcase at the Country Radio Seminar on February 15, 2006, featuring Clay Walker and Bomshel.

Pink Floyd, The Wall, Part 2

As the lyrical story unfolds, the movie shows us a different, more cynical view of life. The hell of war is depicted as soldiers wince in pain from their injuries.

Saturdays Tickets For Saturdays Uk Tour 2011

Saturdays Tickets - Buy Saturdays Tickets and Sell Saturdays Tickets on Sold Out Ticket Market. Saturdays Tickets on Sale Now for All Venues with 100% Guarantee. is specialized in buying Saturdays Tickets and selling Saturdays Tickets. You can buy tickets for Saturdays online

Guitars and Amps Together: The Lowdown on Online Guitar and Amp Packages

Anyone wanting to start to play the guitar will always have the dilemma of just what type of guitar to get. If an acoustic guitar is chosen then that is pretty much all that will be required. You can graduate to an amplified version, but to start with the dulcet tones of the unamplified strings will

How to Bleach Jeans Evenly

Jeans are comfortable and sturdy, but over time, you may become bored with the same look. To get a new look from an old pair of jeans, bleach them so the color becomes lighter and less intense. While it is possible to simply pour bleach on the jeans for a splattered effect, you can also bleach jeans