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Learn How the Apple iPod Classic and the iPod Video Differ

With so many new products on the market, it's becoming more and more of a challenge to find that ideal "fit". Each company is intent to add on to, and improve, their original creations, swamping the stores with a myriad of products that are sometimes no more different from one another

Orla Fallon - 'Distant Shore

Orla Fallon is best-known as being the harpist and one of the singers from the international sensation Celtic Woman. Her CD 'Distant Shore,' which is her first solo release since she left Celtic Woman, is an excellent choice for those who are already Orla Fallon fans... but is it such a go

Guitar Fretting Hand Position: The Dos And The Don' ts

You will find a lot of resources on correct guitar hand positions when you scour the Internet. Unfortunately, there is lot of misinformation. Here is a list of guitar hand position dos and don'ts that will help your technique, improve your guitar playing and protect your physical wellbeing!

How to Make Mix Tape Covers Online

Whether they are for yourself or another person, mix tapes can be fun to make. After all the music for a mix has been picked and recorded onto the tape, the mix will likely still need a cover. One way to add a personal touch is to design the cover yourself. Some people opt to collage, paint or draw

Richie McDonald of Lonestar

View photos taken at the CMA Celebrity Close Up with Lonestar, Phil Vassar and Jamie O'Neal, Cowboy Troy, held at the Ryman Auditorium on June 8, 2006.

How to Play the Drums Better

Percussion is one of the most popular classes of instrument in the world. The drums have an important role in most of the different genres of music you hear today. As you may have come to find, learning how to play the drums is more than just hitting a drum with a stick. You need a solid grasp of rh

How to Clean Your Vinyl Records with Armor All

Cleaning your records on a regular basis is essential to the long-term functionality of your collection. By using Armor All to wipe off dust and other dander from your records, you are ensuring the likelihood that the record will not skip.

What is Dither?

Dither is used when you need to reduce the number of bits. The best example, and one that is commonly used, is when dithering down from 24 bits to 16 bits or 16 bits down ...

Stars and Catz: Help You Achieve Your Music Dream

Music is an art form that is loved by all. Whether you are happy or sad or depressed or stressed music is one thing that can easily light up your spirits and provide you comfort ...

Top Tips on How to Make My Own Beats at Home

You need not be a gifted musician or a rapper just to start composing your own music. Actually, you don't need to be very experienced in composing your own music, but you do need to be intere

Bass Guitar For Beginners - Tips to Remember

The bass guitar is referred to as music's "soul instrument." It delivers a deep and hard-driving background to every song it's played in. Most bass guitars have only four strings and are much thicker than those of standard guitars. They have sturdy bodies and require strong hands

Packaging Equipment

Packaging equipment loads and closes product containers like bags, bottles, boxes, cans, capsules, jars, trays, tubes and so forth. Packaging equipment could be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic, depending upon the requirements of the end user. Fully automatic packaging machines do all the w

Video: How to Play Slide Guitar: Slant Harmonics

Video Transcript I'm Reno McCormick and I'm here to tell you about playing the Dobro today. The other harmonics besides what we use the palm of our hand for, we can use our small finger. Use our little finger at the twelfth fret, fifth fret, seventh fret. The fifth fret gives us an...