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Filmmaking Resources - Can They Really Help?

To many of us, the filmmaking industry comes as a calling, not just a passing phase. Of course, you should have known about the struggling artists and the humble beginnings of those who made it big in the industry but started as poor and clueless. Almost all people even those who started rich had to

Bollywood Movie: The Love Of Our Life!

The year 2014 is indeed the year of some good upcoming movies lined up for release. Let's take a quick look into few imminent Bollywood movies and what to expect.

Latest news: What Difference It Brings in Our Lives

Latest news has become crucial requirement of everybody to overcome stress, boredom and loneliness. Apart from the television, radio, mobile, and more, online news sites can be a great source to get s

Helen Mirren

Photo of Helen Mirren at the premiere of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest.

Merida Practices Archery

Merida - In the Disney/Pixar movie Brave, Merida is young princess in Scotland who is determined to forge her own destiny.

How to Find Free Movie Tickets

A small bucket of popcorn and a small drink cost more than $9 at most movie concession stands, so it's always nice to get a break on the tickets. Free tickets are not easy to come by, but there are some options.

Morality versus Mortality

Recently, I saw the Rise of the Planet of the Apesfor a second time, on my iPad 2, if there was a difference from my first one to mention, the movie which drew a lot ...

Writing Your Own Screenplay - The Fist Fight

Few events seem as genre-mandatory in an action film as a 'fist fight'. These confrontations provide action, excitement and vicarious danger for the audience. Yet many fist fights quickly become boring. Part of it is because they are too predictable, both from a fight choreography and stor

Thrill of watching 3D Movies on DVD

Learn more about the excitement of watching 3D movies on DVD here. Watching 3D movies at home has definitely changed the way we used to look at entertainment 4-5 years back.

Chris Pine Poster

Poster from Star Trek Into Darkness featuring Chris Pine as Captain Kirk.

Universe Distribution of Companies Film (Unternehmensfilm)

The observatory has, of course, addressed the theme of the theatrical in Europe in a concise format in the past. A presentation entitled "The Fragmented Universe of film distribution companies in Europe" was held prepared ...