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Find out more about the Ottoman and Egyptian title Khedive

Shanxi Opera (Qinqiang)

The original form of Chinese Opera arose in Shanxi Province, in north-central China. The melodies, stock characters, and highly symbolic movements of Qinqiang, or ancient Shanxi Opera, were a seminal influence on Beijing Opera and many of the other regional Chinese Opera styles.


Definition of Jainism religion in an Indian sub-continent


Agon is a term used in Greek tragedy.

Theresienstadt: The "Model" Ghetto

Ghetto Theresienstadt has long been remembered for its culture, its famous prisoners, and its visit by Red Cross officials. What many don't know is that within this serene facade lay a real concentration camp.

Order Number 1

An explanation of the order which gave the Russian military so much trouble.

View of the Moon

A picture of the moon including the large crater Thophilus, as seen from the Apollo 11 spacecraft.

Toni Morrison: Biography

Toni Morrison is a prolific writer whose novels about the African-American experience have received critical acclaim

Big Ben: USS Franklin (CV-13)

USS Franklin was an Essex-class aircraft carrier that saw service during World War II. Built at Newport News, VA, USS Franklin operated in the Pacific and took part in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. On March 19, 1945, USS Franklin was badly damaged during a Japanese air attack which ended its career.


Janus god of beginnings

Juan Marcos Gutierrez on the Samaritans

The rise of the Samaritans is based on both religious and demographic changes stemming from the Assyrian conquest of the northern kingdom of Israel. The origins of the Samaritans are however quite dif