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Poker Etiquette 101

It may sound obvious to some that playing any game with other people requires some basic sense of decency and poise. Well-designed software will usually bear the brunt of your aggression and impatience with saintly resignation and if your purpose for playing poker is to get rid of pent up emotion or

Get Your Sony PS3 For Free

When you want to get yourself something, like a game console for example, you either work to buy a brand new one or settle for something second hand, right? Well, with a Sony PS3 for free, you won't need to get a second job and you don't have to settle for some used junk either. How?

The Adventures of James Bomb - Game Tips and Review

If you have browsed the web for unique games which provide the best elements of several good games you have played, then you definitively love hybrids. Online games can be quite good at mixing great things together in order to make one great game, this is the case of the Prince of Persia, Frank&apos

Beat Sketch! Video Game For The Sony PlayStation 3 Move

Two art forms in one package. The Sony people have created a brilliant idea with this game. Beat Sketch! for the PlayStation 3 Move has players on their feet and moving to the beat as they create pictures, and mirages with the PS Move controller. Painting at its best, with absolutely no mess.

Is a FarmVille Guide Worth Buying?

When I initially started to see various FarmVille guides being released I didn't saw any value in purchasing them. I had never played FarmVille, and I really thought there was not too much to it. I mean, how many strategies and tricks do you need to know in order to run a virtual farm?

Playing Blackjack Online - Maximize Your Bets

Playing online does make it easier to refer to strategy tables and to allow you to maximize your bets.Knowing how online casinos deal their cards can enable the online blackjack player to maximize their bets.

4 Simple But Really Useful FarmVille Tips

It is no wonder why everyone loves FarmVille - there are no competitors other than your own desires to own the best farm, complete your collection of crops and animals, and generally be the greatest farmer in FarmVille. To achieve that, you need more than hard work.

Fashion Designing Tips for Kids

Encourage drawing for even the youngest budding fashion designer.drawing image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.comKids may show an interest in fashion at an early age, and this is a great time to get them familiar with the trade. Children have vast imaginations that will serve them well...

Enjoy the Thrill of the Race With Online Motorbike Games

Motorbike games have become somewhat of a rage with confirmed gamers. Part of this may well be because of the improved graphics, action, and sound that is now available through flash play. The scenarios can look very realistic with these improvements.

How to Make Helmet Plumes

Top off your Greco-Roman helmet in style, adding a feathered plume for the top. Plumes were used to indicate rank or unit. They also were used as decoration during parades. There are different styles of helmet plumes worn by the Trojans, Greeks, Romans, Gauls and others. Make a plume to suit your he

How to Kill Mission 55 in "Final Fantasy XIII"

In "Final Fantasy XIII," your troupe of young heroes need all the help they can get to survive against the vicious monsters they encounter. One very rare and special item that is sure to help you is the Growth Egg. The Growth Egg doubles the experience points your team earns. To get one, you need to

How to Mod Your Xbox 360 Controller for 'Tiger Woods'

Unlike most games, which allow you to modify the configuration of your controller's buttons via the options sub-menu on the game's main menu, you must make any controller modifications in-game for the "Tiger Woods PGA Tour" series of games for the Xbox 360. Once you begin your game, you can change t

Xbox Kinect v Wii

The Kinect for the Xbox 360 is the hot new family gift. This new supplementary hardware from Microsoft is the latest motion controller to hit the market. For those who don't follow the gaming

The Fundamentals of Effective Sports Betting

A lot of people do not know it, but the fact is that a huge number of players in any game often lose. This kind of set-up is normal of course; if everyone wins at gambling, then the business would have died long ago.

How to Repair the Fur on a Stuffed Animal

If you have ever owned a favorite stuffed animal, one you loved and hugged for many years, it probably suffered from balding and loss of fur. If you have children, this problem may occur with their favorite stuffed animal. Balding occurs from excess play, constant washing and drying, and other facto

Fun Tower of Babel Games That Can Be Played in Class

The story of the Tower of Babel in the Old Testament contains valuable lessons of humility and diversity. Sunday school teachers want to make a spiritual impact on children, but must engage them in the learning process. Simply reading from the Bible may bore children, but adapting the story's key