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How to Skydive in Central Illinois

If jumping out of a plane a few miles above central Illinois and spending a few minutes admiring the scenery from above sounds good to you, you need to plan a skydiving trip. Skydiving centers in central Illinois can help you get ready for your next skydiving adventure. It does not matter if you are

Crustaceans Facts

Crustaceans are a very successful group of arthropods, a class of organisms that also includes insects and spiders. Although most crustaceans are aquatic, some groups, for example crabs, have terrestrial members. Crabs are the dominant marine arthropods.

Winning Contests - The Secret to Being a Contest Winner

Contests have played an important part in our culture and entertainment throughout hundreds and hundreds of years of human history, and undoubtedly existed even before we were able to record our pastimes in words. The concept of running a contest, and having contestants vie for a prize, fame or fort

How to Uninstall Windows XP Games

Windows XP has a massive variety of PC games tailored to work perfectly on the operating system. Games such as Minesweeper, Pinball, Solitaire, Zoo Tycoon and Viva Piñata can provide hours of entertainment on your computer. However, you might need to uninstall a game to free up memory or beca

How to Save to an Xbox Hard Drive

The Xbox 360 hard drive can store a variety of data, including TV shows, game demos, full games, movies and music. The hard drive comes in different sizes from 20 GB to 250 GB, which dictate how much information the hard drive can hold. Full games and movies typically take the most space, while avat

Chrysler Championship

Did you know that Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo is a golfer? He tried to qualify for the U.S. Open last year. You would have heard about it if he made it. None of the other former professional athletes, like Ivan Lendl, Mark McGwire or Brett Hull made it either.

How to Play Flash Videos on a PSP Version 4.01

The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) has not always had the ability to play flash videos from the internet. In firmware 4.01 you can activate flash to play online videos, opening up a whole new world for your PSP by maximizing its usability.

WoW Hunter Guide

So you are at my article looking for a wow hunter guide? If so, you are in the right place. In this article I will tell you about the fastest way to get to level 70 with your hunter character. Have you ever wondered how do other hunters get to level 70 so fast? The answer is simple - they use specia

How to Play Zelda

"The Legend of Zelda" is a series of action-adventure games dating back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Although the game has evolved over the years, the core gameplay has remained the same through its transition from 2-D to 3-D. You play as Link, a young (and old in some cases) hero

World of Warcraft Power Leveling Guide

You can always pay someone to do your power leveling for you in World of Warcraft, but half the fun is getting there.It may sound great to fly through the lower levels without having to do the work yourself, but if you go that route youll be missing out on a lot of the satisfaction of playing the ga

How to Set Up for Spite & Malice Cards

If you're looking for a card game for two people, consider Spite and Malice. Also called "Cat and Mouse," it is a form of solitaire. The objective of the games is to be the first to get rid of a personal pile of cards, stacking them sequentially to a center pile the players share in turn. Proper set

How to Manage a Rack in Scrabble

As a casual Scrabble player, managing the rack may not be something you have ever thought about. As you become more skilled in Scrabble play; however, you will soon learn that how well you manage your rack can make or break a game. The tiles you draw may depend on pure luck; what you do with them do

Tired of Spending 50 Bucks on a Game? Try Renting!

New games are all so expensive. The minute you purchase a game, it loses a large portion of its value. When you try to resell your game, you won't get as much for it. So why not rent games?

How to Find Gold in Quartz in Maryland

Gold was first found in Montgomery County, Maryland in 1849. Throughout the Appalachian region, gem hunters find gold embedded in quarts veins. Quartz is made when certain minerals reach a liquid state through heating, then re-form into crystals. Gold is a byproduct of quartz creation. Although the

How to Double Your Money in Runescape

There are many ways of going about doubling your money in RuneScape. Some of these methods require skills to perform, while others can be done by brand new players. In RuneScape the more money you have, the more opportunities you have to invest in a variety of methods.

How Do I Find Quests in Neopets?

"Neopets" is a free browser-based game in which players adopt cute animals with a variety of abilities, ranging from fighting to problem-solving. The game takes place across an immense online world known as Neopia, which includes many different types of mini-games and opportunities for exploration a

Best Horde Warrior Race - A Breakdown by Purpose

Picking the race for your new Horde warrior can be difficult, even if you know what you want to do with him at eighty; there's simply no way to know which races make for the best Horde warrior race without extensive research. Fortunately, this article has done that research for you, and will he

Online Betting Sites For Sports Betting

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