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Duplicate Bridge Scoring

Learning how to score a game of bridge is the key to understanding how the bidding system works. Knowing how the scoring works helps you understand why it is better to bid for a major suit or No Trumps contract and helps you understand when to overcall and when to let the opponents bid.

How to Make Fast Gold in WoW - Making the Best Out of Farming

One of the main questions asked by new World of Warcraft players is, "How do I make gold?" There are countless ways to do this. But, as you may have suspected, some ways are a lot more proficient than others. If you're wondering how to make fast gold in WoW, you should do like Robert

Summer Day Camps in the Area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Summer camps break up the monotony of a long summer and offer children the opportunity to learn, have fun and make friends in a safe, constructive environment. Day camps are a good option for children who have limited time available or do not want to be away from home overnight. Summer...

How to Scan a 35 mm Film

Before digital photography, photographers used only film to record the pictures they were shooting. This film was then taken to a photo lab where it was process and printed. The advent of digital technology has not only given us digital cameras, it has also given us film scanners that will convert t

The Story Line Behind Aion Online

In the beginning, Aion benevolently watched over his world Atreia. He created the humans, and the Balaur to safeguard and watch over them. Eventually, the Balaur became obsessed with power and subjugation. Five of the ...

How to Make Japanese Puzzle Boxes

Japanese puzzle boxes are intricate boxes containing small, moving pieces. The pieces must be moved in a certain order to open the box. According to Randal Gatewood, a puzzle box builder, making your own puzzle boxes requires knowledge of tools and attention to detail.

Level a Hunter - How to Level a Hunter Fast?

Got a hunter in World of Warcraft? And now, you are looking for a way to level it very quickly? In order to level a hunter character very fast, you should always keep these 3 things in mind: What talent build to pick, What quests to accept and what area's to go.

How to Close a PS2

The Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) is the predecessor to the PlayStation 3 (PS3) video game console. The PS2 game console is less sophisticated than the PS3, which makes the PS2 somewhat simpler to operate. If you have an old PS2 console, for example, closing out of a video game is a very basic and straig

"Petz Bunnyz" Action Replay Cheats

"Petz Bunnyz" is a game for Nintendo DS in which you are the owner of several adorable pet bunnies. You can unlock different rabbits, play with them, train them and even teach them to play music. However as with all video games there are easier ways to get to the desired end result, some of which ar

Professor Layton and the Curious Village by Nintendo DS Review

Professor Layton and the Curious Village by Nintendo DS is a game that is completely about puzzle solving. From ridiculously easy puzzles to extremely annoying trick questions, you will be solving one puzzle after another. Every item you find on the ground, every conversation you strike with a rando

How to Play Bingo Cards

Bingo, a game of chance involving 75 bouncing numbered balls, began its hold on game enthusiasts in 1530s Italy, where it was born as a lottery still played today. Bingo (which was also once called Beano) involves no skill except the ability to keep up with sometimes lightning-fast “Bingo call

EPA Water Quality Regulations

EPA water regulations are designed to cover a wide variety of situations. The rules that are most commonly run into when it comes to water regulation are those regarding drinking water and those that cover public recreation.

Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace Directions

Horseshoe nail crosses represent the crucifixion of Jesus and the wearer's devotion to God. They are usually made by forge-welding several horseshoe nails, bending the tops down to make loops and wrapping the nails with cord. This is not a method suitable for use by children. An alternate method use

Top 3 Table Top War Games

If you have never played tabletop war games, the Lord of the Rings game is a great place to start. It is a game that uses miniatures and dice to fight battles from the world of Middle-earth -- from encounters between handfuls of warriors, to battles between hundreds of troops. The rules of the game

NFL Week 6 Point Spread Picks

Details who we like in NFL week 6. For the second week in a row, the Chiefs are a home underdog and they proceeded to go down without a fight in losing to Jacksonville last week.

How to Create Your Own Cartoon Character Online

Short of being a trained animator, there have previously been few ways to turn yourself into an animated character. Recently though, there have been many applications that have sprung up on the Internet that allow you to create a cartoon version of yourself. You can share this picture with friends o

The TF2 Spy

The spy is a unique class that has special talents not found with any other character. If you choose to be a spy, your job won't be on the front lines defending your team like one of the Heavies.

How to Uncensor Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2 was a controversial game. With good reason. It features over-the-top violence in a dark and inhumane setting that even the most gore-obsessed would fine disturbing. For that reason, the game was censored. However, the original content is still hidden inside of the games code. With some wor

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your World of Warcraft Weapon Skills

WoW provides gamers with a little bit of everything. You can choose a wide range of characters that have an even wider range of skill-sets. You can battle it out with other players, vicious and cruel monsters, surf magic worlds, fish, gather, mine, and much, much more.