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How to Reboot a TomTom

TomTom is a GPS navigation systems manufacturer, which offers solutions for automobiles, motorcycles, cell phones and PDAs. Like other technical gadgets, TomTom devices too are susceptible to malfunctions and stoppages. If your TomTom device fails to respond properly, you can perform a reboot to get

New Video and DVD Releases

Let's take a look at this weeks new movies on video and DVD, along with a few additional releases of interest, and take a sneak peek at next week's movies on video/DVD.

How to Make a Good Antenna for a Small TV

Households with multiple televisions do not always have the best access to a central attic or rooftop antenna. Likewise, many subscribers of premium programming services do not wish to enable all sets in the home with those services. There are times when a small antenna, localized to one individua

How to Install Netflix to Your TV

Netflix movies and television shows are available directly for viewing on your TV. All you need is an Internet-enabled television and you can have access to hundreds of quality movies and television shows that are updated regularly. Additionally, Netflix offers streaming over gaming devices such as

Specs for the Nikon Coolpix P4

The Coolpix P4 is a consumer-grade compact digital camera made by Nikon. The Coolpix P4 is sleek and light weight, with many features and a user friendly interface. As of 2010, the Coolpix P4 is no longer being manufactured.

How to Reset a Blackberry 7100

The BlackBerry 7100, now discontinued by Research in Motion, came with several cutting-edge features for its time, including GPS, Bluetooth and push-to-talk. Over time, 7100 owners may face problems with the phone, such as screen freezes, which may force people to attempt to reset the device. The 71

How to Convert Film to Computer

Over the past few years, digital cameras have almost completely taken over the consumer camera market. However, film is still a great way to get high-quality and unique-looking pictures for those that know how to use the medium. Furthermore, you may have drawers full of old film pictures and negativ

How to Reset a BlackBerry 8830 to Factory Settings Without a Password

The BlackBerry 8830 is a smartphone that has improved over older BlackBerry models. With the 8830, you can use the phone anywhere the world. There is also a built-in video and music player on top of the other computer programs and functions that are included on the device. With all of these features

How to Rate Portable GPS Systems

Portable GPS systems have become fairly commonplace, found in cars, sold as independent units, and made a part of cell phones. There are a number of types of GPS units on the market, and the options that come with them vary. If you want to rate a GPS system then what you have to do is look at every

How to Set up a TRENDnet TV-IP410

The Trendnet TV-IP410 is an Internet security camera that can be controlled from any device with an Internet connection. The TV-IP40 streams the recorded footage to your computer and is capable of panning 330 degrees side to side and tilting 105 degrees up and down. Install the camera to monitor you

How to Mount a CB Base Antenna

The Citizens Band radio (CB) is a two-way communication device that allows users to communicate with others who have CB radios in vehicles or their homes. Although each radio will have a different range in distance, the home base antenna height will help pick up the signal and give the user a better

What purpose does water cooled esc serves

Electronic speed control or what in short is termed as esc, is a speed control device, extensively used in the speed boats and variety of other gadgets. The ultra fast microprocessor controlled device

How to Make a Casio Watch Stop Beeping Every Hour

Whether you are working out, working or simply relaxing, wearing a watch helps you keep up with the time. Casio watches have a feature called the hourly time signal that, when activated, makes your watch beep at the top of every hour. You may wish to disable this feature if, for example, you may be

How to Hook a Guitar to a PA System

Musicians usually revel in the opportunity to play in front of an audience. Many venues use public address (PA) systems to amplify the performance. Sometimes, a musician is invited to perform at a venue that doesn't have staff on hand to help set up equipment. Musicians who know how to take care of

How to Remove the Date Stamp From a Jpeg

With some cameras, when you take a picture you may notice a date and time stamp in the bottom corner of the image. Although this can be nice to help remind you when the picture occurred, it can also be distracting. If you do find the date stamp distracting you are in luck because it is possible to r

How to Remove Verizon Call Fowarding

Call forwarding helps ensure that you don't miss important calls. You can remove call forwarding at anytime from your Verizon landline or cordless phone. You can also add it back when needed.

How to Charge Your Palm Pre

The Palm Pre features a large, touch screen display and slide out keyboard. The Pre has a removable, rechargeable battery that gets a maximum of five hours talk time. Battery life can be impacted by many factors, including wireless signal, data use and your display settings. You'll need to recharge