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What to Do When Your Wife Wants a Divorce

It is not easy to hear the words "I want a divorce" from your wife after years of marriage. Your next moves should be thought out well. Rather than acting destructively, you should communicate with your wife to find out why she wants a divorce. If the underlying problems cannot be solved through com

How to File for Divorce in Oklahoma

Filing for a Petition of Divorce in Oklahoma requires that you or your spouse live in the state for at least six months prior to the filing. You must state the grounds for your divorce, and the most common grounds are incompatibility, adultery, cruelty and abandonment. The spouse who initiates the

What Is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which has gained wide-acceptance in the business world as a means of resolving disputes. Is this method right for your business and should it be addressed in your contracts?

Illinois Divorce Records

As the civilizations of the world have come to recognize the concept and legality of marriage, so have they come to comprehend the concept of divorce. This is especially true within the United States. When a divorce is finalized, its documents are filed and stored for public use just like marriage r

How to File for Retroactive Divorce

Receiving divorce papers in the mail often signals, to most people, that they have reached the end of a difficult road. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. Instead of placing the unread documents in a drawer somewhere, read each page carefully to check for mistakes. Sometimes clerical errors do

Mississippi Marriage & Divorce Laws

Mississippi laws determine who can get married and divorced.Mississippi state contour against blurred USA flag image by Stasys Eidiejus from Fotolia.comLike all other states, Mississippi governs who can get married in the state and how marriages terminate. The laws of marriage and divorce...

Hong Kong Divorce Requirements

Hong Kong has its own set of divorce laws and requirements that apply to anyone seeking a divorce within the Hong Kong legal system, regardless of that person's current citizenship. While the procedure itself seems straightforward, you must provide specific reasons for the divorce, and the court may

The Ins And Outs Of A Quick Separation

This article discusses tips on how to get through a separation. You want to end a marriage that is not nasty and is quick and this article tells you how to do that.

Divorce Attorney - Traits You Should Look For

Getting a divorce is typically not a great experience, but a good divorce attorney can help you get through it as best as possible. Finding one that you are compatible with and that can help you get what you want is crucial.

How to Choose a Divorce and Family Mediator

Get the names of some mediators in your area. Narrow your list down according to your preferences. Gather information from mediators, interview some and choose the one that feels right to you.

The Dread of Divorce - How a Collaborative Divorce Saves a Lot More Than Money

Collaborative Divorce assists couples in restructuring their lives, resolving their disputes civilly, and reducing expenses in divorces or post divorce modification actions. This method of resolution is being embraced by attorneys and divorce-related professionals across the country. It emphasizes m

How Do I File for Legal Separation in Nebraska?

When divorce isn't an option because of financial, religious, legal or other personal reasons and there's a breakdown in your marriage, in Nebraska you can live apart from your spouse and informally agree on responsibilities to each other. In other words, informally separating is an ami

Contingency Insurance Definition

Contingency insurance, sometimes erroneously referred to as secondary insurance, is a type of specialty insurance that provides coverage for specific risks not sufficiently covered by an insured's primary insurance policy.

How to Find Utah Divorce Filings

Obtaining information related to divorce filings is much easier than many people think. In Utah, as in many other states, divorce filings are a matter of public record. Whether you are working as an independent court researcher or need information for personal reasons, you will soon have access to t

Divorce Law in Massachusetts

Like every other state, Massachusetts has specific laws that apply to any divorce case. These laws cover numerous areas, ranging from alimony and child support payments to the reasons for which a divorce can be granted. While spouses in Massachusetts can come to their own agreements about custody, s

How to Modify a Separation Agreement on a Tax Dependency Allocation

The typical marital separation agreement includes a provision allocating the dependency tax deduction when the couple involved in divorce proceedings have minor children. The ultimate consideration in allocating the dependency tax deduction is to maximize the benefit available through this annual fe

What Constitutes an Emergency Hearing for Child Custody in New Jersey?

Issues relating to child custody can be difficult in the best of circumstances. The state of New Jersey permits emergency child-custody hearings to be held when the best interests of the child are at stake. In order to qualify for an emergency hearing, certain criteria must be met that suggest the i

Do it Yourself Contested Divorce

In any state, you can represent yourself in your divorce case, even if it is contested. However, you should have an attorney if the case has complicated issues, such as child custody or a lot of assets that you are going to be fighting over. If a divorce is contested but you absolutely must represen

Search Divorce Records Effectively

It's becoming ever more common to search divorce records. And if you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. If you're in a relationship, or just thinking about starting one, the chances are good that the other person has some kind of divorce history. See how you can check into this qui