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Stress and Depression

Can stress cause depression? WebMD looks at the link that exists between the two and helps you de-clutter your life to improve your stress level.

Stop Those Worries To Make Good Those Depression Attacks

Tools of personal growth are inevitable to ensure that we have a fit emotional and physical health.But even with massive information on the same, there is one thing that many people are not able to keep a distance from: worry.

Learning From Depression

It's hard to learn from depression but it is easy to make a happy list and start practicing our happy list.By breathing and stepping in the right direction we can tame the lion of depression!

How to Treat Depression Naturally and Why This is a More Permanent Solution

Discovering how to treat depression naturally, may provide you with the complete answer to your problem. Almost everyone with depression ultimately ends up looking for natural ways to treat it, as they come to realise that the medical way of taking drugs is either only palliating the problem at best

Antidepressant Suicides: Antidepressants Can Kill

Some five years back, FDA had warned doctors to be cautious while prescribing antidepressants to children. About two years later, Wyeth, a pharmaceutical company, offered a similar warning to the doctors. These drugs, as researches have found out, may tend children to think about suicides. The numbe

Effects of Depression - The Impact on Your Family

I wrote this article to help you help someone you know or love that is suffering from depression. Depression is real and it is truly disabling. I walked in those shoes and will never judge again who is truly depressed and who isn't. If you know someone who is suffering from depression that norm

Changing Conditioned Thinking

Although you may not realize it, you could be responsible for conditioning your thinking, emotions and behavior in very negative ways that are toxic and certainly don't help you achieve a healthy state of mind. If, for example you have told yourself any of the following and you have conditioned

A Holistic Approach to Depression and Anxiety

The article prescribes a holistic approach to combat depression and anxiety. It advocates a high nutrient diet, vitamins, trace minerals and herbal supplements for depression and anxiety.

PTSD May Raise Risk of Heart Disease

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) appears to be a risk factor for atherosclerosis, a buildup of plaque in the arteries that can lead to a heart attack or stroke, preliminary research suggests.

Natural Cure for Depression Based on a Breakthrough Discovery

As you continue translating the meaning of your dreams and following the unconscious guidance, the dream images change. You see in your dreams, dream symbols that indicate your progress, like the river and the diamond. The river indicates the necessity to learn what exists in the other side of your

Learning About the Treatment of Depression

The two most common treatments for depression are medication and psychotherapy. In most cases it is up to the patient to decide what options they would like to use, but sometimes doctors have the ultimate decision. If there is an option between medication and psychotherapy many things should be take

Best Stress Management Techniques for a Healthy Life

Stress, no matter how little or how grave, can have a direct impact on your attitude and lifestyle. In fact, it can also have an adverse affect on your body and mind. It is good to identify the reasons behind your stress levels to beat it before it takes you in its grip. Worries related to academic

Depression - The Causes Behind The Blues

We live in a world of isolation and of materialism.Sometimes depression is caused by an imbalance passed on from one generation to the next, but often we find its causes in the lifestyle of modern society.

Five Tips To Help You Kick Alcohol And Depression For Good

It's a proven fact that alcohol and depression don't mix. Alcohol itself is a depressant and by drinking it, especially to excess, when you are already suffering from depressive symptoms, you're only going to make things much worse than they already are. Here are five things you can d

How To Recognize Manic Depression

Better known as Bipolar disorder, Manic Depression is often hard to diagnose because most of its symptoms manifest in their full form only during an episode. In many individuals, the disorder goes undetected for years and the final diagnosis usually comes after the person has sought treatment for ot

What Are the Most Effective Natural Cures For Depression?

Depression is a real disease that can be dealt with, so it becomes necessary to know the exact causes and the most effective natural cures for depression to overcome it. Statistics show us that the number of cases have increased exponentially over the last few decades and will eventually become a gl