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Do SSI Payments for My Child Affect My Unemployment?

When you qualify for unemployment benefits, the state determines how much you can collect based on your former salary and your state's rules for unemployment compensation. A number of factors, including payments from state or federal agencies, can affect whether you receive the full amount for which

Timeshare Cancellations

The timeshare Industry is now the number one place where the scam, frauds or misrepresented are taking place at. A timeshare Sales person is well trained to use hardcore sales tactic, and will tell yo

Bad Check Laws in Illinois

Learn the Illinois bad check laws.check book image by Rob Hill from Fotolia.comChecks have long been accepted as a form of currency. They are considered to be a promise to pay with some proof of funds or stability on hand in order to make the payment to the bearer of the check; however,...

How to Reduce Prison Costs

Prison costs would decrease significantly if prison industries were allowed to prosper. The laws should change to establish vibrant prison industries, because prisoners want to work and society will benefit by their hard labor.

What Is a Civil Warrant in Nashville?

In Nashville, civil litigations are handled by the General Sessions Court -- Civil Division. Civil law suits are non-criminal cases filed by one individual or company against another individual or company. The individual being sued is called the defendant. When a defendant is served a civil warrant,

How to Expunge My Criminal Record in North Carolina

North Carolina law (Chapter 15A) establishes expungement for individuals whose charges were dismissed or who were found not guilty; for victims of identity theft where the thief received criminal charges in the victim's name; those 18 years of age or older wishing to expunge juvenile records of mino

Why I Am a Criminal Defense Attorney

This article will discuss the moral implications of criminal defense. This article will be written from the perspective of a criminal defense attorney.

DUI - Rules And Defense

The consequences of DUI is very serous that could affect you and your family. That is why, an expert legal counsel is a necessity I defending you in the court.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Being arrested is a harrowing experience. If it happens to you and you find yourself facing criminal charges, you may be unsure about your next steps after your arrest. Here are the top five reasons ...

What To Do If You Are Charged With Forgery

Forgery is the label given to a host of white collar crimes that involve the reproduction of a signature, document or other item created for the purpose of deceiving another individual. If that individual then passes along said item as being legitimate or real, they are then liable for the crime of