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Use Your Head and Not Your Heart If You Want to Get Your Ex Back!

When you are working on getting your ex back, it is of supreme importance that you use your head and not your heart to go about it. Your heart is your emotional side, and right after a breakup, all your heart wants to do is whatever it takes to go about getting your ex back. If you'd listen to

Tips on How to Get Your Ex Back - 10 Steps You Need to Follow

So, you want to know how to get back together with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, huh? It won't be easy. You'll probably run into some complications along the way, but it can be done if you follow these tips. Some of them might seem a bit odd right now, but in the future you'll star

Five Myths About Personal Boundaries

As a Christian counselor, I have seen many clients whose current "issues" are in many ways a direct result of weak or non-existent personal boundaries in their lives. We see this as a source of many problems that people face and we try to help them establish and maintain healthy boundaries

How to Get a Girl Back - Get Your Ex Girl Friend Back

Breakups are unfortunately a bitter reality of life. If you are trying to get your ex girl friend back after a breakup, then you have to know what are the right things to say to her and when to say them if you want to increase your chances of getting her back in your life.

Five Steps to Eliminate Toxic People

What toxic people are in your life? Everyone knows someone who's an emotional vampire. When you have an addiction to food, alcohol, drugs etc. these people can trigger your addictive behavior. Eliminate the toxic people in your life with these 5 steps.

Getting Back the Ex You Love

When you are ready to try to win your ex back what should you do? There are several things that can have good results. One thing you do not want to do is allow old feelings to come between you. The past has to be put in the past and left there. Bringing it up will not have good results.

How to Get Your Ex to Want You Back - 3 Tips

Do you want to get your ex to want you back? If you want to get your ex to want you back, it's also important to avoid contact with your ex for a while after the breakup, and take things slowly. In this article you can find 3 tips on how to get your ex to want you back.

Have You Been Unfaithful & Want to Save Your Relationship?

As soon as a relationship falls apart there is always anguish and misery. When a relationship falters because of infidelity, the largest obstacle to overcome with is the betrayal. When trust has been shattered, it is particularly challenging to get it to come back. It may possibly in no way be compl