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How to Copy & Paste in Outlook

The copy and paste feature is a key staple of every modern computer. It allows you to quickly transport text from one place to another, whether it be from a document to an email or a website URL to a bibliography. This feature is offered in all Microsoft Outlook programs, and it will take a matter o

How to Install Word Resume Wizard

Resumes can be created using many types of word-processing programs, such as Word, which is included with the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Word includes an option that allows you to create a resume from within the program. This can be done by running the program and selecting the Resume Wizard


Define libbonobo-conf0 - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

Working Process of Document Destruction Activity

Every organization needs to carry out its private activities in safe and secure manner. Plenty of criminal activities take place on the web to bring harm to the profits of renowned companies. One must stay ...

How to Disable VBS Service

Visual Basic Script, also known as VBScript, allows developers and tech-savvy users to write scripts to automate their computers and make repetitive tasks easier and faster. However, there are also some dangers associated with it. Some viruses and other malware use VBScript as their language of cho

Intuos4 and Workspace Considerations

Introduced in March 2009, the Intuos4 is the newest professional graphics tablet in Wacom's product line. This photo tour provides a detailed look at the features and functions of the Wacom Intuos4 professional pen tablet.

How to Hide Drives in My Computer of Windows 7

The article describes the procedure of hiding inactive or non-using drives in My Computer of your Windows 7 computer. There may be drives in your computer that are never accessed or are used only for ...

How to Use Percent Discount in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that can be very useful for rapidly entering and calculating percentage discounts. You can quickly and easily set up a spreadsheet where you can enter an item's original price and the percent discount, and Microsoft Excel will automatically calculate the fina

Make Vista Boot Faster and More Efficiently

How to make Vista boot faster and more efficiently becomes an inevitable question for just about every computer owner using Microsoft's Vista operating system. It's just a fact of life, unfortunately, that most operating systems will boot up a bit slower as time goes by.

URL Monitoring - Monitor URLs Automatically With Free Online Tools

In these modern days, advertising is said to be the heart of commerce. And since we have all found out that it is true, advertising must keep up with the technological evolutions and be present in every environment: media, Internet, etc. The latest trend in advertising is Internet advertising, throu

How to Make a Pie Chart in Word Processing

While word processing software is generally thought of as specializing in text editing, Microsoft Word offers a variety of other tools and features. Among these is the ability to create charts that visually enhance the documents you are creating. A pie chart is a good choice when you only have one d

How to Add a Background in GIMP

Using layers while you are editing images gives you the ability to paint over or under an image without losing the original image. If you decide that you don't like a change, simply delete the layer and the original image is restored. You can use the Layers tool in GIMP to add layers to an image and

CAD Team’S Low-Carbon Commute Raises Charity Cash

CAD Schroer challenged its staff members to cycle to work from April to October, encouraged by charity donations, which grew commensurate with CO2 savings Cambridge, UK and Pittsford, NY - 12 December 2013: Staff in ...

Adding Text in Snapfire

Explore the features and user interface of Corel Snapfire Plus digital camera software from Corel in the gallery of screen shots. These screen shots and examples will show you all the ways Snapfire Plus can help you collect, enhance, share, and create unique projects with your digital photos.

How to Open a WMV File With a Mac

WMV stands for Windows Media Video. It is a container file with compressed video and audio data, according to While Microsoft formerly offered a Windows Media Player for the Mac, it discontinued the player several years ago. Now if you want to play WMV files on your Mac computer you ca

How to Make Coffee Steam in Photoshop

So, you just finished touching up a photograph of your morning cup of coffee, but something's missing. If you want to make your coffee look like it just came from the pot, try adding a little steam above the surface of the cup. It might seem fairly difficult, but making coffee steam in Photoshop is

The New Ranges of Modifications Coming in Software Field

With the developments of science and technology the whole concepts and the help of science has changed the complete market, there are new expectations and the technology has connect and spread to all individual and ...

How to Check the Shutter Actuation Count on a Nikon D70S

Shutter actuation is essentially an odometer for digital cameras. It is a number that the camera keeps internally that counts how many times the shutter is activated for any reason since the camera was built. Shutters can activate to take a picture, adjust white balance or any other sort of diagnost