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LiteOn SOHC-5236V Specs

The Lite-On-It Corp. is a consumer electronics company founded in 1975 with headquarters in Taiwan. It specializes in computer and DVD storage drives such as the SOHC-5236V CD/RW and DVD/ROM combo drive that allows you to burn CDs and view DVDs. The 5236V features Smart-Burn technology for enhanced

How to Upgrade Windows XP 32 to Windows XP 64

Windows XP Professional comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit formats. If you are running a 32-bit version of the Windows XP operating system, you can upgrade to the 64-bit version as long as your computer has a 64-bit processor. The process requires that you install the 64-bit operating system over your

How to Reinstall Windows XP After a Virus

A computer virus may cause your system to run slowly and damage components of Windows XP. Reinstalling Windows XP after a virus requires your CD and product key code from Microsoft. Before starting, make sure your computer is completely free of the virus that caused damage to your XP. Also, back up

How to Install MDAC on Windows XP Embedded

Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) contain the drivers necessary to connect, edit and retrieve data from host services such as SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Access or other databases. MDAC is embedded in the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. You can install the software using the embedded INF

How to Create a Zip File in Windows

You can create a zip file to compress large images, documents or other files into one file for quick file sharing, email attachments and storage. This is especially useful in mailing multiple attachments or uploading files. You can zip files in Windows by downloading or purchasing a program to creat

How to Frame a Custom Window

Windows are essential on a building: They let in air and light, frame views from inside and help establish exterior visual character. However, they can be problematic avenues for water if installed incorrectly. The remedy is sealing around the window opening, using self-adhering moisture-proof membr

How to Make a Bootable CD Using Nero Express in Windows XP

You can create a bootable CD using the Nero Express Image Burner. Boot disc images can be downloaded for free from various websites. An image file is essentially a file that contains all of the data contained on a CD, but is stored on your hard drive. Image files are useful when two or more users i

How to Stop Vista Updates

Microsoft releases periodic updates and patches for its Windows Vista operating system. Typically these updates patch a vulnerability or update features that users won't notice directly (although they may address performance issues affecting speed or reliability). Sometimes the updates add new infor

How to Get an iPod Touch out of Recovery Mode With iRecovery for Windows

Occasionally, when you attempt to jailbreak the firmware on an iPod Touch device, the iPod gets stuck in a recovery mode loop, where it is unable to boot into normal mode. In order to get out of this recovery mode loop, you can download and install a program called iRecovery and use it to recover yo

How Does a Mac User Get a Skype Account?

Mac owners can utilize Skype by downloading and installing the Mac OS X version of the program. After downloading and installing Skype, you will be able to set up an account that can be used on your Mac computer running OS X. In order to setup the software, your Mac computer must meet the software's

How to Remove a Windows Search Message

The "Download Windows Search to improve history and favorites" message may appear when you type an address into the Internet Explorer 8 address bar. One way to remove this Windows Search message is to simply download Windows Search. If you do not want to use Windows Search, you can remove the messag

How to Set up an FTP Server in Lilo

The Linux Loader (Lilo) is a configurable system loader for the Linux operating system. Using Lilo as a replacement for your Master Boot Record (MBR), you can load any number of operating systems from your hard disk. If one of those operating systems is running a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) that la

How to Install a 10.5" PC Netbook

Open the box, pull out the plastic-wrapped contents, and you have a new netbook computer with a 10.5 inch screen. It's light, ready to charge and runs with the pre-installed operating system. As soon as the road warrior software is loaded, it'll be fully ready to use. The software CDs and DVDs are i

How to Restore the Toolbar to the Top of the Screen

The Windows operating system allows you to move your main desktop toolbar to any of the four sides of your computer monitor. By default, this toolbar will be placed at the bottom of your screen. You can place the toolbar at the top of the screen by first making sure the toolbar isn't locked and then

How to Reinstall DirectX in Windows XP

DirectX is a software accelerator published by Microsoft. It is required for running many games and multimedia applications on your computer. As with any software program, DirectX files can on occasion become corrupted, though this is a rare occurrence. If DirectX does, for whatever reason, stop wor

How to Fix a 2738 Internal Install Error

Microsoft Streets and Trips is travel-planning application that is utilized under Windows Operating systems. Streets and Trips contains many options, such as hotel locators, maps and finding popular tourist attractions. This program uses utilizes custom Javascripts when it undergoes the installation

How to Use Norton Ghost with Windows XP

Norton Ghost is a professional backup and file recovery program made by Symantec, and designed to create full system backups and recover files from system failures. While you install Norton Ghost on Windows XP, errors may occur. According to the Norton Website, most of these errors are due to memory

How to Override a Password at Startup

If you've assigned a password to your Windows user account, you will be prompted to enter that password before Windows loads every time you turn on your computer. This is a security measure that prevents unwanted persons from having complete access to your machine. If you're the only person who uses