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How to Change the Icon Text Format in Vista

In simplifying controls for the general look and feel of Vista's interface, Microsoft made some more granular controls harder to find. Advanced appearance options such as scroll bar width, menu font, and icon text font and size, are still available; they just take a few extra clicks to find.

What Do You Need from a Server Rack?

A server rack should offer compatibility across a range of the most popular hardware platforms (this is commonly referred to as multi-vendor compatibility) and a streamlined way to install your servers. At least that is ...

How Is Flash Memory Used in Business?

Flash memory drives are increasingly used in business. While spindle-based technology is still the standard for internal storage, that trend may change.

Best ULV Notebook Processor

Lately, Intel has rolled out quite a lot of notebook processors that utilize very little power and yield high performance. These processors include Intel Core i3 2357M, i5 2557M, i7 2677M, i7 2637M and 2657M. All the processors are based on the Sandy Bridge design and come with integrated Intel HD 3

How to Choose the Right Scanner for Your Business

There are a ton of scanners on the market right now made by a wide variety of reputable companies. Many decision-makers have become confused or frustrated when faced with the multitude of choices...

How to Send Mime Headers

MIME headers are used in email messages to communicate how the email message is encoded, what type of character set is used and what type of content is contained within the email. When you send an email message through an email program, your email client automatically generates the MIME headers. If

How to Disassemble an HP Laptop Computer

If you wish to disassemble your Hewlett Packard laptop, whether to clean it or to tinker with the insides, be aware that you will probably void the warranty. Plus, if you aren't extremely careful, you could permanently damage your machine. If you are still up to the challenge, it should take you les

How to Partition a Portable Hard Drive in Windows 7

Before a portable hard drive can be used for storing data, it must first be partitioned. While most hard drives come partitioned when you purchase them, some aren't, and you may want to partition an already-partitioned hard disk anyway. You can perform this process through a utility in the Windows 7

Key Characteristics of the Linux Operating System

As more user-friendly versions of Linux develop, the free operating system gains more consideration as an alternative to Windows. But Linux isn't a Windows clone; it has characteristics that set it apart from the proprietary Microsoft system. These characteristics extend beyond software choices or a

Chinese Tablets Called Epads

Before I put fingers to buttons (that's pen to paper in modern terms), I remembered back 20 years ago when I was a little 14 year old lad watching with awe, an electrician fixing the ...

How to Hook a Mac Mini to a TV

The Mac Mini is a computer made by Apple that weighs three pounds and measures 1.4 inches by 7.7 inches by 7.7 inches. It comes with a 320 GB or 500 GB hard drive, depending upon the configuration, and it has an optical drive that reads and writes both CDs and DVDs. You can connect it to an optional

How to Join My Computer to an Existing Domain

A domain is a type of local network technology that joins computers together in a Windows environment. Computers that are configured to be a part of a domain are authorized by a centralized server called the primary domain controller (PDC). Once the computer is authorized on the PDC, the Windows mac

How to Reset RAM in a Computer

RAM, otherwise known as Random Access Memory, is basically the memory that your computer uses at short term, in order to keep track of all the actions you are currently doing on the computer. If your computer does not have enough free system memory, your programs will begin to run slow, and your co

How to Upload a Movie to Burn on a DVD

Many computers come standard with DVD-burning drives, which allow even casual computer users to burn their own DVDs. Before you can burn a movie to DVD on your computer, however, you must first upload the movie file onto the computer's hard drive. Movies can be uploaded in a couple of different ways

Discount Inkjet Cartridges - Save Money and Save the Planet

When it comes to buying new cartridges for your inkjet printer you can find yourself spending vast sums on those that the manufacturer recommends.Certainly for some people they find it is more economic instead of buying new cartridges for their inkjet printer to purchase a whole new printer instead.

How to Install a Dell Replacement Keyboard

Your keyboard is the device that allows you to type information into your computer. Your keyboard is an essential component of your Dell computer. If your keyboard has broken, it will begin to display the wrong symbols when you type. Replacing your keyboard after it breaks is important for the funct

Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Keyboard Review

The Microsoft Sidewinder X6 gaming keyboard, although not top of the range this unit has some very nice features that buyers will find pleasing and will no doubt improve their playing ability over conventional keyboards. ...

What Is an iMac Computer?

The iMac is a line of desktop computers produced by Apple Computer and introduced in 1998. The iMac is notable for being an "all-in-one" computer, with the display and CPU integrated in one piece. As of 2011, there have been four distinct models of the iMac, and each processor upgrade has been accom