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How to Burn an OS X Music CD

You can burn a CD in Mac OS X with the free iTunes application that comes installed on each Apple computer. Burning a music CD is a great way to share and transfer your music. Remember, most CDs allow about 77 minutes of music on them.

How to Remove a Primary Drive

Removing the primary drive from your computer is a necessity if the drive fails and needs replacing. To extract the drive from your PC, you must unscrew the hard disk from its mounting bay, then disconnect from it any cables connecting it to the motherboard. Removing any kind of hardware from your c

How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard When a Key Falls Off

When a key falls off a keyboard it is troublesome, but a keyboard can be easily replaced. When a key falls off a laptop, the problem is much worse, since the keyboard is part of the computer. Therefore, it is important for laptop owners to know how to fix a key in case one comes loose and falls off.

Top Rated Gaming Monitors

It can be difficult to keep up with next-generation gaming graphics when new video cards surpass the output ratio of old monitors. Next-gen computer monitors may surpass the graphics output of your high definition television, and since most new monitors come equipped with HDMI inputs, you...

Tests for Faulty Memory Chips

Faulty random access memory (RAM) can be a headache-inducing cause of computer slowdown and freezing. It can also render your computer totally inoperable, depending on the extent of the problem. There are multiple courses of action you can take to help figure out the problem, ranging from physically

How Can I Tell Who Is Monitoring My Internet Activity?

Monitoring Internet activity is a common practice at workplaces, governmental facilities, educational institutions and even at homes. This usual procedure helps promote productivity by keeping people from becoming distracted online and visiting inappropriate or potentially harmful websites. To monit

Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing a Wireless PCI Card to Your Desktop

Without a modem nearby, connecting your desktop to the Internet means stringing a lengthy cord across the house, or installing a wireless card. PCI Wireless cards allow your desktop to access the Internet remotely when paired with a wireless modem or router. They connect directly to your motherboard

How to Reset an Administrator SBS Password

If you forget or need to change the password for the Administrator account in Windows Small Business Server 2008, it is possible to create a new password for the account. If you have the Server 2008 installation disc on hand, you can use it to perform a "repair" of the computer. Doing this allows yo

How to Make a CD Shell Cover

CD shells, also known as clamshells, take up less space than traditional jewel cases. Clamshells are made of durable plastic in a circular design that fits around the shape of the CD or DVD. When creating covers for your CD shells, create a round label much like you'd make for the CD itself. To crea

Public Vs. Private Network In Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista and later operating systems have a built-in feature called Network Location Awareness that helps increase computer security when connected to different types of networks. Network Location Awareness allows you to apply specific security rules based on the type of network conne

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Top 3 Tips For Better Boiler Maintenance

It is generally believed that boilers are properly controlled by the associated automated systems. However, in maximum cases due negligence and lack of proper boiler maintenance make the prime reason behind bursting of boilers.

How to Identify Music Tracks

There are various applications available through the Internet that help you identify unknown music tracks via sound-recognition methods. One option is to download free software that registers the audio frequency of your tracks through a microphone and then compares it with a massive database of stor

How to Facebook on Your Kindle

Reading great books doesn't have to be a solitary endeavor. Using your Kindle 3 eBook reader, you can share your favorite books, post interesting passages or quotes, and rate how much you enjoyed the latest best seller with your friends on Facebook. By using your Kindle's social networking features,

How to Manually Turn on an ATX Power Supply

Modern motherboards have a logic circuit that allows them to be started by electrically connecting two pins on the motherboard by using a small switch. This switch is typically mounted on the front panel of the computer and connected to the motherboard by a pair of leads. Learn how the connection ca

How to Replace Trackpad Macbook Pro 17

Apple's MacBook Pro line of laptop computers, including the 17-inch model, look sleek with their unibody designs. The only problem with this design is that, if you want to repair your MacBook Pro yourself, you need to take virtually the entire computer apart. This certainly is true if you need to re

How to Copy DVDs With Lite-On

Lite-On is a manufacturer of consumer electronics including motherboards, monitors, LEDs and DVD and CD devices. Lite-On optical drives feature EZ-DUB software that allows users to copy a DVD in three easy steps. It is illegal to copy and distribute DVDs that have been copy protected. Ensure that yo

How Come When I Plug in My iPod Touch It Is Being Identified as a Camera?

Because you have a built-in camera on your iPod Touch, your computer will recognize it as a camera when your iPod Touch and computer are connected. While you are not obligated to transfer the photos from your iPod Touch to your computer, if you choose to do, so the process is simple. Transferring th