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How to Mix Paint to Be Used in a Wagner Power Painter

The Wagner Power Painter is a spray painter that works off of air pressure. The air pressure pushes the paint out of the sprayer in a even layer across the surface. The paint must be properly mixed before any painting is done. The paint mixing process varies by the type of paint or primer that is be

How to Draw a Big Picture

Big drawings are eye catching and bold, but creating one may seem like a daunting task. The best way to draw a big picture is to make several sketches of it on a smaller scale. Doing this familiarizes you with the image. Once the small drawing is perfected, transfer the smaller image to the larger

How to Do an Aging Effect on Painted Furniture

Even new furniture may look old or antique with the correct finishing technique. In homes with a shabby chic, antique or rustic decor, shiny new furniture may look out of place. Actual antique furniture to suit the decor may not be found easily or may be beyond the household decorating budget. You m

Three Essential Tips For Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography is a crucial job for professional photographers. For professional wedding photographers, it involves more intense responsibility to deliver the best of their creativity and skills. Capturing the most historic moments of people's life ...

How to Paint With a Brush

Painting with brushes is not as simple as it may seem to someone who has never painted before. For instance, deciding which type of brush to use involves considerations such as whether one is painting with watercolor, acrylic or oil; what type of effect is desired in the finished product; and much m

Do I Need to Reline My Chimney Now That I Removed the Old Furnace?

The United States National Fire Protection Agency recommends examining a chimney liner for damage before flue deterioration causes a blockage that could lead to a disastrous chimney fire or the entry of poisonous carbon monoxide gas into the living space of your home. If damage is evident or the pre

Games for Kids on Drawing Conclusions

Teaching young students to draw conclusions, or to infer from their reading, is an important skill. By the time students are in third grade, they should be coached in drawing conclusions, although they may have been making inferences from their reading for far longer and just not realized it. A good

How to Draw Scary Dramatic Faces

Drawing scary or dramatic emotions requires you to look closely at the many subtle aspects of the human face. Recreating dramatic expressions on paper generally requires attention to lighting effects, the position of certain elements and a few key emotional indicators. Here are a few steps that will

Naruto Character Profile - Hyuga Neji

Neji is a recurring character in the Naruto series and a favourite among fans. And for good reason. Although initially portrayed as a "bad guy" he is fiercely intelligent and has seemingly limitless potential.

Japanese Naruto and Indian Krishna - What They Have in Common

People love beautiful stories with love between beautiful characters. If these heroes are faced by danger and complications, you have a story that sells. And when characters are not black-and-white, not flat villains and good guys, when they are endowed with both advantageous and not-so-good qualiti

Win a Hoshimaru Plushie

Central Park Media wants to give you a Hoshimaru plushie absolutely free! How can you get it? Get the details here.

How to Paint a Plywood Floor

Painting a plywood floor is a great way to give your home an upgraded look without the upgraded price. Plywood floors can easily be painted at minimal cost and virtually anyone who has painted a wall before can paint a floor with optimal results. When painting a floor, take some additional steps to

Proper Way to Put Together a Portfolio for Artwork

Putting together a portfolio of artwork is vital for any artist who is seeking an internship, job or admission into an arts school. You can compile a portfolio of your work that you can carry with you to show to prospective employers or teachers, but you should also create a Web site to showcase you

How to Use Clay-Based Paint in an Airless Sprayer

If you're sensitive to off-gassing from a new paint job, you'll appreciate painting with clay-based paint. It is formulated with a low percentage of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) -- usually less than 5 percent. Clay-based paint is not only safer to use, but it also gives a texture on your walls

How to Paint a Day Bird

Capturing day birds -- goldfinches, bluebirds, cardinals -- as realistically as possible in their natural setting is a source of enjoyment as well as a skilled art. Bird painting requires skill, as the process is complex and grueling. Fortunately, painters can take an innovate approach in which inst

How to Draw a Purse

Fashion designers and aspiring designers alike absolutely must know how to draw any type of fashion they want to design, including accessories. If you are drawing a woman's design, a great accessory to include is a matching purse. If the pieces go into production, not only will a matching purse sell

How to Paint Impression Blue Roof Houses

The style of painting known as Impressionism was developed in the late 1860s as a reaction against rigid styles of painting. Impressionism is the depiction of the world in a free, loose, lively moment. There are few hard lines or fussily-rendered shapes in Impressionism. Images are built up from dab