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How Does a Subwoofer Amp Work?

Signal InputA subwoofer amp works off the same electricity as the accessories in the vehicle, which means it operates on 12 volt power. The output wires from the stereo, whether they be regular speaker wire or patch cables, are directed to the input side of the amplifier. Whatever sound...

How to Wire an Aftermarket Stereo in a Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram's factory-installed stereo is specifically tuned for the stock speakers and the acoustics of the truck. Ram owners who demand more from their vehicle's stereo sound system may find it necessary to replace the head unit with an aftermarket stereo for more power and greater adaptability.

How to Change Your Car's Blinker Fluid

You have a wonderful car. It is your pride and joy. You meticulously maintain your car in excellent condition. Then one day your friend stops by, when you are changing the oil, and inquires if you have changed your blinker fluid. As panic rushes through you remember these simple steps.

Commando Keyless Entry Operation Instructions

Sometimes you need to get into your vehicle when your hands are full. A keyless entry system can help you easily open the doors of your car without having to fumble for keys, and can let you unlock all your doors at once, making it easy for passengers to get into the car at the same time. If your ca

How to Program a Key Fob for a Buick Park Avenue

The Buick Park Avenue, produced in the United States until 2005, boasted a remote keyless entry system in later years. This feature allows you to lock and unlock the doors or trunk from about three feet away. You simply press a button on the key fob, which contains a radio transmitter. There's also

How to Install an Aftermarket Radio in a 2001 Impala

The 2001 Chevrolet Impala came standard with a stereo cassette deck and the option of adding a factory-installed CD player. Nowadays there are numerous options for stereo systems that you can install into the Impala, including satellite radio receivers, units capable of playing MP3 files and DVD nav

DIY Headrest DVD Players

A DVD player built into the headrest of a car provides a safe viewing experience to those seated in the back. Headrests that come with DVD players and an LCD screen built into them are expensive and time consuming to install. Make a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) headrest DVD player that will not cost you any

Car Radio Installation Instructions for the Pontiac Sunfire

From 1995 to 2005, the Pontiac Sunfire was one of two compact cars offered by Pontiac. The 1995 Pontiac Sunfire came standard with an AM/FM/CD stereo. Optional stereos included CD changers and eventually stereos capable of playing MP3 files. Sunfire owners who demand the capability that can be found

A Car Audio System Best Suited For You

Car music systems are a great source of entertainment and you do not necessarily have to be a raging music enthusiast to enjoy your car audio system. However, most people who go to buy a new car stereo system do so without being completely informed about all the features of a car stereo system and m

A Guide for the Removal of the Stereo From a 1996 Civic Car

In 1973, Honda released the now legendary Civic model. The initial Honda Civic had a 70 cubic inch engine that produced only 50 horsepower, but its 40 mpg fuel consumption and roominess made up for the lack of power. The 1996 Honda Civic came standard with a 106 horsepower, 1.6-liter four-cylinder e

How to Find the Factory Keyless Entry Code

Most cars come with a remote control key chain that allows you to lock, unlock, pop the truck and set off the car alarm from a small distance. Some cars, however, also come with a keyless entry code. There is a small number pad on the driver's side door of the car. By punching in a specified number,

Reliable News For Marine Life Oil Health

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What is DLO TransDock For?

The DLO TransDock is a great iPod car kit that, among several other things, helps you to transmit your iPod mp3 to your car stereo via FM radio frequencies. The primary feature in the TransDock, transmitting your iPod's music to your car stereo, runs very well. You will get some interference, e

How to Remove a Pioneer Car Radio

Installing a new car stereo into your vehicle can be a positive experience, as you'll be improving the sound quality of your current system, plus adding functionality depending on the model of stereo. But if you've already got a Pioneer stereo in your vehicle and you need to take it out, the job is

How to Wire a Hyundai Sonata Radio

The Hyundai Sonata has been in production since 1985. It is a popular and reliable car; however, older models may need an upgrade to their audio systems. Newer Sonatas come equipped with a remote amplifier, a digital display that Hyundai calls a command module and XM satellite capability. It is very

How to Change Shocks on a Car

The shocks on your car help you to have a smooth ride, but they also help keep your wheels in contact with the road. When your shocks are working properly, your steering and braking are better. Worn shocks can significantly reduce the performance and safety of your vehicle. All cars have some sort o

How to Program a Key Fob for a 2003 GM

Key FOBs and keyless entry remotes are common accessories on vehicles around the world, and they are available on most GM vehicles manufactured in 2003. These remotes allow safety and convenience for your vehicle, and you can program them yourself in minutes. Once programmed, they can control your d

How to Program a Key for a PT Cruiser

For owners of a Chrysler PT Cruiser, the vehicle may come equipped with a Sentry Key Immobilizer System. The Sentry key helps to mitigate the risk of theft by shutting down the engine if someone tries to start the vehicle with the wrong key. Authorized Sentry keys have an embedded transponder chip.

How to Install Sirius Radio in a 2002 Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer would eventually come with an optional factory installed satellite radio receiver; however, as of the 2002 model year, satellite service was only available as an external aftermarket addition. Sirius Satellite Radio provides an installation kit that makes adapting your stock stereo