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Prostate Cancer- Overview

Prostate cancer is a devastating disease that affects more than 200,000 men in the US on an annual basis alone.

It will never happen to me!

[] Many of us live our lives largely unaffected by news events or by the turmoil of others. We are bombarded with atrocious events in the print and news media and think to ourselves "It ...

When Mesothelioma Strikes

Having diagnosed with an incurable ailment is like dying softly. People with this type of sickness feel like time is their enemy. Mesothelioma is one of those diseases where the victim will fell so helpless.

Mesothelioma Cancer Patients Do Have Treatment Options Available To Them

Mesothelioma Cancer is a very rare and extremely deadly form of cancer. In most cases the people that contracted it came in contact with a manmade substance called asbestos. This material was widely used in many products only a few short decades ago. It is still prevalent in many older buildings tha

Biomarkers in GI Cancers: What to Measure When

Can any of the biomarkers developed in recent years help us make difficult treatment decisions in colorectal and other GI cancers? Dr. Axel Grothey summarizes the latest news from ASCO® 2011.

Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy side effects are inevitable. It is considered as one of the most famous methods of killing cells that causes cancer to the human body. Chemical compounds are being combined and used to kill microorganisms in the body. Though an effective treatment, chemotherapy still has side effects wh

Loosing The Breast Cancer War - Part 2

Jean and Li had undergone the standard medical treatments for their breast cancer. They not only failed to find their "cure" but also end up worse off that they started with. The cancer spread to their liver. The question that patients may want to ask is - "What if I don't receiv

Colonoscopy Discomfort

Many people who have a colonoscopy, a comprehensive but often painful screening test for colon cancer, complain that they are not adequately sedated.

Tests Show Possible Prostate Cancer But Physician Does Not Inform Patient

Most doctors concur that high PSA levels produce a need to advise the patient and to follow up with additional testing to establish whether it is due to prostate cancer. If the patient does have prostate cancer not informing the patient and allowing time to go by absent diagnostic testing risks allo

Diagnosis - Do You Need a Second Opinion?

Sometimes after being given a diagnosis of cancer, one may not be happy with the words spoken by the doctor. However, anyone who is condemned to being diagnosed with cancer can seek a second-opinion.