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Prostate Cancer Prevention In Your Kitchen

Every day new research and studies are coming out about prostate cancer prevention. None of them indicate the disease is caused by lack of a prescription drug or lack of surgery any more than a headache is caused by lack of taking aspirin. But, they do tend to indicate certain foods can help.

Cancer Survival Rates

Cancer survival rates differ according to whatever type of cancer you have and also the stage that it is diagnosed. One of the worst cancer statistics anywhere in the world is lung cancer. Published 5-year survival for patients with lung cancer varies from 5% to 16% internationally. One of the reaso

Colorectal Cancer Rates Up; Blame Obesity

Increasing Westernization is the likely culprit in dramatically increasing incidence rates of colorectal cancer around the world, a new study says.

Effective Cancer Drugs

Anti-cancer medications inhibit DNA production and slow cell growth. Anti-cancer drugs combat quick-growing cancerous cells, but in doing so they also affect healthy cells. The manner in which the healthy cells are affected is the determining factor in the type of side effects that will accompany tr

Treating Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most common and deadliest types of cancer. To treat this highly fatal ailment, there are two things to be considered; namely the stage and the type of the lung tumor.

Know More About Chemotherapy As a Treatment of Cancer

Since time immemorial, cancer has been one of the major causes of death of people all over the world. Cancer starts basically with the development of the cells. The cells in the body die and naturally cells develop to replace the ones that died.

How to Manage Cancer Diagnosis

€You have cancer€¦€ Your physician may have spoken the words with such low tone of voice but it cannot stop you from getting stressful. You will ask yourself why or you will just cry out ...

3 Potential Cancer Treatments

Cancer is a disease that causes your cells to grow in a rapid and uncontrollable way which leads to the development of a malignant (cancerous) tumour. In the worst cases cancer can turn out to be fatal. However, there are treatments available. In this article I will be discussing three of these pote

Information on Cervical Cancer vaccine

Cervical cancer is the cancer of the cervix, the mouth or the opening of the womb. Cervical cancer vaccines can prevent the fear and costs related to the usual pap tests and it can save lives.

BCL2 Antibody - Inducing Apoptosis

The Bcl2 gene plays an important role in a large assortment of cellular activities, in particular the regulation of cell death. This is facilitated by including or repressing apoptosis based on environmental stimuli.

Global Breast Cancer Crisis

Cancer has become a global concern as it is for breast-cancer. Breast-Cancer is the most lethal form of cancer for women in the world. Studies show that leaner body mass ,exercise and healthier diet have a counter-effect on breast-cancer.

Bowel Cancer Help

Bowel cancer is a relatively common form of cancer. Prognosis and treatment varies depending on exactly where the tumor is found (small intestine, colon or rectum) and how far it has spread. It is best to prevent bowel cancer from spreading by receiving a colonoscopy regularly. The process may be un