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The Differences Betweeen the Wealthy and Everyone Else

I recently received an e-mail from a young lady who had doubts about the principles of wealth found in "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". She mentioned a couple of past failed investments, and wanted to know what I thought about investing and financial freedom...

Make a Difference While Making a Profit With Your Real Estate Investment

I've read that, due to the current state of the economy, charitable contributions are down. We are being asked to give financially to Haiti and many other note worthy causes daily. All the people I know have very generous hearts and wallets and truly desire to make a difference in our planet an

How Long After a Default Will They Foreclose on Your Home?

Banks and mortgage lenders approve loans for borrowers to purchase homes and property with. Mortgage loans have a long-term repayment schedule, and the property itself serves as collateral to secure the loan for the lender. The lender reserves the right to foreclose on the borrower's property if he

Carbon credit trading

Carbon credit investment is a relatively new concept with governments and organisations around the world putting more and more emphasis on renewable energy sources. Governments are also putting more p

Simple Market Timing and Exchange Traded Funds

The stock market is a much more complex and confusing entity that many consumers realize. Many different types of securities are traded every day by small investors as well as huge corporations and even countries.

Advanced Stock Market

"With great profit, comes greater risk" advanced stock market So you have been trading stocks for quite some time. You feel that you have mastered the art of trading and want to go further. You ...

How to Invest to Win

Investing to win is simple, if you know what you are doing. Unfortunately not many people actually know what they are doing, and without knowing it they invest to lose. If you want to become rich, and if you want to be financially free and not have to work then you need to know how to invest to win.

Pennsylvania Landlord Smoke Detector Requirements

The Pennsylvania Code requires a landlord to install a smoke detector on just about every flat surface in a rental property. The goal of a multiple smoke detector system is to achieve redundancy so if one detector malfunctions, the others can still work to protect tenants. A landlord who fails to co

How to Build an America Bonds Unit Investment Trust

Investors looking to capitalize on the growth of the U.S. can invest in Build America Bonds. These bonds are taxable municipal bonds that carry special tax credits and federal subsidies. They were created under the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act to reduce the cost of financing for state and

Wild Week for McDermott: Shares Drop 21%

Last Monday, August 11 after-hours, McDermott (MDR) reported earnings of $0.77 per share on $1.79 billion in revenue. Analyst's average expectation was $0.772 per share on $1.85 billion in revenue, slightly missing estimates. Shares dropped ...

Trading Strategies in Indian Nifty Future Market

This article gives an idea about the trading structure and strategies about the nifty future market. Which in returns gives a basic necessity in the future market. Also shows the trader when and where

Self-Directed Real Estate IRAs

Some IRA owners want a better return on their investment, and they have created self-directed IRAs with real estate investments. Any kind of IRA can invest in any kind of real estate in the United States, and the IRA real estate may be leveraged.This concept is new, and the IRS has not made many rul

Stock Options Explained - A Complement to Investing in Stocks

Commodity options offer a range of exciting possibilities that are not available in commodity futures. Commodity options can be profitable if the commodity goes up, down or does not move at all. This article introduces commodity options and explains the basics of how they work.

Forex Terms Every Forex Trader Should Know

Before venturing out into the forex market, it is useful to be armed with some terminology that will be used in any course or software on the subject and most are very easy to understand and apply.

Investing in Real Estate Without Cash

Is it possible to invest in Real Estate and not put a cent down on the property. The answer is yes. Thesis because you are not a real buyer when you are flipping Real Estate. You are behaving more like a broker. A broker flips contracts, not money.

The Penalties for Self Dealing in a Self-Directed IRA

Having a self-directed IRA can open up your retirement savings to a new set of investing possibilities. With a self-directed IRA you can invest in real estate, make private equity investments, invest in tax liens and even make mortgage loans to unrelated third parties.

Forex Trading - Unrealistic Expectations

An acquaintance asked my opinion about a trading venture the other day. A friend had told him about Forex trading and was going to send him details of a system guaranteed to make money. In ...