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India Tax Saver Funds

With the financial year moving towards the end, all the tax payers get prepared to file their Income Tax returns. A few investments under India Tax saver funds are the investments which lower down the tax payable amount of the tax payers.

How to Claim Caregiver Tax Credit

If you can claim a dependent on your income tax return and that dependent needs care, you may qualify for a tax credit from the Internal Revenue Service. To be eligible, the care must be for a qualified dependent. This means that it must be a child age 13 or younger, or a dependent who is not able t

Can You Deduct Medication Co-pays on Taxes?

If you spend your own money to buy prescription medicine -- whether it's a co-pay or all your own money -- it's a legitimate tax deduction. You can also claim a deduction for insulin, even when you buy it without a prescription. Although your purchases are deductible, your total medical expenses mus

How to Receive a Copy of an Income Tax Return

Income tax returns are of the most important financial records that most people will ever need to keep. The Internal Revenue Service recommends that taxpayers keep copies of tax returns for at least three years after filing. This is not always as easy as it may seem. Documents get lost while moving,

Intraday Stock Market Tips Services and Trial Pack

Daily Updates for Share Market Our daily updates are available on our website. We provide updates for Nifty like daily nifty trends, Nifty support and resistance levels. You can also find some sure shot intraday ...

What is Bond Trading?

Bonds are securities traded much like shares of stock in corporations and can be bought and sold through brokers or bond dealers. Unlike stocks, which give the investor a share in ownership, bonds are debts. Investors who are looking for income more than equity growth find bonds attractive.

Tax Difference in Marital Status

Conventional wisdom says that if you’re married, you should file a joint tax return for the most savings. In actuality, however, the Internal Revenue Service’s tax brackets are similar for most filing statuses as of the time of publication. Depending on your circumstances, you might have

The Salary Per Hour of Pharmacy Technicians

With consumer demand for medication reaching 3,679,671,222 prescriptions filled in 2009, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, pharmacy techs help pharmacists keep things moving behind the counter. Daily tasks for pharmacy technicians may include labeling pill bottles, including stickers for wa

How Can I File Taxes Without W-2 Info?

No matter how careful you are with your tax information, you can't control the behavior of your employer. If your employer neglects to send you your W-2 within time to file, you may need to use an alternate method to have your return in before the April 15th deadline. Thankfully, the IRS has a proce

Your Guide in Tax Payments!

Tax is a common term that we all come across in our daily life, such as education tax, service tax and a never ending list of taxes. But what is tax? Tax is an excise ...

The Wake-Up Call: An IRS Levy Notice

When this letter comes out, it usually suggests previous letters and communication have been neglected and that the IRS plans to gather the taxes owed promptly. An IRS levy is a pretty straight forward process by the IRS of acquiring your property and assets or money to pay for a tax debt you owe. I

Indiana Scholarships for VFW Grandchildren

Although there is no specific scholarship earmarked for grandchildren of VFW members in Indiana, they can take advantage of a number of grants programs offered by the veterans' organization and its affiliates. As of the time of publication, the VFW and its Ladies Auxiliary provide $2.5 million each

Definition of the Earned Income Credit

Earned income credit is a refundable tax credit issued by the federal government for low-income taxpayers. This credit was first enacted in 1975, and then expanded in 1986, 1990, 1993 and 2001. The earned income credit is the one of the largest anti-poverty tools in the United States.

Make Money Reducing Property Taxes Easily

If you are looking for a way to make extra money, or a brand new business opportunity, it can be hard to find something that is worth your time without risking your life’s savings. You end up spending a large amount of money before you are even able to start making a single dime. For many peop

An overview on income tax return services

Almost every body in Brisbane, Australia has to pay tax in some form or the other. As tax is the primary revenue generator for a government, it makes sure that no one escapes the spectre of tax.

IRS Debt Relief - Discover The Hidden Secret Of Getting Help With IRS Debt

Many people faced with crippling back taxes, often choose the wrong approach in trying to resolve things with the IRS. This article will reveal, the single most effective strategy for getting help with IRS debt relief. Follow the following strategy and your debt problems will be a thing of the past.