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Can We Ever Eliminate the Spectre of Poverty?

This article explores the nature of world-wide poverty, and if it can be eradicated totally. The largest youth-run organization, "Oaktree" has made many inroads within Australia, and overseas, by bringing public awareness and social justice implementations towards diminishing severe povert

The Origins of the Economic Recession

This article is an attempt to trace the origins of the recent economic recession. It also offers certain checks and balances in order to prevent recurrence of similar crises in the future.

The Obama Administration Tries Making a Change

President Elect, Barack Obama has announced a job stimulus plan that is geared towards creating more jobs while providing individual states with much needed funding for highway maintenance projects. As we all know, bridges and highways throughout the country are in need of repair and this plan seems

The Common Market

It is amazing just how much time is being spent on The Common Market or European Union issues of finance without these so-called experts ever getting down to the real problem. Anyone who knows anything about Greece or Italy will tell you that their problems stem from a chronic lack of taxation. Befo

Gas Prices - The Real Story

How much is enough? How much profit from the sales of gasoline to the consumer is enough? The unparalleled profits of the major oil companies is at a staggering amount. The Oil companies have found the means to close the market so there is no price competition for gasoline, diesel or heating oil. Th

A V-Shaped Recovery For Canada

The Canadian economy suffered a downturn with the rest of the world in 2009 during this Great Recession, which saw our country eliminate more than 321,000 jobs and watched consumers struggle to makes ends meet. It seems, however, that the country has been underestimated as it continues to come back

Economic Forecast For 2009 With a Twist

The economic forecast for 2009 is based on three major factors. The housing market is saturated and overstocked. With house prices readjusting to the economy, the sooner the bargain hunters get rolling the sooner the recovery will begin to show. You could do very well in this buyers market. Moving u

Ohio Recent Financial News

In Ohio, there have been many recent developments in the financial realm, all of which greatly affect the overall well being of the great state. Many of these financial news releases have to do with general financial situations.

Are We Now in a Polar Bear Market?

As the economy continues to chill and the stock market dipped into Bear territory many are forecasting doom and gloom. Now it is generally accepted that the stock market leads the economy by 6-months and we have already seen major lay-off announcements by a good many of America's Corporate Star

Fixing This "Thing" We Call Poverty

Sleeping outside for one night to raise awareness doesn't stop homelessness nor does giving out sandwiches or a bag of food end hunger. Not having an income creates poverty. Having one stops it.

Four Vital Lessons We Need to Learn to Create a Better Economy

Looking ahead, we have probably survived the worse effects of the recession. However we still need to learn from the four vital lessons, this experience has taught us about running a sustainable economy. What are these four vital lessons?

Questions on Economic Suffering

This is a study on what one can do about their economic suffering. Hopefully, one might find a better way in how to look for a job or to become financially independent.

Financial Crises Will Keep You Working

There is no end to financial crises and many older Americans see no signs of retiring as their portfolios shrink and home values declined. Many Americans said that they plan to work past retirement.

How to Survive in Hard Economic Times - Part 2

Learn how to save money and still live fairly well when times are bad.You don't have to sacrifice food in order to buy medication or vice versa.You can buy both and still have money left over.

Us Economy Recovering At A Good Pace Says Fed

Macroeconomic data is beginning to show a consensus that the general economic condition is improving, if not back to pre-recession levels.The Federal Reserve Bank of the US is expected to halt its "QE2" operation in June 30 on the assumption that the markets can go on without the excess li

Retailing in 21st Century United Kingdom

The UK retail sector is currently undergoing possibly the biggest transition period since retailing began. Everywhere we look in the media we see the headlines of 50% rises in online spending and another high street chain closing due to a fall in sales.