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Why We Should Claim Back Our Bank Charges

If things began to totter in 2008, it appears that 2009 will be the year that they eventually plunge. The evidence is all around us: Banks, victims of their own hubris and greed are on life-support, requiring fresh injections of capital in the form of massive government bail outs just to stay afloat

Is a Current Account Deficit Harmful?

Recently the US the current account has reached an unprecedented level, reaching nearly 6% of GDP. Despite the record levels of deficit many in the US administration have argued that there is nothing to worry about, confident the US will continue to receive capital inflows to finance the deficit.

Why Did Businesses Respond This Way?

Why is everyone so stupid? With all the 'financial wizards' in the news and Government, how can they not recognize what has happened to the U.S. and the Global economies and how we got here?

Unemployed - Are They Facing Hiring Biases

The buzz about the unemployed being discriminated against is ridiculous. Especially during such difficult economic times. What is one to do if they're unable to work, how do you feed your family, or even have a descent place to live. Discriminating against the unemployed is a terrible things th

Peter Orszag, And His Work At Citigroup

Peter Orszag has an educational and professional career that spans decades, and in this time he has put his time and effort into saving the American and even the global economy. His academic work while representing numerous administrations have helped keep the American economy on track.

Migration, Remittances, and a Shifting Hemispheric Paradigm

Despite the economic downturn, remittance flows between the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Southeast Asian migration corridor have remained relatively strong and resilient-and, in some cases, have continued to grow. Part of the reason is attributable to the rebound in oil prices, which sustained e

Un-Natural Selection - America Defeats Darwin's Natural Selection Theory

1859: Charles Darwin publishes "The Origin of Species," a book describing how the strongest, fasted, and smartest survive to, over thousands of years, evolve our species through sexual reproduction. 150 years later, in 2009, we celebrate this book with a devastated economy, due in no small

Consumers Under 'Needless' Financial Pressure

Many Britons are putting themselves under unnecessary financial pressure, new research indicates. In a study conducted by the Motley Fool, the typical consumer is reported to have about two or three credit cards, with a fifth of these borrowers carrying over 1,137 pounds in debt each month.

Factors Affecting Luxury Consumption in the UK and India

The article provides findings of a research study focusing on the factors affecting luxury consumption practices in the UK and India. It shows similarities and differences in consumption practices among consumers in both markets.

Capitalism Rocks and Socialism Crushes; Film at 11 PM

How can we explain to the American People that socialism is dangerous and leads to collapses in Civilization, less choice, less opportunity and utter chaos as it declines? How can we show the rest of the world by leading by example that Communism pushes people down and capitalism pushes people up.

Canadian Retail Prices Not Adjusting to High Loonie

A report by National Bank Financial confirms what every Canadian already knows, shopping prices in Canada haven't gone down as the Canadian dollar climbs. The dollar is now at parity with the American dollar, however, prices for many retail items remain higher than in the US.

Latest Updates And News Of Information Technology

At present IT is the fastest growing industry. When we compare the evolution of computer technology and the several inventions that has taken place, it is evident that this industry is growing very fast and at a very rapidly. All the credit of this exponential growth goes to the promptly emerging ne

Economics, and Not Religion, Might 'End' The World

We owe our existence to the undying hustle of entrepreneurs, the unending spending of consumers, the unwavering input of workers, and the heavy taxation by our governments. Neither can exist in isolation. It's either all, or none, Economics 101.

Trickle Up Vs. Trickle Down Capitalism

There was a time when some humans developed the notion that all humans are created equal and that it is unjust for some to amass huge amounts of wealth while others grind their butts out. This notion gave birth to the idea of communism.

Credit Crunch in Simple Terms - A Story of Four Friends

You've heard the news, read the doom-mongers in the tabloids, and feel a bit uneasy about the credit crunch.But are you wondering what exactly this 'crisis' engulfing us all is?If you're struggling to tell your sub-prime from your prime cut, or your money-markets from your superm

Qatar is Second in the Income Level Per Capita

The results of the annual survey on world economies were published in Switzerland. Thereat, the specialists have identified the country with the best working conditions. USA still heads the list. Singapore and Hong Kong have also entered the list of the most attractive states.

G20 Must Face The Music

Developed economies that issue international reserve currencies should shoulder their fiscal responsibilities. The G20 has an important role to play in enabling countries to address the international financial crisis in a cooperative way, and is actively evolving into a regular global economic gover

Transportation and Economics in the United States

Billions if not Trillions of dollars of productivity are lost each year in our nation due to over stressed road ways. As citizens, trucking companies and government workers sit in traffic everyone loses whether it is the tax payer, consumer, employee or transportation company. Worse off we all pay b