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Prepaid Cards in the Business World

The prepaid credit card industry has seen a significant rise in recent years, as they continue to gain in popularity and the range of users widens. People have found how well these cards fit into their life and their needs. Now, businesses are joining in and using these cards for a number of uses.

The Plastic Baddie

How Many Credit Cards Do You Have? Find Out Before They Snare You!

3 Sure Tips to Get Extra Points on Your Credit Score

First and foremost, in order to get a good credit score it will be a good idea to understand the factors that go into calculating. The guys that created the credit score that most banks use to qualify you for items like cars and homes use four main factors. And they are: How you have used previous c

Opt Out of Preapproved Credit Card Offers: Pros and Cons

Are you sick of receiving piles of "pre-approved" credit card offers every month? Well you're in luck - mandated by federal law, is dedicated to accomplishing just that and is both free and effective.

5 Ways to Repair Your Credit

If you have fallen on hard financial times and have had trouble paying your bills on time, you may find that you have damaged your credit. If your damaged credit is keeping you from getting approved for loans or is costing you a fortune in high interest rates, don't give up. There are a number

A Necessary Memo On Credit Card Machines

Credit card machines play a vital role these days. It acts as a third-party merchant service providers that manage the work of processing card. Gone are those days, when you need to depend upon unreliable ...

How to Avoid Unreasonable Penalties

There are many reasons to avoid carrying a large balance on your credit cards. Large balances can negatively impact your credit score. They will cause you to use your hard earned cash to pay interest. Now there's one more reason to avoid carrying a large balance: if you make a late payment, you

PPI Reclaims it’s not just on your Loans …

As everyone rushes to claim back their Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) on their loans now that the Banks have lost their Judicial review challenge, a very important consideration that is often overlooked is the mis ...

Searching For Prepaid Credit Cards

There are many reasons why you may be looking into a good financial solution and the chances are you will come across prepaid cards on more than one occasion. Prepaid cards can be very beneficial to any individual and here we will help you understand how these cards work and how you can use one to y

Are You Searching For Ways To Repair Your Credit?

Many of us have gone through all the hardship of keeping our finances balanced, but there are times that you really can't manage to balance them all. If you are searching for ways to repair ...

Your Death and Credit Card Debt

Debt is a problem when you are alive and it is still a problem when you die. A number of factors such as where you live and who applied for card can affect whether or not the debt follows you to the grave or if one of the living will have to pay for it.

Protecting and Correcting Your Credit Rating

The first step in protecting your credit rating is understanding how creditors decide whether to lend you money or what interest rate to charge you. The credit scoring system is based on your history of paying bills, the number and type of accounts you have, whether you've had late payments or