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Filing DBA in California

The term DBA is short for "doing business as," and refers to the name that a business is operated under if not simply the name of the owner. To operate a business in the state of California under any title other than the owner's name, a DBA form has to be submitted in the city or county where the bu

Starting a Consulting Business by Leveraging Your Work Experience

There have been many discussions about what is necessary to "engage" a client. Engaging a client becomes even more critical for a consulting firm which is just establishing itself, especially since the firm probably does not have many (or any) prior clients to use as a reference.

Entrepreneurs - A New Phenomenon

Ideas have been crated and trashed by entrepreneurs since the introduction of the internet and utilizing its accessibility as a tool for marketing. So just imagine how many are those ideas already and others are still floating in this new phenomenon called the World Wide Web. Although it is true tha

With The New Year Comes New Possibilities

With the New Year comes new possibilities, new career, new way of life and the time to give up the day job. There has never been a better time to Work for yourself.

Fire Your Boss Now

Every person dreams of being his/her own boss. Quitting your job and starting up your own business requires careful judgment and study. The article provides an insight into the pros and cons of having your own business and how to go about it.

Get Organized for the New Year

It's almost January 1st. Here are some tips to help get you and your business organized and ready to grow strong in the new year!

Make Money Quick

Many individuals today fall into unexpected traps of needing to make money quick. When this happens, people struggle to make ends meet in the best way that they can. To meet their needs, many turn to the internet for more tips and advice.

Becoming a Location Independent Professional

If you've always dreamed of living & working from wherever you choose, this articles looks at 5 ways to generate an income which allows you to become location independent.

Traditional Jobs Versus Work From Home Jobs - Which is Good For Moms?

Earlier there was a time when a strong choice has to be made between staying in home and working out for all the married women. So, if you look at women of a generation before you, there were so many of them who either worked full time in traditional jobs or they stayed home for full time. But time

The Redemption of a Partnership Interest in Accounting

It used to be that when a partner planned on leaving a partnership, the business would be dissolved and all of the partners would go their own way or be forced to reorganize without the partner. However, innovation in the law now allows partners to be bought out by the remaining partners. The law no

Become an Interior Decorator - Case Study of a Mompreneur

"It's easy to get it right", says interior decorator guru,Linda Fornam, when I ask her views on the subject of that all important home makeover we all tend to ponder over at some time during the year. Linda offers an Interior Decorating consultancy to clients where she visits their ho

How to Write nice web site Content

By having a concept you're not solely attending to build the entire task abundant easier, however you are conjointly attending to be able to catch on worn out less time and once it involves w

Don't Miss Out on Easy Data Entry Jobs You Can Do From Home

Do not miss out, now is the time! Did you know that there are approximately 7 Billion people on Earth and only 1.6 Billion are currently online? This number is growing rapidly every day; the United States alone has 259 million people on the internet. Think of the possibilities in this ever expanding

The Threat to Privacy from GSM Technology

The technology used in mobile phones is increasingly finding its way into eavesdropping devices. The use of bugs based on mobile phone technology (GSM) allows spies to monitor private conversations fr

10 Steps on How to Boost Your Entrepreneur Profit

So you're an entrepreneur but don't know where to get the resources to boost the profit of your business? You might want to take note of these helpful steps to get you on your way to entrepreneur profit.

The Power Of Location In Vending Machine Business

Location is probably everything for vending machine business. It is a very powerful tool that can make or break your business. It is common knowledge that the best locations for vending machine business are areas with lots of foot traffic.

Work-at-Home - West at Home

West at Home is a company that provides call center services by utilizing home based agents. Their high quality customer relations services have earned them an award in 2008 for the Contact Center Company of the Year.They have 20 plus years of providing customer service under their belt and they con