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Mobile phones now the best media to find jobs in Africa

It's been a while since the internet was introduced in Africa, opening doors to the spread of internet cafs and internet enabled-phones making job search even easier. Job search via mobile websites is increasing in ...

Media Exposure in Dubai and Job Opportunities in Dubai Media

Dubai has great career opportunities for professionals who are engaged with media industry. Dubai has become top destination for foreign expats because of its luxurious lifestyle and tax-free salary packages. If you have right skills and experience regarding media industry then this is the right tim

Resume Considerations for Working with the TSA or DHS

The United States Government must protect the American People and it is hiring people for Airport Security and Department of Homeland Security like never before. What are they looking for? Well they are looking for some understanding of security and if you have a criminal justice degree or even a tw

Why You Should Pay Attention to Nursing News

Nursing news can tell you a lot about what is going on in the medical world. Whether you are a nurse yourself or you like to keep up with what's happening in the medical industry, you'll want to keep an eye out for news about nursing. You can learn about new caretaking techniques, medicati

Occupational Outlook: Forklift Operator

With new manufacturing and warehouse jobs in the United States, the demand for forklift operators will continue rise in 2013 and the future. This article outlines the job outlook of a forklift operator by including work environment, job training and pay range.

Become A Biostatistician

When you marry science and numbers, amazing things can happen. This explains the appeal of biostatistics, a field which appears ...

Career Changers - Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Are you telling everyone you really want to change careers but you keep getting stuck? Maybe you are sabotaging your own progress and you don't realize it. Read on to learn five strategies to stay motivated and move forward to a more satisfying career.

Privacy & Confidentiality in the Workplace

If you think that your private email is safe from manager scrutiny, think again. As an article for the AOL Jobs website points out, you have fewer rights at work than you may think when it comes to what is private. While there are restrictions on use of your health information, and you do have right

10 Tips For Achieving Star Performance at Work

In this economy, people are looking for ways to stay employed or keep their customers coming back to seek their products or services. Rising above the crowd is of significant importance in an economy in which businesses are downsizing and consumers are cutting back spending. This article provides so

Get Insiders' Information by Conducting a Search About Company Salaries

By conducting a search about company salaries, you can figure out how much you deserve to earn according to industry standards, or learn whether or not a certain corporation compensates its employees well. Get insider information by subscribing to salary reviews and ensure that a good career is ahea

Oregon Laws on Labor Hours

Oregon state law establishes rules for labor hours in the state.Alistair Berg/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesEmployees and employers must follow Oregon state laws regarding labor hours. These laws establish the requirements of overtime and how it is compensated. The laws provide for...

Sync License

Music licensing can get confusing. Learn more about a music sync licenings, including when you need one and how a music sync license works.

Developing a Career in Sports in the UK

In 2010 research was published showing that growth of the sports sector in England had outstripped the UK economy and that the number of people with sports related jobs had reached 441,000, nearly 1.8% of all employment in England. Sport and fitness covers a large sector of employment comprising pro

Include HR in Your Business Strategy

A business strategy should not just be about business, it has to be about what makes up the business and this includes the people. Good employees need to be recruited, trained, engaged and retained. This is not always about money and big salaries but about making them feel part of the business.

Acquire New Talent to Create A Company Culture

When it comes to creating a company culture, there are many things you will want to think about. One of the best ways to do this is to hire new talent for your company. In order to get the talent you are looking for there are some aspects to think about and implement.

Types of Insurance Jobs

Are you looking for a new insurance job? If so, then you can land one of several different types of positions. Here are some of the types of jobs that you can choose from: